The human artist, Dr. Issam Al-Duwairi

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Between Kutum (his hometown) and the amphitheater of his boyhood, his neighbor’s fortress and his high school, Yarmouk University, Irbid, the United Arab Emirates, Cairo Al-Muizz and its university, masters and doctoral degrees in graphic design, and its sustainable journey, between Jordan, the dear homeland, the Emirates, Cairo and sisterly Turkey, and its many art exhibitions Cross-border and countries, the innate artistic talent, and its academic refinement, joined forces by the creative artist, the fiftieth doctor, # Essam_Ali_Salman_Al- Duwairi, and his artistry was revealed and his ingenuity radiated, and his abundant affairs were settled.

After his first university studies, he also moved to his distinguished uncles in (Abu Dhabi) to work and secure his young future, and he actually worked in many available fields, from commerce, to a music school with his partner, who have reached success and fame, and he favored me with one phone call: And playing Old Violin, and even design and craftsmanship, until he achieved autonomy in interior design and decoration, gained him fame and a good reputation, so that he in luxurious palaces specialized, for sheikhs, businessmen and celebrities, which enabled him to achieve everything that many young people aspire to, from well-being and financial solvency.

The young artist, Essam, was happy with this success, but he was not satisfied with his scientific path, and his first university degree, until it was his decisive decision, as he left his family with his uncles in the Gulf and drove on . the plane to Cairo, and obtained a master’s and doctorate, and in one breath, and without interruption. , to return to Abu Dhabi, and he supported his artistic talent with science and higher knowledge.

Dr. Essam says: Talent is needed as a base to build on, and its owner can become a painter like many others, but to rise to the rank of an artist, his talent must be refined academically and ‘ a thick scientific accumulation, which leads to manifestation and creativity, to become a unique and distinct matter, with a specific character, and a special imprint, Colleagues and connoisseurs know it, from his first brush, or the stroke of his first sculptor’s tool.

Today’s personality, the artist, Dr. Issam Al-Duwairi, won dozens of shields of honor from many national and international bodies, and artistically excelled in the expression of his thought, personality and self-philosophy, as he created hundreds of paintings, sculptures and captivating caricatures, who were blinded and powerless, until he named made in the world of art and creativity, called: d. Issam Al-Duwairi, and after his return to the motherland, he began the journey of university education for art, and took the hands of his students at the Hashemite University, for creativity and a promising artistic career.

Dr.. Issam al-Duwairi, noble, with a transparent spirit, full of humanity, reconciled with himself, always entangled with an idea, a feather, a color and a carrying material, reflecting his mirror image, creatively searching to his counterpart.

The comprehensive artist did not snap at humanitarian issues and above, related to his art and give, draw, below or caricature, therefore the conscience of his family and nation, and the tongue of their condition, from the painting of the Palestinian woman , stone throwing, after the painting of the great Libyan Arab fighter Omar Al-Mukhtar, may God have mercy on him, For the symbols of Jordanians and the very expressive national, Arab and Islamic holidays, was only the tip of the iceberg of his creativity and emotional participation.

The former player, the artist, Dr. , and fatal giving. It was an unprecedented achievement, but, God willing, it was repeatedly attached.

Seven and a half tons, five and a half meters high, two and a half meters wide, and half a meter deep, of hard, hard and very cold rock. It is only appreciated by the artist of clear taste, whose fingers are wrapped in creativity, precision and professionalism, who appeals to adults and imitates famous art and plastic artists.

Al-Duwairi says: The abstract, is life in its generality and specificity, a known beginning and an end that lies in the missing quarter in the sculpture, and is a clearer disclosure and indication of this content, more than the honorable verse (You are dead and they are dead) on the sculpture, to express the end of life, no matter how long it takes, because He taught it to the owner of life and death, Glory be to Him, as well as many symbols of the Arabic language for human communication and exchange between civilizations, such as the letters of the beginning of the seven Koranic surahs, with letters that have rendered the interpreters incapable until today, on my carved faces.

And the owner of the abstract continues: These are several paintings in one, each with a meaning and a message, and when they meet, it has another integrated message, with a broader and larger dimension, and a deeper dimension to indicate the visual language, which is one of the instruments of spoken language.

Kutum Issam al-Duwairi won the summary, and they were more upset than the satisfied, who rushed to win it, because its owner says: Kutum, the plow is no longer the cultivation, and the village far from the center down, which is not reached by services except for mothers and to anyone, but is full of giving and creators, farmers and soldiers And the holders of higher degrees, Mesopotamia, the great Jordan, with all goodness and giving, and this is the first for me to embrace this gift and appreciation, as a title for the aphorism: The nearest is the first to be known, but I will not be stingy in my country in all its places and corners, with what I can of my intellectual and artistic daughters .

Those who do not know Abu Sanad do not realize that the humane, moral and patriotic painting in the personality of the artist, Dr. Issam Al-Duwairi, is not, who expresses his heart, mind, soul, spirit and love for others. match his artistic creations and professional scientific excellence.

Here, and in the name of Kutum and her family, I can only wish him success and permanence of giving and achievement, and I express my thanks and gratitude to him for his luxurious gift of art that rises in our dear town of Kutum, clouding the pride and authenticity of his sons and creators.

The artist concludes his speech with a simple message: I have several projects for models and sculptures that match the abstract. You will soon see the light.

Thank you d. Issam, the size of a big heart and unmatched tender.

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