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Ramallah – “ – The Toyota Camry is one of the most beautiful sedans offered by Toyota, and it is one of the medium models offered by the company. It has great strength, capabilities and capabilities, as well as excellent safety – and luxury factors in all the categories it offers, and Toyota is always at the forefront among the most famous cars in the world because of its ability to withstand shocks and desert roads. It is also the most popular car in the Gulf compared to Mitsubishi and Mazda .

Toyota Camry 2021 exterior styling

The exterior shape of the car is characterized by strength, and the car came with a streamlined design that suits everyone, the exterior design comes with a large and wide front grille that is drawn from the beginning of the front bumper to the end with ‘ A low hood made entirely of aluminum and featuring distinctive folds. The SI” is equipped with a front grille that has a circular honeycomb shape, with new side air intakes.

The front grille You will find the front grille of the car in the form of small circles overlapping each other, in the shape of a honeycomb, with the chrome logo above the front grille, the front and rear car lights are available with LED -lighting , the lights are drawn from the sides to the sides of the car, with fog lights Front and rear for more light control, the car comes with a front and rear bumper also in the same color as the car, and the bumper is strong and durable, as it is designed from the strongest types of fiber.

The car comes with dimensions of 4,885 mm length, 1,840 mm width, 1,445 height, 2,824 mm wheelbase, and a luggage compartment of 493 liters.

The Best Appearance:

  • Automatic headlights.
  • The front and rear lights work with LED lights.
  • Side bumper bench.
  • Electric tailgate.
  • off road valves.

Interior design Toyota Camry 2021

Design Toyota Camry 2021 Inside, with the best new methods that help it develop and compete with big car companies at the same price, the car inside is very elegant as it comes with leather seats with a 7-inch touch screen, 12V socket – Front only, CD player, USB port with the addition of automatic air conditioning with rear armrest, Apple CarPlay system and 6 speakers.

The interior space is good, three people can sit very comfortably and feel no tightness in the interior space. You can also control the audio and air conditioning settings through easy-to-use physical controls placed in a convenient place for the driver is.

The best of the interior:

  • Hydraulic steering powered by an electric motor.
  • High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI).
  • Computer showing distance, fuel and average speed.
  • Keyless entry.
  • Mirror dims automatically.
  • The interior console includes Bluetooth and USB.
  • With wireless headphones.
  • Steering wheel with automatic adjustment.
  • Steering wheel sound control.

Toyota Camry 2021 Engines

The 2021 Toyota Camry is equipped with two engine options, a 2500 cc four-cylinder engine with 204 hp and 243 Nm of torque with a displacement of 18.3 km per liter, and another six-cylinder version with 298 hp and 356 Nm of torque 14.2 km per liter and all categories use automatic transmission 8 speed and front wheel drive.

The car comes with a fuel tank of up to 60 liters, the first category of the engine comes with a maximum speed of 195 km/h, and it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 9.3 seconds, while the second category comes with a maximum speed of 235 km/h, it can also accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.3 seconds

The Hyundai Camry is also equipped with many important safety factors (depending on the category) such as intelligent cruise control, automatic door locks, lane departure warning system and brake assist technology, brake assist BA, intelligent cruise control, keyless entry, engine start button, system Seat memory, anti-theft alarm, electronic brake force distribution ( EBD), gas shock absorber, immobilizer, tire pressure monitoring screen, hill start assist, vehicle stability control (VSC).

It was also distinguished by the presence of a package of luxury factors that set it apart from others, such as automatic door locks, electric windows, steering wheel control, automatic air conditioning, 360-degree reversing camera, high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI), leather seats, folding rear seats.Premium wheels , Apple CarPlay, 6-speaker steering wheel adjustment, wireless charger, chrome accessories, entertainment screen and a sunroof.

Toyota Camry 2021 was launched in Saudi Arabia in 11 categories:

  • “LI Standard” at a price of 84,900 Saudi Riyal.
  • “Hybrid to any” at a price of 88,600 Saudi Riyal.
  • “LI” at a price of 88,600 Saudi Riyal.
  • GLE” at a price of 97,100 Saudi Riyal.
  • “GLE Hybrid” at a price of 98,700 SAR
  • “SE” 100,200 at a price of SAR
  • “GLEX Hybrid” at 112,900 Saudi Riyal
  • “SIV6” at a price of 116,200 Saudi Riyal
  • “Grandy Hybrid” at a price of 126,700 SAR
  • “Grandy V6” at a price of 126,800 Saudi Riyal
  • “Lumair Hybrid” at a price of 131,000 riyals

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