Flowers are a love story… so how do we choose them?

Flowers enjoy an eminent position among many people, old and new, and each flower has a meaning and significance, in addition to its captivating beauty and its fragrant fragrance that penetrates the heart the moment you see it.

Different flowers can express what is in the individual’s mind, so it is sometimes considered a successful way to say “Thank you, congratulations, sorry, I love you, get well soon, and many more” , according to their colors, types and beauty of forms.

Therefore, its selection requires care before serving. And to talk about how to choose and shape it at events and life situations, Al Jazeera Net interviewed an etiquette expert, who specializes in selling flowers and making arrangements to express their opinions.

Every event has its own color
Etiquette expert Rama Assaf Al-Assaf said in her speech to Al-Jazeera Net: “Flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts offered on occasions, but handling them is very sensitive, as each occasion has its own color of flowers, and ‘ an indication of the symbolism of the color that accompanies the event.”

Al-Assaf added, “For example, the red color of flowers indicates love and affection and is presented on special occasions, such as wedding festivals and Mother’s Day. As for the white color, it can be presented on many occasions, such as weddings. parties or visiting to the patient, a sign of peace and new beginnings.”

At most public events, it is preferable to present a variety of flowers in different colors and distinctive arrangements to leave a positive impact on the recipient, according to expert Al-Assaf.

And she adds, sometimes, when we express our condolences, we can be surprised that flowers in white can be arranged in the form of wreaths, and sent in an expression of people’s sympathy.

Flowers convey feelings between the giver and the receiver
Al-Assaf says that flowers have an impact on the soul of the receiver, as they send joy and happiness and improve the mood, the energy of flowers is positive, and despite their short life they are always in the soul.

Al-Assaf pointed out that flowers are one of the easiest ways to choose according to the nature of relationships between people. Usually, on occasions, people want to choose gifts that meet the most taste without being shy when presenting them. is always a welcome gift.

Al-Assaf emphasizes that flowers convey feelings between the giver and the recipient, just as it conveys its fragrant fragrance that infiltrates the depths of the soul, enriches the heart and enchants the mind with the beauty of its vision.

And flower arrangements differ, according to Al-Assaf, for example, only one rose can be presented as a form of apology or misunderstanding, while large flower bouquets are presented exclusively only on official occasions.

It is preferable to choose single numbers when arranging flowers, taking into account the attachment of a personal card and writing an expressive word according to the occasion.

Day and night events

Al-Assaf explains that for day events it is preferable to choose a bouquet of colors such as yellow, pink and violet, while for night events it is preferable to choose colors such as white, red and orange.

Al-Assaf says that it is not permissible to give flowers from a woman to a man, except in case of illness and wishing for a speedy recovery and safety. Likewise, it is not permissible to give flowers from a man to to give a woman, except when he asks for her hand in marriage or to see her when she is sick.

Al-Assaf concludes that flowers are delicate, and handling them requires caution, to maintain relationships in their proper form without transgression.

Choose the type and color of flowers
On choosing the right type and color of flowers for each occasion, says the flower coordinator, Engineer Laith Al-Masry, in one of the flower shops, flowers are a language that translates the love in our hearts for the person to whom they are gifted. .

He adds, for each occasion a color is often used, for example to express love, a bouquet is arranged by often choosing red flowers, pink is used to form a bouquet given to the mother when she gives birth to a girl, and the blue color is used when a boy is born, and white flowers are added to the two bouquets.

The orange color is used to express happiness and enthusiasm, at work or among friends, and the white color is chosen to coordinate healing packages and wish safety for the patient, according to Al-Masry.

The floral coordinator says we help customers choose the type and color of flowers, and there are customers who prefer to design their own bouquets according to their taste and occasion, but for engagement and wedding events, the groom usually turns to consultation with us in coordinating the appropriate bouquets for the ceremony with their colors and formations.

Additions for flower bouquets

Jordan is one of the flower producing countries, according to Al-Masry, and there are many types of them, such as: gouri, gerbera, Louisiana, lily stroemeria, tulips, and the most demand for roses, and there are many other types, which help us to make bouquets in more than one color, and according to demand. .

Al-Masry says: “Some customers request additions to flower bouquets, (modern bouquets), for example, on occasions of success and graduation, the customer chooses the preferred flowers for the gifted, and balloons are added for the occasion, and their shapes and colors are different , and some customers prefer to mix roses and chocolate and are arranged in a box Wood or box in beautiful and striking ways.

Al-Masry explains that “there are various forms of rules and paper to put inside flower arrangements, which are intended for roses, so that they are harmoniously and homogeneously arranged.”

Al-Masry confirms that flower shops have a lot of sales on holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, in addition to other occasions, such as success and graduation and others.

The flowers speak!
Flowers have always been part of our culture in happy times. Of course, there are certain flowers that are suitable for different kinds of occasions, and there is no one-size-fits-all flower, so gifting and presenting flowers to your loved ones can convey a variety of feelings to them, according to what was published by “Invogueblooms”.

Your guide to choosing the perfect flowers for your next event
Flowers can be given for birthdays, death anniversary, sick person, or to say sorry. Here’s a guide to help you choose the perfect flowers for your next event:

Valentine’s Day Flowers: The most important flower to express love – which symbolizes love in itself – is red roses.

Flowers to say ‘Congratulations’: Did your niece graduate? Or maybe a friend who just got a job? Or did your brother score great in his test results? Whatever the reason for the congratulations, flowers are a great way to express your feelings. You can pick up some very fragrant and vibrant flowers to give to any or all of the above occasions.
Light and pastel colored flowers are a good choice in the summer, and darker colors are a good choice for the winter months.

Flowers to wish “Happy Birthday”: Whether you are wishing a “Happy Birthday” to your loved one or a friend, flowers never run out. Giving someone flowers on their birthday is a constant thought, and when you add a message to the flowers, it becomes even more personal. Elegant flowers such as orchids, tulips or the recipient’s favorite flowers are always the best expression of your wishes for the occasion.

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