Mahmoud al-Dabbas wrote… If “the father-in-law is death”, the guard of the building is “hell.”

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So, dear reader, let me not be shy in this talk and speak with some direct honesty.. the matter is not easy..

Our master Muhammad, may God bless him and give him peace, says: “The father-in-law is death.” The mother-in-law is the man’s family member, such as a brother, an uncle and a cousin. Because they are permissible for the woman after her divorce or the death of her husband. The father of the man is not considered in this hadith because his prohibition against the woman is permanent.

The meaning of the hadith is that being alone with the mother-in-law is a dangerous matter.. and this is because there is no suspicion and suspicion on the part of the woman about these people.. and even those around her from the neighbors too..their entry and exit to her house does not arouse suspicion..and here it is easier to attack her and get close to her and establish a relationship is easier than If it was with someone else. .

This hadith reminded me of this when a very good friend told me about an incident that occurred in the building in which he lives. I think it occurs in many regions and even Arab countries.

Where he said that he bought an apartment in a building that was built at that time.. and he and all the neighbors lived in almost the same period.. and a guard was appointed at the building based on the recommendation of a guard for a neighboring building..

He added that some families were formed in this building, which means that three of the neighbors got married and had children in that building.

And even the guard brought his wife and put her in the room allotted to him.

My friend says: “When we were neighbors, we sat and talked about many things.. Someone says that he trusts the guard with many household matters. Even when he is traveling, the guard brings what his wife needs. He does some things at home, like moving a cupboard or lifting something heavy, and so on.” .

Another answers him..Yes, by God, he is a panicked man, and my wife always says his eyes are on the ground..a third neighbor says..

My friend says: “I have tried more than once to cast doubt on those neighbors who speak confidently about that watch, but they do not pay attention to any warning or bell.”

And when I told them that my wife is very devoted..and don’t enter the door by the guard..unless you are there..or bring the neighbor who is in front of us..they tell me..Oh man , he wants to entrust her?!..otherwise he wants to start with her?! The fashion of harassment is like this..because things have become available..why does the guard sign his case with a neighbor and leave and his livelihood is cut off?!This guard has been with us for more than seven years, and he knows us and we know him

All this.. and none of them considered that it is a male and his wife a female.. and the guard has a sweet tongue.. he knows how and when to utter a word .. isolation is a disaster..

The matter remained the same until one day one of the neighbors came back to his house unexpectedly and without any arrangement.. and found the door open.. he knew that the guard was inside the house.. so he entered without any suspicion. or doubts.. and looked at the entrance and the parlor, but did not find the woman. And when he entered the house, he saw what he did not expect from his honorable wife and faithful guard.

My friend says, it was only from that neighbor that he hit the guard and wife with a sharp object.. but they didn’t die.. and the wife was divorced..

And after investigating that sly fox.. he was found to be doing the same thing with more than one woman in the building.. and what made him dare to do that.. is his regular conversation with them.. and anytime . .the talk evolved from the order-and-request formula .. to consent . He had side conversations about the one neighbor .. and the sons of so and so .. and about cars in the neighborhood and the problems .. and after he put the stuff by the door of the apartment and left it without anyone seeing it .. the matter evolved to bringing it into the kitchen.. disassembling and installing the gas cylinders and lifting the bags.. On the bedroom cupboards.. and challenging him again and again with sweet comments about the contents of the bedrooms, such as perfume, cosmetics and cream.. and even some of the changes that the woman might overlook..etc..

I say this not to put the guards out and get rid of them..and not stop asking for their help..but rather to ring the bell so that they have limits..real limits and not ‘ a theory men are told to hold. they silence..limits that make them feel that talk and look at this limit..restricted to not speak with more than asking and thanking..Limits for them not to enter the threshold of the house, except in the presence of a man of the house or a trusted neighbor..

In conclusion, I say.. that their entry into the houses does not raise suspicion.. No, the guard who was arrested said that he deliberately told the neighbor that her neighbor asked him for a certain job.. and that he the bell for her and she doesn’t answer.. He tries to ring the bell in front of her until the neighbor opens the door.. with confidence he tells her: “I have rung more than ten times.” He enters the door. house under the neighbor’s eyes.

Abu Laith.

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