Traditional is no longer the most suitable choice.. an elegant library for TV

We spend time inside our homes watching TV and watching programs or dramas and others, this special and important household appliance has often become the main place as an important attraction in the place, whether it is inside a separate living room or a part in the main reception area of ​​the house or inside the bedrooms.

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Traditional bookcases are no longer the most suitable choice that homeowners or designers want to use as a solution or the only way to place and hang the TV inside, but have evolved to become part of a complete design composition that does not less important than the interior designs of the rest of the place which merge with its details and aesthetics.

A set of ways and ideas for this special corner we offer to help you with imagination and choice to achieve the full viewing pleasure of the corners.

First of all, it is advised to pay attention to the need for proper and thoughtful planning to choose the suitable place for this corner, whether it is a whole wall, a corner or part of a wall, provided that this choice is more than one combine. feature. It is comfortable and the viewing distance is healthy and not harmful to the viewer’s eye. There is a correlation between screen size and viewing distance to obtain maximum benefit without harm.

Achieving a good amount of lighting is also one of the important things to be aware of that the TV location does not reflect sunlight emitted by the windows during the day, so that the shadows of light do not affect the display screen and therefore on good vision and vision.

The wall or the place that holds this household appliance can become the most important corner of the house if it is designed in a proper and attractive way. This is why many designers have turned to making ideas, including the easy and simple, and the more complex starting with the definition of the idea with which the wall will be designed and then choosing the shape of the library, shelves or The units that is necessary up to the stage of choosing the accessories to coordinate and decorate the place, which is the aesthetic complement to the scene as a whole.

Stones of all types and bricks, whether left in their natural red color or painted for example in white or beige, as well as wallpaper with its endless details, patterns and colors, methods of painting and its attractive effects, wood bindings, whether in panels or in overlapping formations, as well as various cavities and designs of gibson board with its modern geometric designs Not only that, but it is enough to make a formation of paintings, pictures and drawings around this place in a homogeneous composition and compatible with the final design of the place so that it surrounds the TV in an impressive and elegant way.

All these elements can be the idea that distinguishes the back wall of the TV area, adding richness and attractiveness to it. As for the TV units or library, it varies according to the nature of the place and its area, as well as the character of the room or corner It usually follows the general style of the place If it is classic, the design choice is appropriate for this Character and the same for modernist models or modern features.

Large libraries that carry inscriptions and ornaments of the usual ways of different sizes and designs, and they accommodate a large number of possessions of the owners of the house, whether books, accessories, photo frames, antiques, etc., so some see that this solution is practical and aesthetic for them, and here the TV is located inside the library. It does not hang in most cases and this choice does not allow to make a design for the back wall of the library, especially if it is the width and length of the total surface of the wall.

There is also the formation of shelves around the TV which in this case is attached to the wall, and this choice usually suits the modern styles of homes, and the presence of a unit or piece of furniture under the TV is one of the favorite things for many as part of the design.

Built libraries are one of the successful designs for this, also the fireplace area if you find it in the house that often carries the TV above it, the presence of a column in the house can disturb its owners, but to put it in a library change in any form or thought make the surrounding area a practical session for family and friends to gather To see what they watch from programs, movies and series, this element can be the factor to divide two spaces or two areas of the house separate if the owners of the place want to achieve this to create more than one session so that the space has its privacy separate from the rest of the place, but in a connected way that does not block the view between the two spaces and that is For relatively large places, and to achieve this goal, a divider is made, whether it is wood, metal or other, and the TV is installed in front of it to create a seat around it.

In many cases, this corner can bring together more than one of its employees. It can hold a place for an office building, if the design is planned to do this from the beginning, so the whole place will turn into more than one purpose between a storage place and a place to watch as well as homework. Inside the bedrooms, the design here is simpler and easier. Usually the space allocated for the TV is in a small space that needs some imagination to choose the appropriate way to decorate its environment in accordance with the nature of the place . The ideas are endless and the design methods are endless, so we offer some diverse models to guide you at the time of implementation.

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