The Palestinian, Saed Al-Koni, when the remains of the martyr are buried in front of his body

The occupation soldiers surprised him by firing live bullets at him (Al-Araby Al-Jadeed)

The family of the martyr Saed al-Koni (23 years old), from the city of Nablus in the northern West Bank, has since the early morning today, Sunday, a grave for her son next to the grave of his companion, the martyr Muhammad al- Azizi, but they have so far not buried his body, but only parts of his body parts, which were found after the withdrawal of the occupying forces The Israeli, after his martyrdom at dawn today, and the detention of his body.

Al-Koni was one of a cell of four armed resistance fighters ambushed by Israeli occupation forces on the top of Mount Gerizim, south of Nablus, at dawn today, Sunday, while Al-Koni was on a led a motorcycle around the road, before the soldiers surprised him by firing live bullets at him. A fuel tank filled with gasoline exploded, and a fire broke out that, according to eyewitnesses, burned his body. Nevertheless, the cast kept it up, while the other three made it. to withdraw after being hit by shrapnel after clashing with the occupying soldiers at close range.

The martyr’s uncle, Ayman al-Shakhshir, told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: “We found the place of Saed’s martyrdom with a burnt hand and a small part of his foot. The family worked to ‘ to dig a grave for the martyr in the western part cemetery in Nablus, next to the grave of the martyr Muhammad Al-Azizi, nicknamed Abu Saleh, who rose before his death. About two months in a large-scale military operation of the Israeli occupation in the old city of Nablus, accompanied by the martyr Abd al-Rahman Subuh.

The soldiers surprised him by firing live bullets at him (Al-Araby Al-Jadeed)

According to the martyr’s uncle, “It was a general will, that he be buried next to Al-Azizi, as we were told by his companions, and indeed we implemented his will, hoping that the Israeli occupation will surrender his will . body for burial in the same grave.”

“He was a lover of the resistance fighters, he followed their news moment by moment, and if one of them rose as a martyr, he would hang his picture in his bedroom, but we never thought that he would be one would become one of them, and we would hang his picture next to their pictures,” Shakhshir says of his cousin, the universal martyr.

He hung pictures of the tortured resistance fighters in his room (Al-Araby Al-Jadeed).

At a time when the women flocked to the family home to comfort them, the uncle in his conversation with “The New Arab” listed the characteristics of the universal martyr, born in 1999, saying: “He was calm and cheerful , but he was also very stubborn and secretive, and this is what became clear to us when we learned after his martyrdom that he was one of the active members of the (Lion’s Den) group, without anyone in the family feeling it .”

As for the martyr’s mother, Maysa al-Shakhshir, “Umm Saadi”, she appeared coherent, although tears welled up, as she spoke about the minutes she learned of her son’s martyrdom. She told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: “After the dawn prayer, the calls started coming in on the phone from my husband and my eldest son, which is unusual. And I heard a dominant name, and I got out of the context of the conversation learned that he was shot by the occupation. , and then social media platforms in Nablus and Telegram groups began to publish his photo as tortured, which was confirmed to me by my son, and I have nothing but calculation and patience not found.

He was tortured while opposing the Israeli occupation (The New Arab)

And the mother continues, “His achievement is martyrdom. This is a great rank that only the honest can achieve, and he was sincere in his desire, and my joy is greater that he was martyred while resisting the Israeli occupation. has.”

As for the grieving father, he explains to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that his tortured son works with him in court, after leaving school, and he was never arrested or “searched” by the Israeli occupation not. , and he was not arrested by the Palestinian Authority, and “despite his young age his age, but his relationship with everyone is good, and we only heard praise from everyone around us.”

The father claims that the occupation’s detention of his son’s body is “a persistence in his transgression and extremism. Is it not enough for them that the ugly way in which they killed and burned him, leaving some of his body parts on the ground did not. We have the right to receive the rest of the body and bury it in his grave until his soul rests.”

The Israeli occupation forces pursued the “Aren Al-Aswad” groups for about a year, killing a number of its most prominent leaders during the past few months, while those elements, with limited capabilities, could cause direct losses. on the occupation soldiers and settlers.

Members of the groups, who claim not to belong to any Palestinian political faction, have been involved in heavy clashes with the occupation forces during their incursion into the city of Nablus, and they are also targeting settlements near the city of Nablus and settlers’ vehicles. passing some of the external roads.

And last Monday, the Palestinian security services arrested two members of “Aren Al-Aswad”, the first wanted by the Israeli occupation, Musab Shtayyeh, and his companion, Amid Tabila, while they were in a vehicle in a neighborhood of Nablus, and they were immediately transferred to a Palestinian Authority prison in the city of Jericho in the eastern West Bank.

The occupation still holds his body (Al-Araby Al-Jadeed)

This arrest led to a violent wave of popular protests and armed clashes, as gunmen and members of the Palestinian security services exchanged fire, resulting in the death of a civilian and the injury of dozens, some of them seriously, announced before the factional coordination committee that an agreement had been reached to end those protests and handle Shtayyeh’s file in a “satisfactory manner.”

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