A man and 4 scenes.. An Egyptian man confused between “Set Al Bait” and “Ladies of the Screen”

Iman Mandour An Egyptian man confuses between “Set Al-Bayt” and “The Women of the Screen”

the first scene

Inner night (or outer, it will not separate)

An Egyptian citizen turns up at night on TV channels after a long day of work, problems and traffic jams to encounter a beautiful and elegant young broadcaster.

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He listens to advice she likes, such as:

– The first time you get married, your dignity is in jeopardy.. the house stays with the man’s money, and his wife comes and says: “Take off your boots for the carpet!” ..that I put my branded dresses under his foot walking on them.

A man has the right to keep his wife’s phone however he wants, and it is not her right.

– It should not be a blanket and a kirfi, and the best thing about it is the hills and hills.. If you take care of your husband, he will give half the attention you give to washing carpets and bowls, cleaning blinds and balconies, he will never see anyone but you.

– When the man goes to work and finds someone smiling at him, he likes her, and you come back and ask the same man why is she so deviant? What does he think of Baas all day in front of him, then in the days when the woman didn’t want to give her big, empty shell of the chick and eat the rest with her children!

– What bothers you if your mother-in-law sees your pajamas… I mean, they’re Laila Alawi’s clothes!! And what if your mother-in-law keeps the key to your house.. You took her son and she has the key, I mean, you are the earner.

A broad smile appeared on his face and he said, “Don’t do six, no blush,” until he woke up to his wife’s voice as she told him, “Stay with us for a while.” Then she complains about the children’s loneliness and her tiredness with them throughout the day until they finish their lessons and obligations, and asks him to help her take care of them, but he He doesn’t care what she says, and changes the channel to find another beautiful anchor whose eyes are drowning in the color of the sky, but his admiration quickly fades when he listens to her talk..

– In a man who blocks the breath, when you do not leave it, pleases and refreshes it.

– Choose the man that fits your life, choose the one that fits your personality.. when you know one, two, three and five at the same time! They are not people like you, they have feelings, dignity and pride!

– The woman or the girl is more responsible than the cheating or cheating man in the relationship.. Where were you and he neglected you! You have to learn to say no… and you have to when you say no to stay no.

He muttered, “It’s her money and these men’s money.” Then he enters his room to browse the social networking sites of his phone, and finds news about the professor of comparative law at Al-Azhar University. He said: “Yes, let us hear the words of our Lord.” He finds the professor talking about her private life and that she also serves the drink to her husband. His shoes and clothes.. “If I could kiss my husband’s husband, I would mail her , and indeed, I did and I always took off the booze and boots.. I was a dean in college, but I didn’t feel like I was a dean in front of him Why are you telling us what she was doing in her bedroom?!

second scene

He keeps scrolling through endless posts on the timeline, when he encounters a macho person who calls him a “preacher” but compares the harassment of an immodest woman to an “open car theft”! Surprised, the man looks at the comments to find a follow-up asking him with sarcasm and condemnation about assaulting and harassing men, and is also the reason for the clothes, and he responds to her saying, “It is not because your friend’s car was stolen while it was locked, you leave your car unlocked!” .. The man is surprised and says, is this a preacher or a mechanic? Cars?! What is the relationship between a female preacher and car harassment?!

Then another follow-up comment that looks like the gay preacher and justifies it as a courtesy catches his attention, to which the sheikh writes: “Come and find out for yourself … I promise to compliment you until morning.” The man is shocked and his confusion grows… What is this?!… Is it a lawyer or a lawyer*?! The elders changed between..

third scene

He does not understand any of these contradictions, but the smile returns to his face when he sees beautiful Syrian singer She flirts with the Egyptian man.. “I can marry an Egyptian man, beautiful countries are strong by the idea.. The pampering I see from the Egyptian man, I have not seen him from any other man.. and you don’t have to be in a personal relationship with him to spoil you, he has a part of The gentleness that is shyness with respect… When you treat him in a certain way and a certain voice is salvation, he fetches he looked down and said, “My cheek.”

As usual, the smile doesn’t last long, but this time because of a veteran media voice who receives millions of dollars to bring a doctor who specializes in marital relationships in a weekly segment. She advises the viewers to name the to give special relationship. between the spouses. The truth of what he said.. “For example,” the man is surprised by what was said, so he connects the earphone to the phone and says to himself, “AVA.” After listening to the phone for several minutes. doctor’s clear talk to the extent that the announcer’s comments and insinuations, “Al-Obha,” are swept from bottom to bottom. He evokes the scene of the late artist Waheed Seif saying, “What is this society?!”

The final scene.. “The Real End”

Looks of astonishment and amazement, dispelled only by the sound of calm that permeated the house, the children fell asleep after a long day of playing and bouncing and going out for sports and studies and maybe private lessons too.. the mother has finished everything and is rearranging the house for the hundredth time, but she comes back laughing and exhausted.. “Finally the birth And the shower is over.”

The man notices that the real woman is not the one the rich announcer is talking about, who spends hours in front of the mirror for decoration and beautification until she appears like this in front of the camera, while there are servants carrying. from the burdens of her house in her place, and he does not even know what she does with her husband or whether she does what she says. That is if she was married at all!

And the media person, the doctor, the preacher, the professor, Wu.. They all do not know what is going on inside their homes and in closed rooms. But the only certainty that is beyond doubt is that all of them are only saying this to attract attention and observations, and that most of them (if not all) are saying what they are not doing.

The most important thing is that this woman, who didn’t have time to follow up on all this, is the real and honest thing that deserves respect, appreciation and gratitude… which asks you to stop wasting time on these people to follow, because she is the first to have time, talk, listen… and help!

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An Egyptian man confuses between “Set Al-Bayt” and “The Women of the Screen”

An Egyptian man confuses between “Set al-Bayt”

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