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doha- Transport and communication have received special attention in the preparation plans for Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup, and all preparations have been completed with the approaching date of the tournament, which will start on November 20.

The Doha Metro is emerging as the best and fastest mode of internal transport in Qatar, which will make it the first choice for fans in the World Cup, whether moving between the tournament stadiums or switching between residences and grounds of events and activities that accompany the tournament.

In the following report, Al Jazeera Net monitors all the details of the Doha Metro that will serve Qatar’s guests in the World Cup, especially regarding how to handle this important mode of mass transportation, and the extent of its role in the largest sporting event in the Middle East.

Doha metro lines

The Doha Metro network – whose construction idea started in 2009 – consists of 3 lines, the Red Line, the Green Line and the Gold Line. The network includes 37 stations that make up the first phase of the Doha Metro. The second phase is expected to be completed in 2026 with the addition of a blue line to the network. .

Red line: Doha metro stations inaugurated the Red Line in May 2019. It stretches 40 km from Al-Wakra in the south to Lusail in the north. It consists of 18 stations, especially Lusail station, which is located on the campus of the stadium that will host the 2022 World Cup final.

The Red Line includes two interchange stations between the metro lines, namely Al Bida Station, from where it is possible to transfer to the Green Line, and Msheireb Station, which is the main station from which all lines can be transferred. .

Green line: Opened in December 2019, it spans 22 km, from Mansoura Station in the east to Riffa Station in the west, and consists of 11 stations, the most important of which are Education City and Mall of Qatar, which are close to Education City is located. Stadium and Ahmed bin Ali Stadium.

golden line: It opened in November 2019 and stretches from Ras Abu Aboud Station in the east to Al Azizia Station in the west, and consists of 11 stations, the most important of which are the National Museum Station and Ras Abu Aboud, which are close to the stadium is. 974.

Connect 5 stadiums

The Doha Metro offers an excellent service to fans who wish to attend more than one match on the same day during the World Cup, which has not happened in any World Cup in history. The metro network connects 5 stadiums, with stations close to the stadiums of Education City, Al Rayyan and Ras Abu Aboud Lusail and Khalifa International Airport, and transport services are available to other stadiums, from the nearest metro station.

The World Cup stadiums are distinguished by their close distances; The longest distance between two stadiums is approximately 75 km, which is the distance between the Al Bayt Stadiums in Al Khor and Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakra, while the shortest distance reaches 6 km between the Education City and Ahmed Bin Ali Stadiums .

Doha metro prices and timings

The Doha Metro starts its flights daily from 6 o’clock in the morning to 11 o’clock at night, from Saturday to Wednesday of each week, while the flights extend to 12 o’clock at night on Thursday, while the hours are reduced on Friday of each week to starting at two in the afternoon until 12 at night, which are the times that are expected to be extended during the World Cup, as happened late last year during the Arab Cup.

Economy class passengers can buy a one-way ticket at a price of 2 Qatari riyals (one dollar is equal to 3.65 riyals) or a one-day ticket at 6 riyals, while the price of a gold class ticket is 10 riyals is fixed. or a daily flight ticket worth 30 Qatari Riyals.

The metro is designed in 3 classes, gold, family and economy, in response to the needs of all passengers.

The temporary card for the Doha Metro can be obtained from ticket machines available in all stations, while golden cards can be purchased from the Golden Club offices located in all stations. There are also retailers licensed to sell metro cards, and they are available in shopping centers such as “Carrefour” and “” Al Meera, Lulu, Family Food Center and Jumbo.

Doha metro stations are equipped with all facilities to serve visitors (Reuters)

Equipped stations

Doha Metro stations are fully air-conditioned and have a heritage look using traditional elements of Islamic and Qatari art. Each station contains a police station, a Golden Club office, a customer service station, separate prayer areas for men and women, toilets for people with disabilities, and all stations are equipped with security cameras and a first aid room.

subway assistance services

Doha Metro services will not be limited to underground trains, but will extend through a fleet of buses providing transport to and from stations, including the “Metro Link” transfer service, which is a free transport service that runs to and from the metro station , along with other areas, as well as the provision of taxis. For passengers at discounted rates.

The “Metro Link” service is available in 21 stations, and the “Metro Express” service covers 6 stations around the West Bay, Unaizah and Al Qassar areas, in addition to providing “park and ride”- parking around the stations.

smart applications

Another service provided by Qatar Railways to give passengers easy access to metro services is the launch of an application that allows passengers to register and link travel cards, providing information on the entire system map, live operating stations and subway timings.

It is expected that the “Spoor” company will issue a digital guide to provide information about metro transport and the stations and lines that must be on the way to reach the stadiums, with the aim of helping the fans. everyone To attend matches, similar to what happened in the Arab Cup, as well as the QR code through which the supporter can access all days of the tournament to select the day of the match he intends to attend and download his ticket, to know the itinerary of the “Doha Metro” For easy access to the stadium.

Doha Metro has contributed to the success of hosting 8 major sports tournaments since starting operations in 2019 (Shutterstock)

2.5 million passengers in the Arab Cup

Since the start of its operations in May 2019, the Doha Metro has played a pivotal role in the success of hosting 8 major local, regional and international sports tournaments, notably the Arab Cup, which is a mini practice for the World Cup was, in light of the huge public turnout that accompanied the tournament.

The percentage of metro ticket sales during the Arab Cup amounted to more than two and a half million tickets, with an average of 130,000 passengers per day, a rate that increased to 250,000 passengers during the National Day of the State of Qatar, which witnessed the holding of the Arab Cup finals and the match to determine third place, according to Qatar Rail. .

The number of Doha Metro train journeys carried out during the Arab Cup amounted to more than 50,000 trips, for a distance of 885,000 km, while the average time (the time of train) between each train and the other two and ‘ half a minute was per line in each direction.

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