Average salaries in Bahrain for expats 2023

Average salaries in Bahrain for expats This is what those who want to travel and work in Bahrain are looking for. Working in Bahrain is highly desirable, due to the fact that approximately 25% of employees earn less than 870 Bahraini dinars. While 75% earn more than 870 dinars. Therefore, we can determine the average salaries in Bahrain for expats based on monthly salary rates, including housing, transportation and living. Let’s read further in our article on our Tijarna website, to learn more about the average salaries in Bahrain for expats, in addition to the wages for working hours and the required positions, and together we will learn about the cost of living and housing in Bahrain .

Average salaries in Bahrain for expats

The average salary in Bahrain for expats is 1570 BC. The average salary also varies based on the type of occupation in Bahrain:


average salary

Civil and chemical engineering salaries

1100 BD

Construction and contracting salaries

400 BD

Secretarial salaries

350 Bahraini Dinars

Marketing salary

500 BD

HR salaries

750 Bahraini Dinars

Salary for working in banks

800 BD

Nursing salaries

700 BD

pharmacy salaries

800 BD

Moreover, the average salary in Bahrain ranges from 370 dinars as a minimum to 6600 dinars per month, which is the highest. The average salary for employees in Bahrain is 1570 dinars per month. This means that half of the employees earn less than 1570 dinars, while the other half earn more than 1570 dinars. The average is the number that divides the group into two equal halves.

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Average wages in Bahrain for expatriates by job

The average monthly wage for an employee in Bahrain is around 1480 Bahraini dinars. It is worth noting that the salaries vary greatly according to the job, which are as follows:

  • The salaries to work in Bahrain in the field of accounting is 1060 Bahraini dinars.
  • Then an assistant accountant 850 BD.
  • As well as an Accounting Manager 2,200 BD.
  • Accounts Clerk 670 Bahraini Dinars.
  • Then a chartered accountant 1310 BD.
  • Treasurer of BD 2130.
  • Financial Analyst 1880 BD.
  • Internal financial auditor 1460 BD.
  • Administrative Assistant 770 BD.
  • Then a receptionist 760 BD.
  • Secretary 650 BD.
  • Creative Director 1480 BD.
  • Graphic Designer 920 BD.
  • Then a photographer 840 BD.
  • As well as an architect, his average salary is 1840 Bahraini dinars.
  • Autocad Draftsman 760 BD.
  • Mechanic 570 BD.
  • Teacher 1120 Bahraini dinars.
  • When the translator 1310 BD.
  • Nanny 640 BD.
  • Kindergarten teacher 590 BD.
  • Civil Engineer 1390 BD.
  • Then the customer service representative in the call centers 580 BD.
  • Salaries for jobs in Bahrain in the field of electrical engineering are 1410 Bahraini dinars.
  • As well as a mechanical engineer 1490 BD.
  • Engineer 1400 BD.
  • The salary of a chef is also 920 Bahraini dinars.
  • Travel agent 980 BD.
  • A waiter in a restaurant is 500 BD.
  • Dentist 3450 BD.
  • Nutritionist 2830 BD.
  • Laboratory Technician 1180 BD.
  • The average salary in Bahrain for expatriates working in the nursing field is also 1130 Bahraini dinars.
  • Computer Technician 1140 Bahraini Dinars.
  • Database administrator 1450 Bahraini dinars.
  • Programmer 1420 BD.
  • Network Engineer 1260 BD.
  • Advocate 2870 BD.
  • Journalist 1760 BD.
  • Pharmacist 1990 BD.
  • Treasurer 580 BD.
  • Sales Manager 2,640 BD.
  • Sales Representative 1010 BD.
  • Lower teacher teacher 990 BD.
  • High school teacher 1210 BD.

