ICD Brookfield Place will offer 3 clubs that promote health and productivity performance

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ICD Brookfield Place today announced the addition of three world-class fitness clubs to its portfolio, cementing its position as a leading modern health and fitness destination. Covering a total area of ​​27,000 square feet, the new clubs include Embadi Fitness, a luxury personal training center and number one destination for lifestyle change in the Middle East, as well as One Rebell, London’s most fashionable gym and fitness center ; Reform Athletica, Dubai’s premier fitness studio.

In line with its commitment to focus on the health and well-being of its residents, ICD Brookfield Place has made a strategic decision to bring together three prominent names in fitness at the vibrant destination of the Dubai International Financial Centre. By building a culture of health, fitness and high performance in the ICD Brookfield Place tower, the ground-breaking building aims to motivate and inspire its community and encourage those interested in fitness and performance to achieve their aspirations and their deliver the best. ICD Brookfield Place solutions and facilities focus on health and wellness, culture, distinct food and flavor experiences, and rich community amenities that strive to provide a holistic experience for tenants and the community as a whole. Based on numerous studies that have found that visiting the gym during the work day increases employee performance and productivity, ICD Brookfield Place is keen to foster a culture of exercise and activity in the workplace by integrating fitness centers into the building and making it accessible as a daily option for tenants.

The newly opened Embadi Fitness is one of the exceptional gyms that provides personal training services exclusively to members. The Embadi Fitness branch in the Dubai International Financial Center will provide a new and distinct level of high-end personal training services to the building’s residents and the community at large, through state-of-the-art recovery and rest suites, Olympic sports equipment, world-class trainers and specialized nutritionists. Embadi Fitness was founded in London in 2013 by co-founders James Miller and Charari Howe, with the goal of building a community that helps clients achieve their main fitness goals by providing all kinds of support while maintaining their overall health.

One Rebell, a well-known fitness club known for its dedication and focus on design, experience and innovation, will open at the end of October. The new branch will be One Rebel’s first outdoor gym. In addition to two fitness classes, the gym will be fully equipped with Techno Gym equipment. The fitness classes will bring One Rebel’s most famous exercises to Dubai, including the Reshape class, a One Rebel workout that targets the whole body in 45 minutes, during which customers constantly move between the treadmill and the box. In addition, the club will offer its own concept of a stationary bike exercise known as “Ride” where customers exercise for 45 minutes on a stationary bike with the engrossing rhythm of music within a very exciting atmosphere and innovative lighting and sound systems.

The ultimate fitness experience is offered by Reform Athletica, a fitness studio inspired by New York, London and Los Angeles, scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2023 as a new branch next to the main studio in Jumeirah 1. Reform Athletica’s vision is To follow a culture of fitness throughout life as part of a regular holistic wellness routine, the club offers fun and challenging workouts in a stimulating environment, with classes with small numbers of participants, enabling trainers to improve on each member to focus. The owners of the club, inspired by their personal experiences and the benefits of regular practice of Pilates and TRX, decided to open their own gym that reflects their vision to build the perfect training space and design an environment that will accommodate all their embody basic life principles. that it is environmentally friendly, nature friendly and inspiring Culturally and physically beneficial.

ICD Brookfield Place’s health and fitness strategy is part of its primary objective to deliver a sustainable building that focuses on residents and meets the changing and future needs of businesses and individuals. The spaces are carefully integrated and designed, inside and out, to preserve the health and well-being of the residents through spaces like Nitesh, the community center that specializes in promoting positive mental health. Wellness and health benefits also include health and safety certification, improved indoor air quality and vibrant green spaces with natural daylight over 140,000 square feet.

Among the modern lifestyle facilities designed to enhance performance at the ICD Brookfield Place Tower are The Arts Club, a private membership club based in London, and The Guild, a large dining hall with a variety of restaurants. And cafes, in addition to the innovative Parisian “Josette” restaurant, the “La Nina Latin” restaurant, and many modern amenities and shops such as the Waitrose supermarket, the Y12 beauty salon and the Skin Laundry facial care clinic.

Rob Devereux, CEO of ICD Brookfield Place, said: “The commitment of these world-leading names in the health and fitness services sector is tangible evidence of our comprehensive strategy for health and wellness in the ICD Brookfield Place community. We are fully aware that enjoying employees in better health will reflect positively on performance and improve productivity, and our tenants seek comfort and entertainment just as they are eager to put in effort, work and training. Through our sophisticated and carefully designed facilities, we hope to strengthen our position as a leading health and fitness destination in Dubai, not only for business professionals, but for members of society at large.

James Miller, co-founder of Embadi Fitness, said: “We are very excited about the recent opening of our new branch in the iconic ICD Brookfield Place tower community. In line with our mission to support professionals in their fast-paced and busy lifestyles and achieve life-changing results in a professional and luxurious atmosphere, the new branch will be a perfect addition to this wonderful location. Our goal is very simple, it is to help our clients within this vibrant community to reach their full potential and aspirations to be the best in all areas of life. We are very excited to begin the new chapter in Embadi Fitness’ journey to help everyone achieve their fitness goals, improve their quality of life and get the body and look they desire.”

Giles Dean, co-founder of One Rebell, said: “We are delighted to open our first branch in Dubai at ICD Brookfield Place. Located in the heart of the Dubai International Financial Center and its vibrant community, this building perfectly aligns with our brand vision and comprehensive mission to provide the best fitness experience in the UAE. We are looking to revolutionize the fitness scene with the opening of One Rebel in the Dubai International Financial Centre.”

Dina Al Shurafa, founder of Reform Athletica, said: “Choosing ICD Brookfield Place as the location for our second branch in Dubai was a natural and spontaneous decision as it aligns with our core principles of design, environment, fitness and lifestyle . We are very excited to elevate our unique and special concept that we offer at Studio Jumeirah, while always focusing on service excellence.”


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