New Toyota Sequoia 2023 specifications and price

The attention of automakers is now shifting to SUVs, more than sedans, after they have outperformed in the market and increased demand for them, as car companies add technology and strong performance comparable to sedans, as well as being considered a family car .

New Toyota Sequoia 2023 Specifications and Price in Saudi Arabia

One of the most prominent manufacturers of powerful SUVs is the Japanese company Toyota. One of its most prominent models is Toyota Sequoia 2023.

It is one of the seven-seater SUVs, which has strong off-road and off-road performance and endurance, thanks to its robust body design.

Toyota Sequoia 2023 Specifications The car was first produced in North America in 2001, and Scoia won many awards in the American markets, especially thanks to the great capabilities that the company put into the car, which at the time made it better than made its competitors perform.

Specifications and Price of the New Toyota Sequoia 2023 in Saudi Arabia Exterior Design The Sequoia falls under the category of large SUVs, and this is embodied in its exterior design. The problematic interface appears through a large front grill to cool the engine, and the grille extends downwards and is followed by the large Toyota logo, in addition to a large hood that matches the space of the car, to highlight the power details in the to show car. LEDs”.

From the side, it is the largest part that highlights the size of the car and completes the large appearance, which appeared on the first impression of the front of the car, and also appeared in the tires of the car, which appeared in different sizes according to the category, and start from 18 inches to 22 inches, since many parts of the car are grafted with chrome from the side, and it appears more on the frames around the windows, in addition to the size of the large mirrors that a offers good visibility, reinforced with large parts of chrome as well, field and unpaved roads.

Specifications and price of the new Toyota Sequoia 2023 in the Kingdom Specifications and price of the new Toyota Sequoia 2023 in the Kingdom The rear part of the Sequoia, Toyota tried to give it a streamlined touch more than other parts, which the size of the lanterns that come with a thickness less than the headlight lanterns, which extend and share with the tailgate, In addition to the harmony between the lanterns and the massive Skoya logo on the tailgate.

It is worth noting that the Toyota Sequoia is built on the same building base as the Toyota Tundra, Land Cruiser and Lexus LX 600.

Interior design Despite the strong design of the car and the violent interface, the company was keen to add a touch of luxury in the car, and it shows in the seats and the leather material used in the manufacture, as well as the scarcity of plastic parts in the car inside, the luxury leather steering wheel, and the addition of wood ornaments in The car gave it more class.

The interior cabin comes with a 12.3-inch screen, which provides a good readout of everything the driver needs for speedometers in addition to monitoring tire pressure, and another screen of 8 or 14 inches, depending on the category, and the information system that provides a smooth experience in handling and working with “Android Auto” systems and “Apple Car Play”.

Specifications and price of the new Toyota Sequoia 2023 in the Kingdom. 360 degrees.

Safety specifications Toyota has supported the car with a strong safety and assistance system, making it one of the biggest competitors in its class. Lane, Blind Spot Monitoring System, Collision Avoidance System.

Specifications and price of the new Toyota Sequoia 2023 in the Kingdom

Sequoia relies on the “Hybrid” system in all its categories and comes with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine, which comes in addition to an electric motor with a turbocharger. The regular engine can 437 horsepower and generate a torque of 790 Nm. Motion vector

Automatic with 10 speeds. payment system

Toyota has launched the Skoya in different drive categories, either all-wheel drive “four-wheel drive”, or the front-wheel drive only option, and the car can tow a load of around 4,318 kilograms. Sequoia 2023 Prices and Categories in Saudi Arabia Sequoia is issued in nine categories in the Kingdom’s markets, and their prices are as follows:

Specifications and price of the new Toyota Sequoia 2023 in Saudi Arabia, premium SR 5 4 X 2

224,231 riyals

Series 2 SR 5 4 X 4

235,481 riyals

Class III Limited 2 x 4

248,231 riyals

Category 4 Limited 4X4

259,481 riyals

Class 5 Platinum 2 x 4

271,481 riyals

Sixth Class Platinum 4X4

282,731 riyals

7 Series TRD Pro 4 X 4

293,981 riyals

Class 8 Capstone 4×2

287,981 riyals

Class 9 Capstone 4 X 4

299,231 riyals

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