“Dakota”… Elegance of accommodation and quality of food in Manchester

Many awards in one year… and one of the highest rated in the world

Manchester in the north of England is known as a sporting city, with two English Premier League football teams bearing its name; They are Manchester United and Manchester City, and Manchester United Stadium “Old Trafford” is the largest football stadium in the English Premier League, and Manchester is the fifth largest city in terms of population in the country, and large numbers of people from Scotland, Wales and Ireland flocked to this city, to work it brought about The Industrial Revolution, where by 1835 the city became the largest industrial city in the world.

From industry to hospitality, Manchester has today become a city visited by tourists and sports fans, which has made it open luxury hotels and restaurants to ensure comfortable accommodation for its visitors. The Dakota Hotel was one of the newest addresses to chose the famous Duciestraat to open. its first A hotel under its brand in Manchester, with five other hotels under the umbrella of this brand. It is intended for gourmets, residents of the city and its surroundings, as well as famous football players, so when you go to the Dakota for lunch, dinner or even breakfast, you can be lucky to meet one of the football players who live in Manchester, to meet

Steak is a popular dish at Dakota Grill.

Since opening in 2019, the hotel and restaurant have received the highest rating on TripAdvisor, while hotel accommodations are among the top 1 percent of hotels on the same site.

And the hotel building, in its black color, on the shoulder of the Rochdale Canal, gives you an idea of ​​what awaits you inside. When you arrive at the main lobby, you see an artificial fireplace, a table on which a racing car is placed, and a dog made of wool The colors are dark and the smell of natural leather comes from all the sofas and corners, and there Beautiful lobby in brown with deep orange leather seats, even the dark ceilings to create a special giving and modern flair to the lobby which extends to the restaurant with the same color scheme and design.

A receptionist at the entrance of the Dakota Grill, with a distinct northern accent and an elegant black uniform, escorts you to your table. Table number 12 is one of the most beautiful tables in the restaurant; Because it is circular and located in the middle of the place. The decor is very modern, and one of the best things about it is dim lighting, in addition to copper containers that put real candles inside, which give a beautiful and romantic atmosphere with their dancing light. There is a large room that can be separated into two that can be used for catering and private meetings.

Modern wooden blinds are used to separate the main restaurant and the snack area, and from there you go out to a covered garden and a fireplace that makes you feel like you are in a Mediterranean garden, in which olive trees are scattered, and the colors. ranging from light gray to orange, with sofas in this color to match the colors in the inner portal.

And cigar lovers can smoke in a room that is no less beautiful than the restaurant and the garden, and there are also giant olive trees with a fireplace, and at its entrance there is a special fridge for cigars (humidor) hold through which you can buy the kind you want, and there is a room made of wood for smoking, It also reminds you of the wooden huts you see on the beaches of the Caribbean Islands and Bahamas.

A garden belonging to the restaurant gives you the feeling that you are in a Mediterranean country

The head chef at Dakota Grill is Sam Carle, who has managed to create a menu full of delicious dishes without any complications and jargon that the average customer would not understand. As the name of the restaurant suggests, it specializes in grills, especially steak, but at the same time you will find the menu based on fish such as the “Stone Bass”, with a wide selection of accompanying dishes, such as salads and fries. flavored with Parmesan cheese, cauliflower, and fried onions. And other delicious dishes.

What is remarkable in the restaurant is the large number of young workers. It later turns out that the hotel and restaurant management supports the students from the University of Manchester and other universities in the region, by offering them work opportunities during their studies in the city. and you see many of them trying hard to provide the best service, despite As they are at a young age.

Fish occupies a large place on the list of «Dakota»

We ordered the “Chateau Brian” dish, which is enough for two people, which is very tender pieces of “steak” meat, grilled over medium heat, since the “steak” of good quality should not be cooked randomly and for a long time to preserve its true flavor. We chose two kinds of sauce to accompany the meat: the first is peppercorn black pepper sauce, and the second is blue cheese, and actually the “blue cheese” sauce was very successful, and it came very much in harmony with the taste of soft and fresh meat.

What makes the Dakota special is that it offers a free starter, which is a slice of grilled goat cheese in a thick tomato sauce, with fresh and warm bread.

And because the restaurant is located inside the Dakota Hotel, it attracts many guests to the hotel, as it has a very convenient location for those who go to Manchester to attend a football match, or to hold business meetings, or even for the purpose of tourism and getting to know the northern part of the country, from Manchester through Bjork and ending in Scotland.

The hotel has 134 rooms, some of which overlook the Rochdale Canal, and is within walking distance of the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester Art Gallery and designer shops in Exchange Square, which is a 15-minute walk away.

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