The extraordinary chair.. a creative masterpiece for its lovers

The year 2022 saw a return to life for everyone, but that does not mean giving up a safe environment to live at home in comfort and generosity. This is reflected in the furniture design, as most of the trends of this year are aimed at creating comfortable and warm rooms with an atmosphere suitable for rest, work, entertainment and daily activities, with a characteristic element that is a reflect different atmospheres in just one touch. , which is the exceptional chair. The global trend today is towards calmness and serenity, in beautiful and warm decorations, distinguished by small additions. This visual contrast, between contrasting colors or contrasting patterns, is what elevates a room from the ordinary or the traditional to the distinctive and luxurious. And what better way to add a touch of glamor than with bold and unique chairs?

The two founding sisters of Dar Sekkal for interior design, Maysa and Nour Sekkal

When choosing the best exceptional chair for the home, early planning is the key to success. How the space is used is of utmost importance when choosing one of these chairs. If the house is spacious, this may mean that one or two exceptional chairs should be included, or if the space is medium, here it is necessary to organize a special space around the distinguished chair.
The exceptional chair can be added to any room in your home, and this room becomes a welcoming space that brings joy to hearts. In all cases, it is necessary to seek expert advice on the selection of suitable chair designs. When you are looking for a comfortable retreat for tired feet, comfortable living room ideas for watching TV, or aesthetically pleasing functional office chairs, the signature chair is a definite option to turn the scales of the home upside down. The Poltrona Frau chairs offer exceptional comfort and individuality.

Luxury in the foreground

La Mamma chair from B&B Italia.

The material for the exceptional chair, as well as its placement, has the power to transform any space into something truly breathtaking. The special accent chairs should be arranged in a certain angle to give a sense of depth to the room. Ideal for intimate conversations and pastimes, this living room design is ideal for long and narrow living rooms. Lebanese interior designer Mayssa Sekkall, CEO of the Saccal Design House Group, says: “Some may think that the decor is the basis of adding the spirit of luxury to any home, while the furniture plays a secondary role; But in my opinion, the two are equally important, and the furniture should be chosen to be exceptional, in terms of design or color, and the role of the decorator can be limited to coordinating unusual furniture in an exceptional way without compromising the decorations of the walls and ceilings and the acquisition of a very luxurious house.” “International fashion turns to white walls and everything that is pure and playful with furniture,” she says. Therefore, the trend of exceptional chairs was born; Because it plays the role of a distinctive element in the house, with the addition of works of art on the walls.”

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Good choice of colors

The Almora chair from B&B Italia offers maximum comfort to its occupant, especially if it is designed with a separate leg rest.

Add the special chair to any room in your home, and this room becomes a welcoming space that brings joy to hearts

Colors affect our perception and they create a certain mood. One of the easiest ways to liven up a room in neutral or cream colors is to use a vibrant color on the upholstery. Exceptional chairs, stools and curtains are a perfect way to get a splash of color and are much easier to change than, say, repainting the cupboards. This accent color can also serve as a zoning tool by drawing attention to a specific area in larger rooms. In this open-plan space, strong color helps define the rooms and provides a way to blend in. When faced with an empty room, it can seem like a huge challenge to fill it in a way that is both functional and beautiful. First, it is necessary to keep the respective chairs away from the walls. This is especially true in smaller rooms.

Another way to arrange accent chairs is to place them next to a coffee table. Choosing the right chair color is one of the most important decisions that can be made, and choosing the color is essential; Because it can completely change the feel of the room. Room color ideas should start by building a complementary palette of classic shades, then adding accent colors to create a bold contrast. Adding drama with upholstery can help create transitions between rooms in the home. Paying attention to every nook and cranny is very important, but always be clear about how you use the space.

Revolution in Denim Chair

Archibald chair by Poltrona Frau.

There are endless options for this exceptional trend, from lounge chairs, hostess chairs, wing chairs and hanging chairs to suit every style. The most amazing of them is available from the Italian brand Cassina, which in its latest collection has included ideas for exceptional chairs in incredible shapes and colors that can elevate your home to beautiful heights. With all these styles, sizes, shapes and colors, there are distinctive chairs that are perfect for every space in the home. The Revolution In Denim chair, which means “revolution in jeans”, is a good example of the exceptional armchair, designed by Afra and Tobia Scarpa in the 1960s to bring contemporary comfort to homes, with added Japanese denim. The chair is available in a limited quantity and gives the decor an unmatched spirit.

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Between classic and contemporary

Chair from B&B Italia

From cool and casual style to the ultimate in luxury, these accent chairs can bring striking drama, or a relaxed vibe, to interiors. Exceptional chairs can also provide the key to mixing classic and contemporary in the words of Maysa Sakkal. “We have to be very careful in the process of combining these chairs, knowing that the result will be incredible if we master the coordination. Good taste and experience in the field of decoration play a key role in the success of this matter.” She adds: “It is possible to combine the choice of a particularly modern chair with, for example, a classic Ajami-type rug.”

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The iconic Gaetano Pesce chair

Archibald chair by Poltrona Frau.

One of the most exceptional chairs on a global scale today is the iconic Gaetano Pesce chair. Almost 50 years after its launch, the revolutionary Gaetano Pesci women’s sofa is more relevant today than ever. What is the story behind this comfortable seat? In 1968, the Italian designer Gaetano Pesci took a shower, he explained that he held the sponge in his hand, and when he squeezed it, it shrunk, and when he released it, it returned to its original size. Hence the question: Can the chair behave in the same way? In his workshop in Paris, Pesce began experimenting with vacuuming the most popular material of the moment: polyurethane. He soon developed a gravity-defying model: a four-inch-thick disc that, when removed from its PVC case, would rise off the ground into a comfortable armchair.

The figure that appeared was not a typical sitter. Its bulging form, inspired by the silhouettes of ancient fertility symbols, was accompanied by what looked like a ball and chain.

Furniture manufacturer B&B Italia (then known as C&B) produced this chair the following year and called it Up: it was innovative, and it moved easily. In 1973, B&B Italia stopped Up production after discovering that Freon, a fermentable ingredient mixed with polyurethane, was harmful to the ozone layer. But the chair has already made a name for itself. Today, almost 50 years later, referred to as La Mamma, Big Mama and Donna, B&B has developed a Freon-free version. Jane Greenberg-Rohatyn, who showed Pesce’s work at her New York exhibition, Salon 94, describes the design as a “radical process”.

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Saqal Design Hygge Chair, Collector Group

After meeting the team behind the Collector Group at Maison et Objet in Paris, decorator Saccal Design House launched an idea for a series of special, exceptional chairs, the Hygge series, inspired by contemporary architecture in Portugal that speaks to its Roman past. Paying homage to its ancient geometric shapes, such as the arch and the column, the Lebanese label chose to reverse the elements in the design, looking at elements from the past and making them contemporary. This series consists of a dining chair, a lounge chair, an armchair and a chair. It is comfortable to look at, and suits different styles of decor and colors of homes. Maysa Sakal says: “We wanted the chair to be synonymous with a feeling of comfort just by looking at it, especially since psychological comfort greatly influences the lifestyle we live, and we wanted the chair to be in line with contemporary and classic home decor. “

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