The plastic artist Sirin Al-Khasawneh for Al-Dustour..Bishti preserves the is our national identity

Hossam Attia

The plastic artist Sireen Al-Khasawneh – Head of the Department of Fine Arts – the Institute of Fine Arts in the Ministry of Culture, has indicated that she is currently continuing with her plastic artwork in preparation for establishing more of her personal or collective plastic art exhibitions which simulates Jordanian cities, especially heritage and tourism, as a project she seeks, to present aesthetics. These cities are according to the artist’s vision, because the plastic artist takes ideas from the reality he lives in, and then transfers them into his way of seeing things, and then formulates them in a beautiful way that distinguishes him from others.
Preserve the heritage
In a statement to Al-Dustour, plastic artist Sereen Al-Khasawneh noted her “artistic brush”, saying: “When I paint my paintings, I preserve the heritage. This is our national identity, and my first personal exhibition was entitled “Areq” and was held in the Arar House of Culture in Irbid as part of the Irbid celebrations. The capital of Arab culture for the year 2022, under the patronage of the Director of the Directorate of Culture of the Irbid- governor, Aqel Al-Khawaldeh , included 33 diverse art paintings that express the heritage of all the governors of the Kingdom, such as heritage buildings and folk costumes, because I loved heritage, history, antiques and drawings that express the aesthetic of the homeland and that express my love and belonging. to my country.” It shows his refusal to conform to a specific art, in addition to his refusal to belong to any known school of art to establish his own school of originality and tradition, refusing to be a complex artist’s personality.
The artist Al-Khasawneh pointed out that the theme of the exhibition is “antiques” that symbolically express the history, civilization and heritage of each governorate in Jordan, and that since she was a child at school, where she was started drawing. drawing cartoon characters, then she started with realistic drawings and participated in competitions throughout the school, winning second place at the time. And she studied fine arts at Yarmouk University – specializing in painting to strengthen her love of drawing through academic study. She has the school of realism and oil painting in her drawings. After that, she began to transform her style of abstraction and used mixed media in her paintings as a new style.
Thanks and appreciation
Based on “He who does not thank people, does not thank God”, the artist Al-Khasawneh thanked and appreciated those who had a good impact on her moral support, saying: “I thank the Ministry of Culture and my ministry that I belong to, and I am proud and proud of it, the ministry that embraces every intellectual, artist and everyone interested in culture The art experts have high morals among the artists. I also thank minister Haifa Al-Najjar, who supports all art .and culture in Jordan, and I am proud of Irbid, the bride of the North, and to choose it as the city of culture, as well as the rest of the governors of our beloved kingdom. Until now, this association, which is a feather that colors our beloved kingdom under the shadow of the Hashemite banner, while I was proud and honored to hold my first personal exhibition in this beautiful and ancient place “Beit Arar” in which the poet of Jordan and the symbol of Arab culture , Mustafa Wahbi Al-Tal, grew up.”..and what made it more beautiful is the “attendance” of all my dear artists, intellectuals, colleagues, media professionals and photographers, who made me proud and confident in you and what you see within me and within every authentic artist, because art is taste and morals, as my love for art was from my childhood and still is. I see.. until I entered my prestigious university, Yarmouk University, and the greatest artists in Jordan studied me, including Dr. Aziz Amora, may God have mercy on him. My first personal art exhibition “Areq” was a beautiful plastic art exhibition, which is a medal that I put on my chest. .
her artistic career
Regarding her artistic career, the artist Al-Khasawneh noted that she started drawing at school from a young age, where she drew cartoon characters and then began to draw realistically, and participated in competitions throughout school, winning second place at the time . has a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in drawing from Yarmouk University, a former administrative councilor twice in the Association of Fine Artists, Head of the Plastic Arts Department in the Jordanian Ministry of Culture / Institute of Fine Arts, has worked in Saudi Arabia at the Institute of Young Geniuses in 2002 giving drawing courses, and also worked as an art teacher in the School of Ideas, and an art education school in schools Al-Ittihad 2007-2014, coordinator of art exhibitions, theater decorations and children’s fashion design . She holds a course in interior design in 2016 from the University of Jordan and a course in cosmetics / hairdressing and make-up art from the French Academy 2017, participated in many group exhibitions in Jordan, and in the Artists Association Plastic artists, has a personal exhibition at the University of Jordan in 2007, participated in the Philadelphia International Forum, participated in the Sixth International Festival in Palestine, participated in the fourth Dana Creative Camp, Shar She participated in the sixth Dana Creative Camp, participated in a workshop in Irbid on the occasion of her selection as the capital of culture 2022, participated in the Weibdeh festival, voluntary workshops / murals with students from the Institute of Fine Arts / Department of Fine Arts at Theodore School for Orphans and the Jordanian Academy for Autism in Shafa Badran, in addition to a workshop for drawing on the walls of the thalassemia ward for children rs at Al-Bashir Hospital, and other workshops for recycling and decorating the building at the Institute of Fine Arts in the Jordanian Ministry of Culture.

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