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Ways to get rid of household insects

Use of organic materials

Organic materials are known as non-chemical. These materials include natural recipes made at home, such as garlic, onions, peppers, salt, soap and others. It also includes the use of certain materials such as barley water to get rid of snails, worms, wood ants, rodents and many other insects. .

Organic material is effective in small areas, for example in home gardens, where the number of insects is relatively low, it is rarely effective and feasible in large areas.

Use fresh herbs

Fresh herbs help to reduce the appearance and nesting of insects in the home. Examples of fresh herbs are mint and rosemary; It is best to place a bunch of these fresh herbs near the places where these insects live.

Use of lanterns and candles

You can use a number of lanterns hung in rooms that help repel mosquitoes, and long-lasting candles that contain geraniol, which is an effective material to get rid of mosquitoes, can be used.

Use of natural oils

Many natural oils are used to get rid of or kill insects, as we can consider this method safe and effective, and these natural oils include tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and lavender oil. All these oils contain insect repellants, and they are also safe for humans, as this method is used by placing 6-10 drops of natural oil in a bottle, adding 57 grams of water to the bottle and 57 grams of white vinegar, then shake the box well and spray this mixture around the kitchen windows.

biological control

This process can be defined as a process of introducing parasites, predators or certain diseases to get rid of some types of harmful insects, since about 120 different insect species in various parts of the world are controlled by this method, in addition, farmers in many areas rely on pesticides Microbial insecticide, which is effective in killing some larvae.

chemical control

There are a large number of chemical pesticides used in offices, homes, farms, shops and other places, but they are considered hazardous materials. Because it has significant effects that help pollute soil, water, air and food, and sometimes has toxic effects on humans and the surrounding organisms. Attention should be paid to the label placed on the back of the packaging, and avoid contact of materials with water, food, air and utensils.

Ways to get rid of specific insects

Elimination of household mites

You can get rid of mites at home by following certain methods, including:

bed linen

Bedding should be washed every week, and the boiling point of water should be about 54.5 degrees Celsius, so that we can kill moths or any insects, and be careful that water at a low temperature does not affect the killing of moths, but only remove them from the bed.

Carpet removal

One of the most successful things to eliminate mites is to remove carpets from the bedroom, which is the most useful way to eliminate mites and reduce their presence in the house.

Clean hard surfaces

Wiping hard surfaces with a damp cloth helps to remove more than 90% of existing insects.


Dehumidifiers help to get rid of household insects, and this humidity should be at least 35% for 21 hours a day.

Change the location of the bedroom

Especially if it is in a basement, the location of the bedroom should be changed to a place that is more ventilated and exposed to sunlight because the humidity in the lower rooms is very high, which is a suitable medium for the growth of bacteria and insects.


The use of chemicals designed to eliminate household insects, but this is an ineffective way to control all insects, and the use of a filter or air purifier is necessary to purify the room of volatile microbes.

get rid of flies

Flies spread widely in the summer, as the flies lay their eggs among the waste, in grass clippings, in the soil, in sewage, in animal waste, in fresh water or in decaying material. And put it in the closed bin, and it is better not to leave the doors of the houses open, and cover the food well.

Some of the reasons for the appearance of insects in homes

The main reason for the spread of insects in homes must be known, so that insects and their eggs can be eliminated as soon as possible.

  1. The contact of the branches of the tree with the windows or doors of the house makes it easier for insects to move into the house.
  2. The proximity of the house to the ground helps to transfer bacteria and insects into the house because the ground is the most suitable place for the laying of insect eggs.
  3. The presence of cracks at the bottom of the door or at the window, which facilitates the entry of insects.
  4. Storing some materials in the house, such as firewood and others, facilitates the reproduction of bacteria and insects inside the house.
  5. The presence of debris and dirt on the ground, which attracts insects to feed on them.
  6. Opening doors and windows without using safety nets facilitates the entry of insects.

Ways to control household insects without the need for pesticides

There are many safe ways to control insects without the need to use chemical insecticides because they have toxic effects on people and the environment Some of the safe ways to control insects at home are:

Maintaining the cleanliness of the house

Maintaining the cleanliness of the house is essential to keep insects away from your home, especially to get rid of large and small holes that can attract insects, especially spiders, take care to clean the floors, especially in dining areas to the prevent survival of some foods that attract ants, and some cleaning agents can be used to drive insects out. .

Soap and water solution

Soap and water solution

Soap and water help get rid of insects, especially ants and cockroaches, by spraying this solution directly on insects, leading to their death.

white vinegar

Water can be mixed with a little concentrated vinegar and used for cleaning, as vinegar helps to kill insects that crawl in the house, and insects that are affected by vinegar are ants.

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