The President of Benha University receives the Minister of Higher Education on the first day of the new year at Ahlia University

Dr. Gamal Sousse, president of Benha University, met Major General Abdel Hamid El-Hagan, governor of Qalyubia, and dr. Minister of Higher Education Ayman Ashour receives to inspect student activities and welcome students from Ahlia University to cross on the first working day. , and to salute the flag with the students.

The National University of Transit offers 20 study programs that include several modern scientific disciplines, as the College of Human Medicine offers the Medicine and Surgery program, and the College of Computer Science offers 5 programs: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics, Data Science, Software – and Application Development, Virtual and Augmented Reality, The College of Economics and Business Administration also offers 5 programs: Business Administration and International Relations, Statistics and Insurance, Digital Marketing and E-Business, International Economics and Finance, Accounting and Business Informatics, while the College of Engineering offers 6 programs: Manufacturing and Materials Engineering, Mechatronics and Automation Engineering, Communication Systems Engineering, and Medical Engineering, Building Engineering, Housing and Design for Communities. The College of Visual Art and Design offers 3 programs: Interior and Furniture Design, Media Art and Advertising, Sculpture, Architectural Formation and Restoration.

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s decision to establish Benha National University included the establishment of 7 faculties at the university, which include “medicine, oral and dental medicine, physiotherapy, engineering, computer science, economics and business administration, and applied health science technology is. ”, in addition to preparing an annex to establish the Faculty of Visual Arts. And design, noting that the study will start with 4 colleges, which are “medicine, one program, engineering 6 programs, computer science 5 programs, economics and business administration are 5 programs.” These colleges are included in government coordination through a stamp in the name of the college that includes expenses, in addition to the beginning of the inclusion of the Faculty of Visual Arts in the second term with 3 programs, bringing the total programs to 20 programs in the faculties .

The university president said that private universities are of a special nature as they emerge from the womb of public universities, and this gives a kind of credibility, pointing out that the number of 300 students for each faculty has been identified at Benha Private University . 70% of this number is accepted, or approximately 200 students per faculty. A qualifying test will be administered to determine the levels of students for each program for each college, to select the program the student will join in the college to which he applies.

Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, earlier chaired the periodical meeting of the Council of Private Universities, in the presence of members of the Council of Heads of Private Universities and the State Universities that derive from them, private universities, , at the Ministry’s headquarters.

At the beginning of the meeting, the minister referred to his meeting with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, in the presence of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, prime minister; To present the future strategy for higher education and scientific research in Egypt, which will be announced during the coming period, after conducting a social dialogue for the parties of the university and research system about it, and the unprecedented support of the political leadership to support the higher education and scientific research system, noting that the establishment of new private universities within the framework of the national project to expand the establishment of private universities with international standards, these universities are a contemporary international model for fourth generation universities, and operate according to the latest international systems, and in accordance with the disciplines of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, through the distinguished and modern study programs they offer.

Ashour added that private universities contribute to the achievement of the state’s strategic plan in the field of higher education until 2050, including the provision of a high level of education at academic and applied levels, which qualifies graduates to be able to compete in the local, regional and global labor markets, in addition to preparing an appropriate environment. For scientific research, it contributes to solving the problems facing development plans in Egypt.

The minister stressed the importance of private universities holding cooperation agreements with foreign universities of leading international classification, to exchange experiences and refine the skills of faculty members and the supporting body, pointing out that private universities must complete all the equipment necessary is to study on the first of next October, and to provide all the logistical needs that guarantee the successful regularity of the educational process, as well as the readiness of the stadiums, classrooms, laboratories and university cities, and the emphasis on compliance with all precautions and preventive measures against the Corona virus, and safety and security standards in all university facilities, to ensure a safe learning environment for students.

Ashour also directed the commitment of all faculties and the supporting staff to be present on the university campus from the first day of study to ensure the successful regularity of the educational process. He also instructed to quickly announce the study schedules before the commencement of the new academic year; To ensure regularity of study in all colleges.

The minister also pointed to the need for universities to pay attention to the implementation of the sports, artistic and cultural activities plan, to support sports, arts and cultural talents, to strengthen the affiliation of private university students, and to intensify awareness campaigns for students. abnormal and extremist ideas.

During the meeting, the Council discussed a number of issues related to the financial and administrative aspects; In order to support the regularity of the educational process within private universities at the start of the new academic year 2022-2023.

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