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Hourly work rate in Bahrain for expatriates

The average salaries in Bahrain for expats are excellent for the monthly jobs. On the other hand, the average hourly price in Bahrain is around 9 dinars for employees working in Bahrain for each working hour. The jobs are divided into two parts, the monthly salary and the hourly paid jobs. Monthly salaried positions pay a fixed amount regardless of the hours the employee worked, while hourly duties pay their employees according to the hours worked.

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Required jobs in Bahrain for expatriates

Average salaries in Bahrain are given to expatriates in exchange for their fees. Among the main jobs required in Bahrain are the following:

  • Management Engineering.
  • Account Manager.
  • Also an executive director.
  • Corporate Sales Representative.
  • reception staff.
  • Assistant managers.
  • Doctors.
  • cooks;
  • Job supervisors.
  • As well as jobs in the field of electrical engineering.
  • Engineering drawing.
  • Cleaners.
  • As well as positions in the field of internal audit.
  • nursing.
  • Then firefighters.
  • in technology.
  • As well as programming.

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Work in Bahrain

After we have finished talking about the average salaries in Bahrain for expats. Let’s find out how to work and travel to Bahrain. Where one of the appropriate visas must be selected from the work visas available through the following national portal link for the Kingdom of Bahrain: bahrain.bh with the exception of citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council and British citizens by birth, as they are exempt from visa and can enter and leave Bahrain whenever they want.

In addition, the process of obtaining work visa applications in Bahrain takes approximately five days to two weeks, and the Bahrain Labor Market Regulatory Authority organizes all procedures related to the processing and issuance of visas after all procedures are completed and the necessary documents are submitted. Such as: a medical report to prove that the traveler is free from any communicable or contagious diseases, in addition to the academic or professional qualifications required for employment.

When a visa is issued, the employer must submit the following documents on behalf of his employee, which are:

  • Commercial registration no.
  • Then the term of the employment contract.
  • Service letter.
  • Then the employee’s passport.
  • Also a passport size photograph.
  • health record.
  • Then document a copy of the contract containing the employee’s name, date of birth and nationality.
  • The fee of 100 Bahraini dinars must also be paid and the receipt must be attached to the documents.

Average salaries in Bahrain for expats

Cost of living in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is considered one of the smallest countries in the world. It is also characterized by reasonable prices and cost of living, making it one of the best countries to live in. The average salaries in Bahrain for expatriates are sufficient for them to live in dignity. Their prices are relatively reasonable for locals and expats alike. Bahrain also offers a safe, comfortable and easy life. It also provides all imported goods and food at medium prices, as well as locally produced materials, which are characterized by high quality and cheap prices.

The water and electricity services are also subsidized by the government, which means that the expats working in Bahrain will get these services at the lowest cost, in addition, the cost of the internet at a speed of 8 Gbps is 17 dinars. In terms of transport prices, a person can get a monthly transport ticket for 14 Bahraini dinars.

Housing and food costs in Bahrain

Talking about work in Bahrain and housing cost, it depends on the area in which you want to rent the house. For example, the cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment outside the city is around 240 BHD per month, otherwise it is as follows:

  • The apartments in the city are 345 BD.
  • Also a 3 bedroom house 470 BD outside the city.
  • A three-bedroom apartment in the city is also priced at 600 BD.
  • As for the prices of buying an apartment in Bahrain, it is around 711 Bahraini dinars per square meter outside the city. As for inside the city, the price per square meter reaches 1057 Bahraini dinars.

As for food, it depends on the person and the diet he is used to, for example:

  • The price of a liter of milk is 0.55 Bahraini dinars.
  • Loaves of bread 0.42 BD.
  • Chicken eggs 1.05 BD.
  • The price of a kilo of chicken is also 2.01 Bahraini dinars.

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At the end of our article about Average salaries in Bahrain for expats. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about traveling, working and living in Bahrain. We hope that our article provided you with the desired benefit and we note the need to comply with the laws and regulations regarding travel and work in the Kingdom of Bahrain to avoid legal liability.

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