Roger Federer took with him a piece of tennis that is hard to replace

Dhafer Al Gharbi

Tunisia – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: Throughout the history of sports, regardless of the name of the game they play, sports icons have immortalized their names in history books with golden letters, and each of them has his name in the memory of followers on ‘ an indelible and unforgettable way, Muhammad Ali in boxing, Karim Abdel Al-Jabbar and Michael Jordan in basketball, Tiger Woods in golf, Carl Lewis and Usain Bolt in athletics, Michael Schumacher in Formula One, and a very large number of names in football, but if we have the name of tennis in front of us, who would be the first star Would it come to our mind?
He is certainly the elegant Swiss star Roger Federer, who recently announced his retirement and took with him an important piece of the game of tennis and its illustrious history, and one of the most beautiful things the game has seen in its various times, but what he it will inevitably remain engraved in the memory of yellow ball and its supporters around the world.

promising start

Forty-one years ago, a child named Roger Federer was born in the Swiss city of Basel to a Swiss father and a South African mother of Dutch descent. The child soon turned to practicing and coaching tennis under the guidance of his family. , and the more the young boy grew up, the more hours he practiced and the more his talent appeared. And I refined,, but like the rest of his peers he also liked to play football and actually played it, but he did not bear the criticism of his colleagues and held himself responsible for receiving the goals, as he said, therefore he chose to be responsible for himself by dedicating himself to the individual sport in which he excelled, Tennis , and soon became one of its creators. even at an early age!
At the age of seventeen, he won the Wimbledon Junior Championships in the singles and doubles categories and in the same year reached the final of the US Open for the same category in singles. At the end of 1998, the young Swiss announced his transformation. to professionalism and devoted himself entirely to tennis, in which he had a promising future.

king of grand slam

In 2003, at the age of twenty-two, Federer won his first Grand Slam title when he defeated Australian Mark Philippoussis in the final of the British Wimbledon Championships, finishing the year ranked second in the world finished behind the American Andy Roddick, but he started the year 2004 in a wonderful way, where he won in the final of the Australian Championship. The Russian Marat Safin became the world number one, then crowned his second title at Wimbledon at the expense of Roddick and then won the US Open against the Australian Lleyton Hewitt. , and went on to dominate the titles and the lead for a long period, beating the most prominent stars of the game such as Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras until he described himself as the one who ended the dominance of the Americans on the ended tennis. courts to the extent that they have not had a list in it since his appearance, and soon his eternal rivals, Rafael Nadal, who is five years his junior, and Novak Djokovic, who is younger than six, appeared on the scene. to start between them a long journey of competition, friendship and exciting matches. Mutual victories over the years,
Some describe Federer as the best player to hold the tennis racket. He was distinguished by high techniques (or technique) in a way that was less than his counterpart. All these skills have never been combined in one player. He excelled in the forehands, and he was one of the few who used one hand in the backhands, light, smooth and skillful, as if he were playing table tennis (which he is also good at and practices in his spare time) as well as the movement of the feet (footwork). Which moves him easily and smoothly across the pucks and helps him get to the net at the right time to score winning points and in an overwhelming manner if necessary (Smash) not to mention high fitness, stamina, intelligence, determination, quick mind and ability to find genius solutions in difficult times,, all of which made him a player less than his peer throughout the history of the game for more than two decades!

Record numbers

All these skills helped Federer, the charming right-hander, win twenty Grand Slam titles, including a record eight at Wimbledon, six in Australia, five in the United States and one at Roland Garros in France. Here he comes third in history behind Nadal (22 titles) and Djokovic (21 titles). ), and perhaps without injuries he would have achieved more, but his other records are represented in 103 different championships that he won, including gold and silver in the Olympic Games, and 1251 matches that he won against 275 losses, which means that his winning rate in the matches he played is 82%, He also held the top position in professional tennis for 310 weeks, including 237 consecutive weeks, which is about four and a half years, which is a record. His total prize money from tennis has exceeded $130 million, but his fortune is believed to have crossed the $1 billion mark as one of the few athletes to do so. Currently, despite the fact that he stopped playing more than a year ago, he is still the highest annual income among tennis players, with an income of $ 90 million.
Every year or more (doubling according to some sources) thanks to advertising contracts, commercial sponsorship and brands exclusively associated with his name!

They said of him:

■ The American tennis star Pete Sampras: “It seems that records have been found for Federer to break.”
■ Australian tennis legend Rod Laver: “It’s nice to compare my name to his, as he is the greatest player in the history of tennis.”
■ American star John McEnroe: “I think Federer is the best player to hold the tennis racket.”
■ German star Boris Becker: “Switzerland used to be known for sofas, watches and chocolate, but the current generation knows Switzerland because of Roger Federer.”
■ Spanish star Rafael Nadal: “He is an exceptional and integrated player. He was always my motivator, and with his retirement I feel that a part of me is gone.”
This is how the greatest tennis planet in the history of hard, grass and clay courts and his yellow ball disappeared,,

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