Immigration: The program to train Egyptian women abroad reflects the state’s interest in women

The Minister of Immigration, Suha Gendy, confirmed that the “Training Egyptian Women Abroad” program is unique of its kind, which is aimed at Egyptian women in various countries of the world Efforts of the state to the new republic.

This happened during Minister Suha Gendy’s reception to the Executive Director of the National Training Academy, Dr. Rasha Ragheb, and a number of participants in the first group of the “Training Egyptian Women Abroad” program, which the academy offers to about 75 Egyptian women. from 17 different countries around the world, for the age group of 25 to 50 years, in collaboration with the Ministry of Immigration, and under the auspices of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, within the framework of communication and follow-up with the Egyptian women who participate in the program.

The Minister of Immigration also paid tribute and appreciation to every Egyptian woman participating in the “Training Egyptian Women Abroad” program, and she had the motivation and passion to go through a new educational and training experience in her life, especially when her country offered her. for her and despite her presence abroad, and the conscience and connection with the homeland was a main driving force that pushed everyone to take advantage of the program, to become closely familiar with what is being achieved on the ground in Egypt , as well as to know the challenges that their country is facing at the current stage.

Suha Gendy and Rasha Ragheb

Ambassador Suha Gendy praised the outstanding content of the Egyptology training program abroad, which includes a number of important axes such as personal and leadership skills, media and public relations, Egyptian history, identity and culture, as well as the axis of public awareness and national security, and other axes that contribute to the formation of a strong national awareness And increase the connection of our citizens abroad with their homeland.

She added that she felt clear repercussions of the program on the participants of Egyptian women abroad, which was confirmed by their positive reactions to the scientific and training curriculum of the program for the training of Egyptian women abroad.

At the end of her speech, the minister said: “You are a real hopeful energy mobilized by the program to train Egyptian women abroad, and we will work in the Ministry of Immigration to take advantage of this energy to serve the interests of the country, because each of you has a great future.”

The Minister of Immigration would like to express her heartfelt thanks to Dr. Rasha Ragheb, Executive Director of the National Training Academy, for the efforts made by the Academy; The program is designed to be managed and broadcast through the electronic platform of the National Training Academy, which will give the ability and space for the trainees to manage their schedule freely without compromising the richness of interaction and engagement.

In turn, the Executive Director of the National Training Academy, Dr. Rasha Ragheb, said that the “Training Egyptian Women Abroad” program is one of the pioneering programs that the Academy is proud to implement, which aims to communicate with Egyptian women who reside. outside the Arab Republic of Egypt in different countries and who want to develop their personal and professional skills. The “Egyptian Women Abroad” program is the first funded award for Egyptians abroad offered by the National Training Academy under the patronage of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, and the participation of the Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad, as part of the state’s strategy to improve the abilities, knowledge and skills of Egyptian women.

Rasha Ragheb added that the personal interviews for the candidates of the second group of the “Egyptian Women Abroad” program are now taking place through the video conference function, which is the last stage of the qualifiers for their acceptance into the program. Website via the link:

Suha Gendy and Rasha Ragheb

The attendees of the “Training Egyptian Women Abroad” program emphasized the active role of the National Training Academy towards Egyptian youth and qualified them for leadership, stressing that the program to train Egyptian women abroad is a golden opportunity that provided by the Academy under its auspices. from the Ministry of Planning and in collaboration with the Ministry of Immigration, for Egyptian women abroad, to connect them with their country. The mother, who benefits from her abilities and experiences within the development plans that the Egyptian state is working on at the current stage, and that what has been achieved reflects the vision and will of the political leadership to care for Egyptian women, and the way opening up to their real empowerment, and at the core of it is the Egyptian woman abroad.

The participants pointed to the positive impact of the program on their personalities, due to the program’s diverse content, between the development of personal skills and leadership skills, as well as the introduction of the achievements and challenges of the Egyptian state at the current stage, which gave them an important dimension in the confrontation of rumors that some want to promote abroad, through what It was implemented from visits to the most important national projects, including the visit to the new Suez Canal.

The participants concluded: “The program helped us to play an active role in our societies as representatives of the pioneer Egyptian women, ready to contribute to the efforts of the Egyptian state in various fields, with the aim of to preserve the state’s recent gains, as well as to participate in the promotion of Egypt abroad and to convey the facts we learned during our last visit home.” Mbanzi in Guinea

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