“The inhabited Saray of the Sultan” .. scary stories about the ghosts of the singer’s apartment, Zikra

We always hear about ghosts and orcs living at the crime scene, especially if it’s blood splattered and hasn’t been cleaned in a long time. Rumors of the haunted house set Apartment no. 112 in Property no. 23 A on Mohamed Mazhar chasing. Street in Zamalek, which 19 years ago witnessed the murder of the Tunisian singer Zikra at the hands of her husband, businessman Ayman Al-Suwaidi, who also killed his business manager and his wife, and then committed suicide after bullets rained down on them all, and their blood spattered the walls.

blood fills the corners

The details of the crime were monitored by the Public Prosecution’s investigations as soon as it occurred, which stated that the Tunisian artist “Zikra” attended the opening ceremony of a new restaurant at twelve o’clock in the morning on Friday, November 28, 2003. her husband, the Egyptian businessman “Ayman Al-Suwaidi”, and at one o’clock in the morning he sent. The man took his private driver to bring his business manager, “Amr Al-Khouli”, and his wife, “Khadija” Salah” from Al-Shorouk City, after a dispute broke out between him and “Zikra” at the party. Zikra with her good friend, the actress Kawthar Ramzy, asked her to go to her apartment in “Mohamed Mazhar” street in the Zamalek neighborhood, because she wants to talk to her about her husband, whose doubts have returned to him again , and he asked her to devote herself to the house and to him and forget art.

Kawthar said in the investigations: “Zekra seemed to have fear and anxiety. Her husband was not in his normal state. His psychological state made him seem as if he had lost his mind. While we were talking, Khadija and , Ayman arrived with his business manager. He asked me to enter one of the rooms because he wants to continue talking to his wife about family matters and does not want me to be a party to them, and before his outburst of anger I actually went into a room. far from the entrance.”

And she continued, “Ayman’s voice was clear when he warned his wife not to continue with night rehearsals and travel to festivals, and she was a screaming memory when she rejected this insult, amounting to suspicion in her behavior and in her relationship with her manager and some people.” And here Ayman noticed my presence and chased me away.

Investigations proved that Al-Suwaidi asked the two servants to enter a room and close the door for them.

Al-Suwaidi entered his room, then came out with 4 weapons in his hand, 3 pistols and a small machine gun.

Orcs and ghosts sing

Since the murder of the artist Zikra in her apartment, and ghost stories haunting her, one of the estate guards said that he heard the voice of ghosts singing in the apartment, and the ghost stories about Zikra’s apartment varied, whose land covered was with the blood of 4 people, among the presence of oppressed souls inhabiting the apartment because of the blood poured into it, which is the one that screams at night.

And the guards of the famous property in “Saray Al-Sultan” noticed strange and strange things happening in the “slaughter apartment”, the first of which was the “elevator” that suddenly stopped in front of the apartment at dawn, that is, to the same time as the crime was committed without anyone summoning him, and in time the guards began to hear the sounds of a bell. The door was knocked loudly more than once for no apparent reason, especially since this floor and since the crime took place, no one approached it out of fear and terror.

At first, the guards thought that what was happening was just an illusion, but what happened next made hearts tremble and everyone realized that what was happening was not random, but that there was something mysterious and suspicious that caused concern and terror.

Only a few days passed before the strange things returned to cast their shadows in the apartment again, but this time the guards noticed that the windows were also opening and closing on their own, for no apparent reason, especially that they opened from the inside because it was difficult to open them from the outside, and that was not all; Instead, they hear Al-Suwaidi’s voice and he calls the guards and asks them to open his garage.

With all of these things, the apartment lights would start to come on remarkably and then go off on their own, and all of these strange things usually happen at one time, which is dawn, “the same time as the crime.”

The property guards said they usually hear the sounds of verbal altercations and recriminations before they turn into cries and distress, such as the screams of cats, and pieces of rock flying out of the apartment every night.

All that happened in my apartment some guards did not pay attention, but with repeated scenes, especially in light of the exchange of guard shifts and everyone’s observation of what was happening, one of the guards had to Muhammad Al -Suwaidi, brother, inform. of the businessman who committed suicide, about the case and begs him to open the apartment again and turn the radio on Quran Radio Generous.

All these stories prompted Muhammad, the younger brother of the suicide businessman, Ayman Al-Suwaidi, to file a complaint with the public prosecutor, demanding that the crime scene be re-examined, and claiming that gnomes and ghosts began to inhabit the apartment appeared. , and the complaints from the residents of the property increased.

The report was strange, and the prosecutors took care of it, who made a decision to reopen the apartment to establish the truth of the matter, and a force of detectives went to Muhammad, brother of Ayman Al-Suwaidi accompanied the apartment, and every night the guards began to tell what they saw and heard, everyone was curious to know what was going on in This apartment is controversial.

But curiosity remained enveloped by fear and anxiety of the unknown. When the detectives re-entered the crime scene, everything was calm, but the smell of death smelled from the place, especially since the prosecutor completed the first inspection after the commission of the accident and she decided to cover the apartment with red wax, It remained the same, it was not cleaned, the blood was left as it is, the walls are stained with blood, as well as the furniture, everything is as it is as if the crime happened yesterday.

Cats screaming and distressed

The detectives began to move around the apartment, specifically Zikra’s bedroom, who saw the opening of the window suddenly and without reason. Indeed, the inspection proved that the window was opened from the inside and not from the outside, and no traces of violence This made them rule out a suspicion that they had tried to steal the apartment, and the officers were confused in this case and found no satisfactory answer to their questions: Who authorized the opening of the window?

Before the criminal investigators left the place, they started asking the guards what they saw and heard, and their answers were startling and strange. “One of the guards confirmed that he heard the sounds of screaming cats in the middle of the night. heard, and the presence of distress and strange noises coming from the apartment for no apparent reason.”

The second guard talked about the elevator working alone before dawn and without anyone calling it, then it stopped on the second floor in front of Zikra’s apartment, causing a state of fear and anxiety.

Despite this calm, some residents of the property have complained about noise and strange sounds emitted from the second-floor flat, forcing many of the property’s occupants to lock up and leave the flats.Inhabited by ghosts and goblins.

Orc apartment for 6 million pounds

Businessman Ayman Al-Suwaidi, before committing the crime, borrowed a lot of money from the banks that he could not pay, and the bank started taking measures to sell his property to pay off some of the outstanding debt, including the apartment who witnessed the midnight massacre, but the sale procedures were usually stopped when everyone knew what was happening in the apartment to the extent that the price of the apartment from 8 million pounds, as well as the value of the judicial appraiser, dropped to only 5 million has. .

Indeed, 4 consecutive auctions failed to sell the apartment until the apartment was finally sold in 2009, i.e. five years after he committed the crime to an Egyptian businessman, who bought it for 6 million pounds in the fifth auction to sell the apartment after confirming that he bought the apartment because he needed it to do a business project as well. He does not care and is not convinced of the existence of ghosts in the first place .

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