Decorator Hatem Al-Ahmad: The creator makes a wonderful decoration from the grains of dirt

A story that started from childhood, in front of a feather and scattered colors, and a wooden sign that says: “Take me to your imagination.” This is how this child created the art of drawing, which he took from a professional teacher, and was fascinated by the way he painted residential buildings, and the art of decorations on windows and doors, until he was able to Including , in the Damascene, Assyrian and Andalusian way, he thought about everything related to this art in the architectural field, and then went to the interior decoration.. the story of the Saudi decorator Hatem Al-Ahmad, the chief judge of the “Ajmal Tasmeem” program, which excelled in designing the most magnificent palaces Kingdom, and some recreational facilities.

Hatem attracted a primitive company in the manufacture of balustrades, so he began to create decorations on the balustrades, he continues, saying: “I did not start where the others ended, but I started with a new method, which is easy and abstinence, which seems simple but thoughtful, until my work is distinguished by the testimony of all.. I am I start with an idea that I create rationally, then it arises in a fruitful environment until it matures, so that my mind cannot bear it, and I turn it into a reality that pleases the onlookers.”
Every design that Hatem creates, he sees as the most beautiful. Because in each work he tries to provoke the revelation of the spirit of beauty in those around him, he goes on to say: “Each design has a specific time, specific materials, specific spaces and a different environment than the others, like me, cannot determine which one is the most beautiful, because one of the basic principles of my work, even if it is a project that is not More than 4 meters in width and length, or a majlis 20 by 20 what about the same technique and beauty.”

The Saudis understand the meaning of a beautiful place, and the decorative flaws in it, which is our goal

Luxurious royal lines

A living room in which the color of the gray sofas harmonizes with the marble floor in the same color.

A weak point.. Hatem stops there, unable to complete his work, when he has to design a decoration for a bad building scheme. He adds, “It’s like fine coffee, poured into a cracked mug, no matter how unique the coffee has a unique taste that I can’t enjoy.” .
Despite this, many of his designs, with luxurious royal lines, reveal heritage features that permeate all ages, to paint these high-end creations. Hatem continues: “I am eager to be fed visually with everything related to architecture and decoration, whether they are from previous eras. Especially the Andalusian decoration that started in Damascus and ended in Andalusia, or the contemporary decoration in Shanghai, Singapore and Dubai, are all lines that mixed and made another royal line in all standards.

My presence means lower costs

Interior designer Hatem El-Ahm
An elegant bedroom in white, with Chinese paintings above the headboard.

Interior designer Hatem El-Ahm
French style kitchen with cupboards.

Interior designer Hatem El-Ahm
A bathroom design that mimics Roman times with its luxurious marble.

The majority of Arab societies did not understand the idea of ​​the decorator, while the architect worked with a clear idea, but they had never heard of the owner of a technique called “the decorator.” Al-Ahmad added: “Even the intellectuals believed that the design of the decor for the homes of the rich is only from the velvet class. And that its presence means an increase in cost for the project, and it is a wrong. This is what I am trying hard to prove to society… My presence means lower costs and a better place… This equation, despite the difficulty of proving it, has become a widespread place in television programs specializing in Decoration, and visual feed posts on social media, we have talented Saudi young men, who have conveyed the idea to the community, who have a high capacity to understand, and people are aware of the beautiful place, and the decorative flaws in the place, which is our goal.”
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Millions scattered

Many of the raw materials for design are not available in the market, and this can enter any interior designer into a big spiral, and it is difficult for him to obtain a product to complete his project. Hatem continues: “We have faced poverty in the availability of materials in the market, but there can be harmful damage. This matter has made us designers. Unlike the rest, and the smart, professional designer is the one who make a creative decoration from beads of soil, from any simple material, and we prove to people that decoration does not mean showiness in materials, nor millions scattered around the house. Beautiful decoration is based on an idea that use any material, and this is what distinguishes the Saudi designer, and we have achieved a high level of ease in sourcing materials, from China, Italy or America.”

get on with your work

Interior designer Hatem El-Ahm
Majlis in the Andalusian style, where the decorations and inscriptions ripple with luxurious royal lines.

Interior designer Hatem El-Ahm
A living room characterized by the charming fire chimney, and that chandelier like a flock of migratory birds.

There are customers who raise Hatem’s dissatisfaction with the choice of decorations and furniture, and he discussed it in a smooth way, after studying the plans, he continues and says: “To be honest, if I feel that don’t understand the client, I avoid him, and choose those who trust me, I love clients who say “Go on with your work”, then the room for creativity is greater, and the most tired clients are those who limited to specific designs, which do not dare, and often come from the man who calculates the design costs, while the woman is interested in the beauty of details, and we make a lot of effort to reconcile the two.”

made with art

Designer Hatem thinks of new design innovations while traveling, and one of the places where his ideas have flown the most is Dafen Village in southern China. A place where everything is made with art, it was an inspiring place, every time I visited it my mind creates the most beautiful works.”
In Hatem’s mind, a design that he wished was the king of his ideas would have been creative in it and engraved his fingerprints on his building and his murals, and about him he says: “I wish I had the management building of “SAMREF ”, an oil company affiliated with the parent Aramco, but there were important requirements for them that I could not Whoever exceed them, such as limited working hours… and others.”
In his works, he tries to use alternative materials, as there are options for natural materials in marble and precious stones, adding: “I always try to choose the alternative that highly imitates nature.”
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Establish your dominance

Interior designer Hatem El-Ahm
Modern sits on the second floor, in front of the bedrooms.

Interior designer Hatem El-Ahm
The corridor that separates two sides of the palace, showing the difference of marble, which is characterized by colored blocks.

Our interview was with the certified trainer in the Saudi Society for Culture and Art, which suffers from a decorative cultural disparity among the trainees. He added: “We offer courses that are attended by specialized people on the one hand, and on the other hand, there are those who do not differentiate between the types of ceramic and marble, and this stresses me mentally, because as a trainer I have to i convey the information to everyone, regardless of whether the decoration culture is high or low, and as the main judge of the “Ajmal Tasmeem” program, I also find that the upcoming generation, capable, innovative, intelligent and realistic, has tools that no one before has not, a generation that can make decoration For the toiling and middle class, the economical and the luxurious, and that was what was missing before, as the designer was only for the velvet class, our generation transforms from nothing remarkable, and from heritage impressive ideas, especially designers who have a high sense of detail in terms of lighting and the production of a different decorative design, and with all my might I bet on the next generation of designers. “
Hatem concludes by pointing out the most important mistake a business woman makes when she wants to design her new office, telling her: “Extend your dominance and personality over the interior decoration, because your work area must be firmly present in the place. And realize that the office decor is completely different from the decor of clothes. We are tired and exhausted of seeing offices with traditional, dreary designs that do not reflect the identity or the personality of the business woman.”
At the end of his speech, Al-Ahmad closed a book he was carrying, titled: “How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body,” by David Hamilton, saying, “It was an inspiring book with its details.”

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