“Sabra” and the promotion of the Israeli Mossad… Humanizing the cultural occupation in the Marvel superhero movie | culture

The American “Marvel” Studios has revealed a new character named “Sabra” who will play a heroic role in the upcoming movie in the “Captain America” ​​series of films called “New World Order”, embodied by the Israeli actress Shira Hate. , which elicited responses wide verb.

In her article on Al Jazeera English, journalist and editor Belen Fernandez wrote that the timing chosen by “Disney Marvel Studios” to announce its new movie “Captain America: New World Order” was completely inappropriate.

Beilin pointed out that Marvel’s announcement came on the eve of the anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacres, in which thousands of Palestinians, including pregnant women, were massacred over a two-day period in Lebanon in 1982.

“Sabra” is an unknown character, who first appeared in “Marvel Comics” in 1980 as the “superheroine of the State of Israel”.

The media, Beilin, said that although the name of that “superhero” does not refer to the Sabra and Shatila massacre, the whole case represents a big problem.

She adds that in issue 256 of The Incredible Hulk, published in 1981, “Sabra” appears as a girl with supernatural powers, who grew up in the kibbutz (Zionist settlement meetings) and works as a police officer, but her real job is that she works with the Israeli intelligence service (Mossad).

Appearing on the cover of the magazine in a dress inspired by the Israeli flag, Sabra insisted on “protecting her homeland from the destruction caused by the Hulk,” as the magazine’s issue stated.

Beilin talked about Israel’s involvement in sabotaging the lands of others, especially after its establishment in 1948, when it destroyed some 500 Palestinian villages, killing more than 10,000 Palestinians, while thousands found themselves as refugees in their country found.

The author added that since the purge policy practiced by Israel has not subsided over the past decades, such as the terrorism currently taking place against the residents of Gaza, it is completely wrong to revive “Sabra” the Israeli superhero and it to the silver screen with its “state brutality” features.

promote Israel

According to the author, although not all the details of the plot of the film “Captain America: The New International Order” have been revealed, many see it as a “public relations blow” for the Israeli Mossad, which has a long record of extrajudicial assassinations and all sorts of other crimes.

She said that this device has recently received a lot of “polishing” on the screen, either on “Netflix” or “Apple TV”, and now with the movie “Captain America”, where Marvel upgraded the Mossad image to Full superhero level.

Beilin stated that the American “CNN” (CNN) previously quoted Avner Abraham – a former Israeli spy who currently defines himself as an expert in Mossad operations, in addition to being an artistic coordinator and film producer – to confirm that the character of “Sabra” ” is the instrument that will facilitate the arrival of Mossad to the new generations, and it is likely that this “propaganda” will help the Israeli apparatus to recruit sources of information in other regions of the world.

The author says that the new film is unfortunately a setback at a time when it was believed that “pop” culture had begun to move in a slightly more humane direction, with works such as the series “MO” which is on the Netflix -platform was shown. , embodied by an artist Palestinian-American, and the series “Ms. Marvel,” which stars a Muslim teenage girl.

Admittedly, Israel’s approach to the Palestinians is often “really cinematic” with scenes such as the bombing of apartment buildings in the Gaza Strip to airstrikes against children playing soccer on the beach, while on the other hand it is expected to host Sabra. is an image that helps give an appearance of “feminist progressiveness” to cover up Israeli crimes in the manner of actress Gal Gadot, the former Israeli soldier who starred in Wonder Woman 1984.

“Sabra” name controversy

In issue 256 of the Marvel comic series “The Incredible Hulk”, a footnote explains that the word “sabra” refers to an Israeli born, and the name comes from the name of the cactus fruit, or the prickly pear with a beautiful interior . and a spiky exterior to protect her from her enemies.

Of course, the author adds, the national myths of Israel are based on the idea that the Israelis are somehow “native people” of the land, but as The Times of Israel identified in 2014, the Hebrew word for prickly pear “from the Arabic name (patience) that the immigrants learned The Poles when they first arrived in the area.”

According to Oz Ulug’s book Sabra: Creating the New Jew, the Sabras were “the first generation of Israelis, born in the 1930s and 1940s, who grew up in the Zionist settlement of Palestine.”

The author concludes that the superhero “Sabra” – in addition to all the military elements and the Mossad embodied in the upcoming film – also represents a multidimensional Israeli occupation of Palestine, regionally and linguistically at the same time.

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