Emirates News Agency – Various participations and experiences at the Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition

ABU DHABI, 2 October / WAM/ Sona General Trading participated in the Camping and Hunting Equipment Pavilion, during which it presented various options of camping tools, being the distributor of more than 11 brands of camping electrical tools, facilitating road trips, and all equipment for cooking popular foods.

Bashir Youssef, Sales Officer at Suna Corporation, said: The Corporation’s participation is the first at the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, and will certainly not be the last due to the importance of the marketing exhibition, whether between individuals or institutions and companies. present at the event.

The company’s pavilion in the exhibition included all travel and camping supplies, cookware and grills of all types that work on gas or coal, as well as supplies for birds and a large group of medicines used in their treatment, which are used by international be produced. companies represented by “Sona” company as its exclusive agent in the UAE.

In turn, the veterinary company sector achieved several benefits during its participation in the exhibition, the most important of which are the direct sale of company products to owners of stables and bird and animal collectors, the promotion of new veterinary products and their alternatives, the establishment of partnerships with local and international sector partners, and expanding the customer base by introducing the public to the locations of branches and the nature of services.

For his part, Ahmed Fahmy, Euro Golf’s sales manager for the trading of animal and bird food and veterinary medicines for falcons, confirmed that the benefits obtained by veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition are constantly eager make to participate in the exhibition, pointing out that the current session is the tenth of the company eager to be in the middle of the great momentum of the audience and the exhibiting companies.

For his part, Saif Sultan Al-Awani, owner of Al-Awani Company, which specializes in part of its activities in veterinary medicine, said that every year the exhibition witnesses a remarkable development through wide regional and global participation, explaining that the exhibition makes it possible. companies in this sector exhibit to significantly increase their sales by meeting major buyers. And industry leaders and marketing experts, closing deals and partnerships with the most prominent local agents and distributors to market its products of diets, animal food products, bird and horse health. products, medicines, veterinary treatments and supplies.

Among the interesting experiences at the Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition 2022 is the exhibition of “small safari cars” for children that simulate the experience of hunting in nature.

The experience of companies specializing in hunting equipment and tents displaying small electric cars imitating their four-wheel drive counterparts and used on wild hunts attracted many families visiting the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, especially children at their early age .

Hobby Sports LLC showcased electric cars equipped with full hunting gear but in sizes suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old, which led to the admiration of the children and their families for the exciting experience that children can have in nature. learn about wildlife and the necessary equipment for a wild hunt and how to operate Four-Wheel Drive.

Othman Muhammad, the owner of the company, said: “The electric car products offered for children, in addition to all the requirements for hunting and camping, attracted many visitors to the exhibition to get to know them, as children were allowed are to try these cars designed for young ages as an educational and training part on hunts in the country.” The current session is the second in which the company participates and is admired by the public.

He pointed out that the company offers all requirements for fishing trips, as the hunting and camping equipment sector experiences a wide demand from the public, as well as companies specializing in the manufacture and supply of requirements for land, beach and camping trips.

He explained that the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition plays a prominent role in gathering passionate and adventurous enthusiasts under one roof, as it is an important platform and way to attract visitors from all the Emirates, countries of the region and the world to the products offered by the company and to acquire new customers every year.

The International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition has allowed companies specializing in vehicles and outdoor entertainment equipment “caravans” to enter into design and manufacturing deals that will be delivered according to the agreements made inside the exhibition corridors.

Officials of companies specialized in the manufacture and supply of caravans specialized in road trips confirmed that the exhibition was a forum for all persons and companies interested in the manufacture of caravans, as competitive prices were offered, which were around 15 to lower than the market was. 20 percent, which enabled them to agree to supply caravans of various sizes after completion. Designed and implemented according to the client’s desire.

The prices of caravans for road trips vary between 30 thousand and 300 000 dirhams, depending on the caravan’s sizes, equipment and services available, and the availability of the latest means of communication, electronics and satellite receivers, as well as options to provide the best air. -care and lighting facilities.

Nusrat Dia Younes, general manager of Desert Stars Caravan Trading and Manufacturing Company, said that the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition allowed the company to agree on deals to provide individuals with caravans on demand.

She added that huge discounts were offered by the company in the exhibition to promote its products, explaining that a 9-metre caravan was on display with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, in addition to all luxuries, at a price of 225 thousand dirhams only, compared to the price sold outside the exhibition, which is 280 thousand dirhams.

In turn, Ali Al-Humairi, owner of the “Baskent Caravan” company, a Turkish brand, said that although the company participated in the exhibition for the first time, it was able to obtain a large number of transactions that will be implemented become for its customers, noting that the exhibition was a “golden” opportunity for the company to get to know a large part of the audience.

Al-Humairi added that there are 5 models presented by the company to the exhibition audience, of which 3 are suitable for normal sandy places and two for rough places. For contracts and sales within the exhibition.

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