Dubai Safari Park announces the start of its new season on Tuesday

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Dubai Municipality has announced the launch of the new season of “Dubai Safari Park”, where the unique entertainment, educational and tourist destination in the Emirate of Dubai will start welcoming its visitors from tomorrow (Tuesday, September 27), which attracted last year. more than 500,000 visitors from within the UAE and from international tourists. For them, safari parks are always a destination they like to visit as it provides an opportunity to experience wildlife and get closer to its details on the ground..

The municipality revealed that the new season for one of Dubai’s most prominent tourist and educational destinations will be covered by many features of development that are continuously being introduced to Dubai Safari Park, offering a unique experience to get to know the great diversity of wildlife in different parts of the world gathered in one place that gives The visitor an opportunity to enjoy watching the animals and birds that live in an environment that simulates the natural habitats of the animals in the park, where the design of “Dubai Safari Park” has been taken into account to provide an environment that matches the original environment of these animals.

culture and entertainment

Ahmed Al Zarooni, Director of the Department of Public Parks and Recreational Facilities in Dubai Municipality, explained that the new season of Dubai Safari Park will focus on the educational aspects for visitors, especially regarding species threatened with extinction, and how the park contribute, through the multiplication programs applied by it, to preserve some of those species present. Within its scope, in line with the approach of Dubai and the UAE to protect wildlife and ensure the preservation of its various components for future generations..

Ahmed Al Zarouni said: “During the new season of Dubai Safari Park, the focus will be on educating visitors about endangered animals and birds, the factors behind this danger and how to avoid it in order to preserve these species, through veterinary provide care and breeding programs. for these animals and birds, while providing information in a framework. Interesting and not without entertainment to draw the attention and attention of the audience of different age groups to this issue, as well as to ensure that they spend enjoyable times and have a rich experience that combines learning and entertainment at the same time during their visit to “Dubai Safari Park”.

Dubai Municipality is keen to provide all the ingredients and services that make visiting Dubai’s gardens and parks a joyful experience that brings happiness to the hearts of visitors, whether adults or children, with a commitment to the highest levels of quality and the application of the best international standards, and with the help of a qualified staff with a high degree of training and efficiency, in When Dubai’s interest in gardens and parks comes in the context of its ongoing work to improve the quality of life in the emirate, whether for citizens or residents, as well as visitors, and to enhance its attractiveness as a world-class tourist destination..

New Dubai Safari Park

With the launch of the new season and starting next November, visitors to Dubai Safari Park will be able to see more new animals that will be added to the safari journey, where they can learn about their life in the wild and see them in the open. look. spaces that resemble the original habitats of these animals, including: Ankoli and Atosi cows, the allad deer, the Arabian oryx, the Nile crocodile and the water buffalo..

Various packages

Dubai Safari Park offers a wide range of packages that distinguish it from other parks and nature reserves, such as the ability to visit its characteristic sections, such as the African and Asian Village, the Arabian Desert Safari, the Explorer Village and the Valley area. The packages vary between individual tickets, such as a safari package, and a “Safari Plus” trip, and between various special tour packages suitable for all visitors’ aspirations. Through the “Safari King” package, visitors can experience a unique and different personal experience accompanied by a personal guide, who offers the visitor various information and detailed explanation about a group of animals. The “Behind the Scenes” package also offers an exclusive 90-minute experience to meet with an animal keeper, learn more about the daily routine and special care provided to these animals, with the ability to interact closely having a number of animals and feeding them. , in addition to an exclusive 3-hour experience for photography lovers. Through the “Jungle Photographer” package, which allows them to take pictures of animals from distinctive locations in the safari.

Dubai Safari Park includes a variety of theaters and entertainment shows, restaurants and cafes offering a variety of international and local cuisine, as well as internal train services, bicycles, electric cars and environmentally friendly vehicles, which transport park guests between its different corners, which The splendor of the rich and adventurous experience that the park offers to its visitors.

It is worth noting that the dates of visiting the “Dubai Safari Park” start daily, seven days a week, from nine in the morning to five in the evening. You can learn about the available packages and components of the park and plan the visit, as well as book entrance tickets in advance through the website


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