Special – A new imprint in the world of expatriation, starring colleague Jacqueline Jaber in From Lebanon to Canada, the secrets of the homeland and the magic of alienation

Jacqueline Jaber Abu Akl, a journalist, writer and programmer, left her country in search of new horizons, through which she could contribute to the realization of the dreams and future of her two sons. As she excelled in her work in Lebanon as a journalist, she specialized in many Lebanese and Arabic magazines, in addition to preparing and presenting various cultural and social programs, through the “Tele Lumiere” station, and the duties of the Secretary of the National Media accepted. Council for more than twenty years, she now flies in Canada In the world of media and writing, a new Lebanese imprint has been registered in the world of diaspora, entitled “From Lebanon to Canada, the secrets of the homeland and the magic of alienation ” , the book in which she liked to document the achievements of Lebanese scattered in the diaspora world, and in three languages, which the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, presented to him on a professional basis. The work, as well as the dedication of the Lebanese and their contributions to rebuilding Canada.
The cover of the book was designed by international plastic artist Randa Hegazy, while the interior design was completed by Zuhair Debs, translated by Natalie Khalil, and proofread by Salam Al-Shawani.
The book was published in Arabic, French and English, and consists of 500 pages each.
The “Art” website explained to us an interview with the author and colleague Jacqueline Jaber, who lives in Canada, which revealed the content of the book, the basis of its idea, and a future secret about it.

Why did you choose this title for your book?

My choice for the title of the book did not come out of nowhere, as it contains a narration of many events related to the past of each expatriate I have hosted, so that some events are known only to the guest himself .He gave him a lot, so he worked hard, worked hard, stayed up late and worked hard and achieved success that is now in important positions to be reckoned with in the business world and in its diversity.

What are the secrets of the homeland? And what is the magic of alienation?

The mysteries of the fatherland are the little secrets in the life of every person, which no one else knows. They may sometimes make him happy, because they bring him back to his childhood, or to his state in the past, and despite all this he suffered in his alienation, the states of alienation, pain, fear and nostalgia, He however managed to succeed, and the magic became in exile, and we can say that the magic of exile is the result of the secrets of the homeland.

Tell us more about the contents of the book?

The book contains thirty altruistic biographies of thirty Lebanese expatriate personalities, who arrived in Canada more than 20 years ago and managed, despite all the difficulties, to achieve themselves and become a difficult figure in the world of business , politics, literature, medicine and others.
The biography starts from his birthplace in Lebanon, playing and studying, to the reasons behind emigration and his motives, through fear, cold and fatigue, to achieve the work that the spreader enters before establishing his own business, to the plot end. as it began in the homeland, where the longing to return and invest on his lands, Without forgetting the respect that the government and people of the Lebanese presence in the land of the Asfandan forced, this presence that in contributed many times to the reconstruction and prosperity of the country.
The book, with its content and presentation of topics, as well as the selection of the participating characters’ stories on its pages, is the first of its kind in the history of its distribution, not only to Lebanon, but to the Arab world as well.
The book was presented by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Lebanon’s Ambassador to Canada Fadi Ziadeh, Consul General in Montreal Antoine Eid and former president of the Lebanese Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Charles Abou Khaled, who gave the book additional impetus.

To what extent does your book highlight the importance of the Lebanese brains in exile?

The importance of the brains of the Lebanese in exile does not need someone to highlight it, but rather someone to shine on it, and everyone who reads this book will know that this exile, although he lived in poverty, oppression and hardship , but was able to use his intelligence and talents that God gave him, to reach high positions And importantly, and if it indicates anything, it indicates the intelligence, wisdom and patience that the Lebanese have, and what they invested in large projects in exile.

You experienced exile, did you love it more than home?

Do you like exile more than home? Of course not, but if you ask me, did you love Canada more than the fatherland, I would say yes, I loved Canada, I loved safety and peace in it, I loved respect for man, and the dreams of our children , I loved the ambition that our children have in mind, which evaporates in our country, while it is achieved in this good country, Canada. I loved stability, to use divine talents and present them joyfully on the stage of life, but I certainly do not like and will not like alienation, because nostalgia is still in my heart, so how can I forgetting the country I lived and grew up in, my family and friends there, I can’t say I loved Canada more. From Lebanon, the feeling of nostalgia is always present, and the countries are now my country.

This book will reach the expatriates more than the Lebanese, since the Lebanese are going through a difficult economic situation?

This is inaccurate, as all the guests of my book are Lebanese, and they are proud of what they did while they were abroad, and they sent copies of the book to their families in Lebanon, and this is a kind of distribution we need to pay attention to. After the situation improves, I will go to Lebanon to sign the book, and all people will read it, as it is now widely distributed.

To what extent is there a benefit from the book in the age of the Internet?

I am opposed to the idea of ​​losing paper in the age of the Internet, and I have noticed that many people want this book to be in their own library, and are proud of it and their achievements. .
On this occasion, it is the first time that the history and achievements of immigrants are immortalized in a book. Paper has not lost its value, and the book is still important, and I am confident that it has an impact on the hearts of its readers.

How was the book signing?

The signing ceremony, which was sponsored and attended by the Consul General of Lebanon in Montreal, Tony Eid, was attended by his friend, Rita Habib Kazan, in one of the halls in Laval, about 300 personalities, from Canadian politicians and activists to him hand over. , and spread Lebanese, brilliant in their fields, including those who were guests of honor in Writers, including businessmen, doctors, clergy and media figures, and the brilliant young Christa Maria Abu Akl, who sang homeland and nostalgia, with her wonderful voice, performed the concert by Faskin Habib on piano, and Shadi Nasr on the law.
I must thank everyone who worked hard and attended with me for this cultural wedding, my family, and especially my husband, Walid Abu Akl, and the plastic artist Randa Hegazy for the wonderful paintings that decorated the hall. I also thank for Elie Abi Ghanem for the bouquets of roses, and Shehada Halloum for the photo of the ceremony and DJ Gabi Atallah.

What do you bring to this book?

I am currently preparing for a second part of the book, as the responses it has received have been more than positive. I will also reveal a secret to the “Art” website, related to negotiations that takes place between me and a person who is resident. in a foreign country, and relates to the issue of a similar copy, which I endeavor to accomplish.

last word

Thank you, Hala, for this valuable and comprehensive interview, and it is not strange for you, since you have made us used to follow all new, as well as the news of the successes of the Lebanese inside and outside our country, and I salute your site’s team. Finally, I want to ensure that the Lebanese, wherever he goes, knows how to shine and impose himself, and all those scattered in all parts of the earth want to return home, today before tomorrow, as the elements of safety, security and a decent life is available to him. Let’s live with dignity in our beloved country.

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