Support small projects for women. How is this possible?

In light of the significant progress made by many women in the field of entrepreneurship, many government and private organizations have shown a commitment to help and support small businesses for women; All of these organizations provide the guidance and support needed to ensure that women-owned businesses compete fairly in emerging markets.

For startups and small businesses in the Middle East and Africa, funds have been scarce over the past five years, especially in the period that saw a significant spread of the “Covid-19” epidemic, affecting service sectors such as: beauty salons , skin care, and social assistance such as: Home care and food services, which are some of the most important industries for female entrepreneurs.

According to a recent study conducted by the Global Monitor of Entrepreneurship, more than 32% of women are in the process of starting or managing a new business, but despite starting businesses at a high rate, manage only 11% of women mature companies, which means that many Some of them fail in the first few years of the launch process.

Support women’s small businesses

It is no secret to any of us that the support of investor leaders as well as seasoned entrepreneurs can make a big difference to the success of entrepreneurship for almost anyone. When your circle includes other people who can then help motivate you from a personal perspective and give timely advice when you need it.

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While many women have made great strides in the field of entrepreneurship and the startup sector to reach ever higher levels, supporting women’s small businesses financially and otherwise is a great way to empower a generation of female leaders and a more diversified economy. and balanced .

How can small businesses for women be supported?

The website dealsEntrepreneursSupport small projects for women in the following lines, as follows:

Providing better access to capital

One of the most important ways in which women’s micro-enterprises can be supported is by providing better access to capital, and it appears that this requires an examination of infrastructural structures to ensure that women entrepreneurs are included in traditional ways of accessing obtaining working capital and financing, whether that means venture capital banking, or even government-run programs.

In addition, more efforts are needed to achieve capital equity, and there is also a need for more education about the alternative sources of financing available to companies, including fintech competitors, as well as grant programs that focus specifically on groups deprived of financing opportunities.

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embrace the digital economy

We know that since the outbreak of the pandemic, the importance of the digital presence has increased dramatically; E-commerce trends have accelerated rapidly for consumers and businesses alike, and amid this, European studies indicate that 86% of business owners have started using or increased digital tools since the spread of the “Covid-19” epidemic.

Given the importance of this, women’s small businesses can be supported by working to provide the resources they need to build their online businesses, and foster opportunities for successful mobility in the digital economy to ensure the long-term success of emerging businesses .

Understanding the modern working woman

When it comes to working to support women’s micro-enterprises, understanding the modern working woman is really essential, and that means thinking about how to maintain flexibility and challenge preconceived norms about how start-ups operate. as well as making room for the woman with many hats entrepreneur and balancing many responsibilities, both personal and professional.

Donate expertise and advice

If you are unable to contribute financially to a woman business owner, you can offer free advice or services in your specialty to women-owned companies, this can include help with interior design, marketing or information technology, and as an established business owner can you can also provide important and necessary guidance to women starting their journey in the world of Entrepreneurship, whether you provide time or knowledge, a little help goes a long way.

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