We spread the colors of positive energy at home

10/04 23:00

Spread some good vibes with the strongest colors of positive energy in the house that bring us peace and calm. It is worth noting that some colors positively affect our feelings, moods and relationships with our family members. In this article we will learn about the colors of positive energy in the house.

Colors that bring positive energy into the home

These positive colors can be used to decorate your home, bedroom and living room to enhance their positive energy, and also play a role in improving moods, behavior and feelings. Among these colors:

Yellow is a color of positive energy in the home as it is associated with communication, self-esteem and strength. Yellow shades are also used to ensure flexibility, adaptability and lighting in your home. Light yellow shades are good for your children’s homework tables, and have the ability to increase memory and concentration levels.

Among the psychological effects of yellow on the house:

1- Reflects the sun’s rays inside the rooms, increasing the lighting and brightness.

2- It evokes feelings of positivity, optimism and happiness, free from worries.

Some shades of red are associated with energy, power and magic, while some lighter shades of red are associated with positivity. This color can be used on the walls of the dining room, living room and kitchen, but do not use it inside the bedrooms. It is also recommended to mix red and calm colors to get more positive energy.

Among the psychological effects of the color red on the house:

1- It is associated with passion, energy, excitement, danger and action.

3- Encourage family members to perform tasks better.

Green is closely related to fertility and vitality, as it is related to the element of wood which has healing properties of stress and depression. Among the psychological effects of the color green is that it is associated with nature, money, health, fertility and generosity, but it can also be associated with envy.

White symbolizes neutrality, purity and innocence and brings love and peace into the home when shades of light white are chosen.

Choosing orange would be a good choice to paint the living room or children’s play areas as it promotes lively conversations between family members.

Positive energy colors in bedrooms

Purple is a mix of fiery red and calm blue which makes it the perfect color to bring positive energy into the home. Light shades such as lavender are suitable for painting adult bedrooms, as they add comfort and calmness, but it is advised not to use dark shades of purple, as they can cause frustration and arrogance.

Although dark purple, such as plum, gives rooms a more luxurious feel, it often lowers energy levels, so it is recommended to paint one wall behind the study to boost creativity.

Pink is the only shade that suits bedrooms, especially young girls’ rooms, because it makes the mood cheerful and happy, brings love and peace, and creates a calm environment that fades the problem of sleep. Light pink shades with a mix of white are the ultimate positive color choice for the bedroom.

Blue is associated with health and hygiene, reduces stress and pressure in life, and increases positive energy in boys’ bedrooms.

Gray represents the atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the bedrooms, and it is suitable for people who have difficulty sleeping. Light shades tend to calm a room, while darker grays give a more masculine look.

The colors in the red region are known as warm colors and include red, orange and yellow. These warm colors evoke feelings of warmth, comfort, anger and hostility. The colors on the blue side are also known as cool colors and include blue, purple and green, and they give feelings of calmness, but they can also evoke feelings of sadness or apathy.

The science of color has been used as a comprehensive treatment since ancient times, and is sometimes referred to as light therapy or color therapy, and the uses of color for treatment are:

1- Red color is used to activate the body and mind and increase blood circulation.

2- It is believed that the color yellow stimulates the nerves and purifies the body.

3- Orange is used to heal the lungs and increase energy levels.

4- Shades of indigo are believed to alleviate skin problems.

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Spread some good vibes with the strongest colors of positive energy in the house that bring us peace and calm. It is worth noting that some colors positively affect our feelings, moods and relationships with our family members….

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