Zahrat Al Khaleej – Alaa Hariri: The beauty of design fascinates me with its colors


Saudi engineer Alaa Abdul Rahman Hariri offers unique engineering designs through her engineering consultancy office. Hariri graduated from the College of Architecture at King Faisal University in Dammam in 2000, and designed many projects in architecture and interior design, while working in some companies, before establishing her office in 2008, which is a professional team include. She has won appreciation and praise for her many innovations in this field, and she won the Young Business Award in 2011. We know of the success of the young Saudi engineer in this dialogue:

• What influenced your personality?

– I was born in Makkah Al-Mukarramah; I grew up in the care of my parents, and I lived in America, then Britain, in the early years of my life. We returned to Saudi Arabia after 11 years, specifically to the Eastern Province, after my father obtained his Ph.D. I definitely believe that our exile, and our return to our homeland, had a great impact on my life and my personality.

deserved award

• What challenges did you face when you set up your engineering office?

– The main challenges I faced were defining a clear vision for the work and forming a work team to implement this vision

• As an interior architect, what is your favorite aspect and why?

– My major was interior architecture, so I combined two majors in which the original is complementary. And my favorite aspect is going to the sites, making sure the reality matches the proposed design, or even adding Details adds dimension and beauty to the place.

• Your office won the Young Business award in 2011. Tell us about the award, and the projects that led to it.

– It was the award for the best young businesswoman in the Kingdom, and it is one of the awards we are really proud of. It was not easy to get it, but it took more than a year, after various requirements has been submitted. And many visits and contacts by the organizers. I consider the moment of our meeting with His Majesty King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and his conversation with us, a defining moment in my life, in which I learned We stand under an ambitious leadership that believes in the role of the youth in the progress of the nation.

• What are the keys to being a successful engineer?

The keys to being a successful engineer are: Passion for design and everything related to it, including websites, designers, suppliers and displays. As well as developing the human side of communication, understanding and empathy with people, in addition to creating a clear vision for work.

• What are your tools to perform better on each new project?

– We excel in our flexibility to present new ideas every time, as well as our commitment to a professional work style, which we develop in a sustainable way over the years.

• What is your preferred engineering style?

My favorite geometric style is minimalism with beautiful finishes; i don’t like a particular style, i like all of them in general. Beauty fascinates me in all its colors, from the rich heritage of Islamic design, to the elegant modern design.

dream project

• As an engineer, entrepreneur, wife and mother… how do you juggle between all these responsibilities?

Success has become a duty and not a luxury, and I strive to give everything it deserves, and every stage of attention You require, which is not easy. But when I plan my life, I keep clear, balanced goals in mind, and I make sure that I achieve them intelligently, and close to myself.

• What is the dream project you want to implement?

– I dream of accepting tasks in the municipality to beautify cities, and to contribute to achieve what serves people and ease his life, and make my country a beautiful, comfortable and joyful place.

• Who is your role model in engineering, and what do you advise his students?

I don’t have a role model, so I learn from each designer who makes me a better designer, and I learn from him The small and the big. I advise engineering students to perfect their work, develop their personalities, go more into the field and sites, and get to know the materials and their prices, as well as not forgetting to visit the most prominent international exhibitions, and to stay up to date with everything It’s new.

• From your position, how do you contribute to the prosperity of your country?

– I contribute to this by doing my profession professionally, and my diligent development of my work, as well as my presence in international forums of exhibitions and conferences.

• What do you think about the achievements of Saudi women, and do they need more support?

– What Saudi women have achieved since the days of my grandmother and before that until now, it is a wonderful balance between Our femininity and our responsibilities in life. I am almost certain that we are one of the most distinguished countries in preserving the deep privacy of women, and at the same time Her ambition, which nothing stands before him.

• We celebrate the Saudi national day this month (September), what do you say on this occasion?

– National Day is a day on which we first thank God Almighty, and then for our wise leadership for everything. We are in it of good, progress and continuous search for the best and the best for our country and humanity. I ask God to bless and protect our country, our religion and our security, and to always be at the service of our country and society. And the whole world, so Saudi Arabia is distinguished by the Two Holy Mosques, an honor and a mandate, of which we are proud, and we carry their flag wherever we go.

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