An awareness campaign about the dangers of the silent killer next November

The first lieutenant of the Civil Defense in the state of Algiers, Khaled bin Khalafallah, revealed EveningOn preparation for the launch of the awareness campaign to prevent the danger of gas suffocation and the dangers associated with the winter season scheduled for the end of next November, which will continue until the end of March. 2023Referring, by the way, to the last count during which it was recorded 3 They died in the capital last March as a result of inhaling carbon monoxide.

Mr. Bin Khalafallah stressed that the campaign program will be diversified, starting with the participation of various actors in the field, including the Foundation zonelgazThe directorates of education, religious affairs and civil society, so the main purpose behind all this remains to target all segments of civil society. This will be the beginning According to the speaker By holding exhibitions in public squares, organizing inspection visits to homes, providing educational lessons for children, lessons and sermons in mosques, and advertising awareness flashes through various media and vocational training centers.

Beware of the silent killer!

With the increase in the cold wave, especially with the onset of winter, people use multiple heating methods in homes, workplaces and schools, where the risk of disasters due to their misuse increases, such as fires, or inhalation of burning materials and gases that be released. of heaters and other means of heating that operate on fuel (diesel)While the main factor leading to deaths remains the inhalation of carbon monoxide due to gas combustion, as many people do not realize that it is the main cause of death, in view of the lack of awareness campaigns and awareness of the seriousness of the matter.

more than 106 Kill from the start 2022

The number of people who died as a result of asphyxiation from carbon monoxide gas released by various heating appliances at the national level, 106 A case from January 1 to the end of October, due to the absence of ventilation. And the civil protection services confirmed that a census had been taken 8 deaths since the beginning of this year 2022 At the level of the state of Algeria, while civil protection services registered during the same year, more than 1290 Intervention, led to the rescue 1962 Person, note that the significant increase in the number of deaths is mainly due to the excessive use of heating devices in view of the climatic conditions and low temperatures, especially in the areas of the high plateaus known for their extreme cold in winter , where the greatest outcome was recorded. Among the main causes of gas suffocation, we mention the old heating devices, the failure to maintain the electrical connections related to them, in addition to their haphazard installation, which leads to gas suffocation leading to inevitable death.

No complacency…

The person in charge of information at the Directorate of Civil Protection for the Wilaya of Algiers, First Lieutenant Ben Khalfallah, spoke about the real reasons behind the large number of victims of carbon monoxide gas, which he said was due to the failure to close the canals and inspecting connections between the cylinder and the heater every period, and replacing the sealant. In addition to the entire cylinder, neglecting to ensure the validity of the main valve, placing heating devices in rooms where there is no ventilation, as well as installing gas heaters inside the bathroom or indoors inside the house, because all these things lead to suffocation with this silent murderer.

In this context, the speaker pointed to the misuse of gas cylinders during cooking, which plays a major role in the occurrence of bottlenecks, since the use of various heating methods, especially those that work with fuel, requires great care to choose the right and correct methods related to how to operate and extinguish it, and how to replenish it, and all this poses a great danger to people, our source explained. One of the main faulty practices in the use of heaters is to place them in the bathroom while showering, which leads to an increase in the proportion of toxic and suffocating gases resulting from the combustion process, especially while the heater is on during sleep. are left burning, as well as wood stoves, as some resort to letting them burn inside the house without doing anything. With the necessary and appropriate ventilation to renew the air inside the house, which leads to people suffocating, explains Ben Khalafallah.

Heating maintenance is an urgent necessity.

The spokesperson emphasized that the cause of gas suffocation is mainly due to the ignorance of the citizens, and their deliberate use of used or cheap heating devices. Often, with the onset of winter, they turn to scrap markets to acquire broken heating devices, which they repair and use in the bedrooms. In this regard, one of the sellers of these devices in the Al-Humayz market in the capital says, Citizens tend to purchase these devices due to the limited situation, because their price remains within their reach, especially with the significant increase in the price of foreign-made heating devices.. Citizens buy these devices and are forced to use them despite the great danger they pose to their lives, and most of them live in old and fragile dwellings that do not protect them from the winter cold.

Ventilation is the solution…

Company alerted zonelgazIn turn, of the dangers of not cleaning the filter of heating devices, and of the dangers of closing the ventilation holes during the execution of bypasses and changes inside the residences, as necessary, emphasizing that the burning gases, especially carbon monoxide, the leading cause of congestion and death. The foundation added that among the reasons is also the lack of respect for safety standards during the installation of heating equipment, especially with regard to ventilation, and the closing of the valves properly, the interests call for the choice of a qualified and experienced plumber of zonelgazAs he has experience in carrying out the sealing process, according to the appropriate standards and criteria, to prevent leaks, according to our source.

An invitation to interact with awareness campaigns

Despite the sensitization campaigns conducted by the various agencies; Civil protection, gendarmerie, national security and others, but news of death by gas comes to us at the beginning of every winter, with recordings of whole families suffocated by gas or explosions in houses and warehouses due to the gas leak, which people neglected to monitor. Khalid bin Khalafallah emphasized that the purpose of organizing awareness campaigns is to present a clear and simplified picture of the danger of gas leaks to the life of the citizen, taking into account a number of conditions and instructions through illustrative exhibits with pictures, and brochures that simplify how to prevent, and discover the process of leaks to avoid bottlenecks.

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