Everything is luxurious and comfortable except the toilet inside the new Marco Polo caravan

With traditional vacations becoming more and more of a tedious exercise, choosing a camper van as a means of travel is now tempting, once rare, even for people who had not previously considered such an option.

A fully equipped, made-to-order camper is very expensive, which discourages many from buying it, and these expensive campers often sit idle, unused through the cold winter months, so it becomes reasonable to buy a regular car, which is easily can be converted into a camping camper, for a few months of the year for holiday use.

Fortunately, the Marco Polo camper van combines two opposing requirements for any camping vehicle, because it combines convenient ways of use, when you are on holiday in the camping areas, with comfortable driving without stress or fatigue.

Along with the Volkswagen California, the Marco Polo is one of the most popular vehicles in European campers. It is based on the Mercedes (V-Class MPV), and comes with a two-liter diesel engine, with the option of a different set of energy outputs. .

This model is not cheap, and the price of the prototype of the car is 60,000 euros ($743.59), but the investment in its purchase (along with the occasional purchase of some extra luxuries) definitely pays off bear fruit

It may be possible to dispense with the airbag, which protects the car from vibrations when driving off-road, as well as to dispense with the four-wheel drive system, but if you intend to tour the Alps, with this vehicle with a capacity of 2 tons, it will be the best, compared to any of the modest diesel engine models (100 kW/136 hp), installed in the cheaper (V.200D) version.

The diesel engine also comes with a higher power rate, such as the (V.220 d) engine, with 120 kW / 163 hp, or the (V.250 d) engine with 160 k / watt 190 hp, or the V. .300 d engine. With a power of 174 kW / 237 horsepower.

With high torque and a quick start time from zero to 100 km in 6.8 seconds, the V300D engine helps a lot in overtaking other cars on the highway, launching this vehicle at a top speed of 217 kilometers per hour, neither gets stuck behind trucks in the slow lane.

Also, with a fuel consumption of 8.5 litres, you can drive the Marco Polo all day long before you need to refuel it. Asian continent.

Driving on the road, this camper van from Swabia in southwestern Germany looks like a massive SUV thanks to the high seating position and high interior trim, a feeling that enhances the feeling of the high-quality design of the car amenities. , along with the auxiliary tools that come with it, and when sitting in the back seats, family members enjoy more legroom, compared to large-sized off-road vehicles.

At the camping site, the Marco Polo buggy looks like a very wonderful place for family members to enjoy. Sitting four people inside is comfortable, as in larger campers, and the interior of the buggy is characterized by sophistication, and it has a look that gives a sense of Luxury as it looks like higher priced models.

The car (V class) can also be converted into a mobile caravan in minutes, and there is a bedroom under the movable roof, and behind the driver there is a small kitchen with a fridge, a sink with water tap and a gas stove, and luggage that does not accommodate the available space, can be placed Under the rear seats, within a group of large cabinets.

The four family members can turn the armchairs and thus enjoy an atmosphere of comfort around the table which can be unfolded and folded, and there is also a bathroom with a mirror installed for cosmetic purposes, and there is a shower outside, and when night falls. one can lie under the ceiling which can be folded, or can be converted into a rear seat bedroom, with open air in three easy-to-implement steps.

And when it’s time to relax, family members discover another feature in the Marco Polo camper, and because communication has long been a major problem during camping trips, Mercedes has connected the stroller to the entire Internet, and also an app programmed that can control the ambient light, the degree of heating and the movement of the roof of the wagon, but also the temperature of the refrigerator, all via a smartphone.

However, there is still a small problem, namely that using the toilet is not as comfortable as hoped, since the carriage is not equipped with a toilet, and there is nothing in its favor over a private bathroom when you are on a car trip. , but the owners of the car will easily be able to use public toilets at the campsite for a few nights, but the Marco Polo camper regulates this use, via an intelligent web-based application.

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