The day the lady from the suspense novels disappeared without a trace

Was there a “propaganda blunder,” as many suggested at the time? Or was it a crime? Some of them wondered, scared, had something happened to the woman, or had she suffered a psychological condition that caused her to get lost on her way home? Can Scotland Yard solve the mystery, or must it enlist the help of Hercule Poirot, who is summoned from Brussels with his strange thick mustache to find out what happened, or is Mrs. Marple sufficient as long as it’s a woman who invented it? And the husband of the missing woman, did he play a part in the whole story, or was he honest in his “distress and fear” about what could have happened to his wife?

All these questions, which jostled between grandfather and joke, but always in the manner of black English humor, occupied the British newspapers one day, when it was announced that Lady Agatha Christie, famous for her interesting detective novels, her hilarity and the practical joke what she used disappeared.

It evaporated into nature without leaving a trace, and the fact that what frightened those close to her was that such absence was not in her nature, but which at least initially sent something of reassurance had, was the fact that a new book was to be issued for the lady in a few days, and perhaps it was the disappearance that In this case it can no longer be considered a disappearance, in connection with the lady’s desire to publish some mystery as a support for her publisher and to promote the book.

Questions and speculations

But the hours tick by and Agatha Christie stares at her absence, and here it is no longer a joke.

It was possible to deduce that something had happened to Mrs Christie, what could it be? The police inspectors must have started to infer something bad, so the “propaganda blip” stopped talking and he stopped mentioning Poirot or Marple and the woman’s husband’s nerves began to collapse.

We know that there are usually many disappearances of men or women, adults or children, and rarely do the press or the police or all the people pay that much attention, but when the disappearance is so mysterious, and then especially when the disappearance is Agatha Christie, the master of the detective novel, And when the circumstances of her disappearance are very similar to what happens in the novels of this lady who was then and many decades after her actual departure this time, the English writer who is read more than any other. another writer after Shakespeare, it becomes easy to explain this interest And he understood why people held their breath for the 10 days that Agatha Christie was gone, leaving no clue as to the motive or nature of that disappearance.

family problems

It happened during the first half of December 1926, at a time when Agatha Christie was still young, the undisputed master of the detective novel.

Since then, although she was found a few days later, Agatha Christie tried all her life to surround this incident with silence and reticence until at times it seemed that she herself had completely forgotten it, because even in her autobiography she barely mentioned it. and then barely indicated the matter. Also in another book, which she later published, which includes scenes from her life, entitled “An Unfinished Picture”. Do you see how she really forgets the incident? Have you deliberately forgotten it because it condemns it? Was she ashamed of it?

Questions that no one has to answer. Until the biography of Agatha Christie was asked to write it, he investigated the incident that the history world of the detective novel considered one of the most unusual mysteries, so what exactly is the story?

Let’s start from the beginning here. In 1926, Agatha Christie was 36 years old, and apparently everything in her life said she was happy and successful, not to mention rich. Very unfortunately, it is true that that year started well when she visited Corsica with her sister and during her stay there wrote one of her most beautiful and successful novels, The Secret of the Blue Train, but gradually things took a turn when Agatha realizes that her marriage to Colonel Archie Christie is no longer on. the cards. Well, he’s now more interested in golf than he is in his wife, and he’s more interested in a relative of this woman named Nancy Neal, and things went from bad to worse when Archie confided in Agatha that he intended was to divorce her to marry Nancy, and it was the morning of the third of December.

Agatha went mad and spent the whole day in grief and anger, forgetting her usual calmness, her circumspection with people, her great success and her husband’s jealousy of this success, and she only remembered that she was a weak, betrayed woman , and so the story began. That evening, Agatha left her daughter Rosalind asleep at home, drove to an unknown destination and disappeared, but after writing two letters, the first to Archie, no one would know what they were, and the second, ‘ a short word to her secretary asking her to cancel all her appointments because she was going to Yorkshire, and after a while he would say A responsible police officer said he had in turn received a letter from the writer.

The message that caused confusion

Whatever it was, Agatha Christie disappeared from that moment, and it seems that the message the police officer will say he received caused all sorts of confusion, as Agatha says in the message and quite succinctly, according to what the police reported at the time and confirmed the same message when it was later published, that it She felt that her life was threatened and called for help, and neither the police nor the press needed more than that to act.

However, there was more. The day after the disappearance, a gypsy boy named George Best found an abandoned car in the middle of the road in a tourist area called Newlands Corner near Silent Pool Lake and it quickly became clear that the car was the missing author’s car. To make matters worse, the car was covered in muddy snow with its headlights still on, and inside was a fur coat and a small bag that had been forced open with three dresses, two pairs of shoes and a no longer valid driver’s license in the name of Agatha Christie.

So here the car is in suspicious condition, the owner is missing, and for the next few days, while the search was in full swing by hundreds of policemen and thousands of volunteers, newspaper columns were filled with news, hypotheses, debates and comments. It was, of course, all about the woman’s disappearance, and there was near unanimity that it was either a suicide or a crime, and in the midst of it was the announcement in the “Daily News” about a reward for any information.

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Her likeness hovers on her face

The case was that all the hypotheses were possible and the possibilities were present. The case was not without the volunteers of eyewitnesses who came on their own to the police departments or to the press, some of them said that they saw a woman which like a writer who wanders on her face in this place or that, and others confirm that they heard of the body of a woman in that corner or this, and it was not lost on an apothecary who knew Agatha Christie didn’t, he went to the police station to say that he knew about Agatha her interest in identifying the best way of suicide, then she returned as if nothing had happened, but she came back completely silent.

Our famous author chose to remain silent and remained silent for decades. After that, she divorced her husband, increased the sales of her books and created hundreds of characters. She killed some of them and imprisoned some. In her novels, many women have disappeared and more women have been betrayed Women have been attacked and men have betrayed their wives, but she is in In the midst of it all she remained silent and we can say that she took her secret with her to the grave, the secret of the 10-day disappearance that shook Britain and its press, her biographer Charles Osborne persuaded her a few months before her departure to return to the memory of what had happened, she returned, and then with a little looked at him slyly. “Believe me, I don’t remember anything about it,” she said.

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