Learn more about the work of applied arts graduates at the Egyptian Russian University

Written by / Reem Raafat

Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdel-Nabi, President of the Egyptian Russian University “ERU”, announced that admission to the “Faculty of Applied Arts” at the university was opened to receive a new group of graduate students: “high school, Al -Azhar, or equivalent Arabic and foreign certificates,” and welcomed the university By visiting those who want to get acquainted with the college within the university campus in “Badr City”, it was also approved by the university administration to cover the expenses of the “College of Applied Arts” at a 25% discount on the basic expenses for the academic year (2022-2023) on the occasion of the opening of the college.
Dr. Ezz El-Din Abdel Aziz, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts at the Egyptian Russian University “ERU”, for his part, stated that the minimum requirement for applying to the college has been announced, which is 55%, through which a student can ‘ a bachelor’s degree obtained after (5) years of study using the credit hour system The university offers college students practical training opportunities during the academic study period; To ensure that students gain “scientific, technical and applied” experiences on the ground; The college graduates will be entrepreneurs and future leaders in their work.
The Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts at the Egyptian Russian University “ERU” confirmed that the college aims to prepare qualified human cadres capable of serving their society and in the “local, regional and international” compete in labor markets, and contribute to the sustainable development of the Egyptian economy by providing comprehensive academic programs. He revealed that the college offers a bachelor’s degree in one of the following disciplines: “interior design and furniture, printing and packaging, glass, and fashion and clothing.” departments will be added in the next phase: “Photography, motion pictures and television, industrial design, textiles, Advertising, iron and metal constructions, metal products and ornaments, ceramics, painting and finishing, textile printing, sculpture and architectural formation.
Dr. Ezz El-Din Abdel Aziz explained that the job fields of the college graduates are:
Design in specialized engineering and consulting offices and houses of expertise in the specializations of interior design and glass for various architectural structures.
Design and follow-up production in production units, factories and companies working in the fields of various disciplines of applied arts “interior design and furniture, printing and packaging, glass, fashion and clothing.”
Planning and management of production and quality for specialized industries.
Decoration for cinema, television and theater works.
Press institutions, publishing houses, public and private printing houses.
The field of printing and graphic design.
The Central Bank in the field of design and printing of currency notes.
Establishment of private projects in the fields of small industries related to applied arts.
Universities, research and control centers and institutes associated with applied arts specializations.
Ministries, government agencies, public and private companies in the field of design and production follow-up.

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