The right salary to live in Bahrain

The right salary to live in Bahrain Or anywhere else that varies depending on the person and their lifestyle. However, Bahrain remains one of the best countries to live in for locals and expats as the cost of living and average salaries in Bahrain are balanced. Overall, the cost of living in Bahrain is about 17% lower than the US, and it is also lower than most of its neighbors such as Dubai. Let’s learn more about the appropriate salary to live in Bahrain in the next few lines, as part of the series of articles presented by Tijarna on the appropriate salaries to live in different countries of the world.

The right salary to live in Bahrain

Overall, the average range The appropriate salary to live in Bahrain is between 800 and 1200 Bahraini dinarsA salary of 800 dinars is considered appropriate to cover the cost of living for one person, which is equivalent to 2100 US dollars. As for a family consisting of only a husband and wife, a salary of 900 or 1000 dinars is suitable for living in Bahrain, taking into account housing costs.

On the other hand, Bahrain is characterized by a relatively low cost of living, despite the high cost of imported food and household goods, but local alternatives are available with good quality and cheaper prices. The government of Bahrain also provides subsidies for electricity, water and gas, helping both citizens and residents to take advantage of these services at low costs.

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Salaries and Wages in Bahrain

The minimum salary in Bahrain is known as 370 Bahraini dinars, which is the salary a person receives in jobs that do not require certificates or educational qualifications. Regarding expatriates or foreign workers in Bahrain, more than 75% of the employees receive salaries exceeding 870 Bahraini dinars, equivalent to 2300 US dollars. In addition, more than half of the expatriates receive a salary of 1,570 dinars per month, especially craftsmen and young graduates.

In contrast, about 25% of Bahrainis and foreigners receive a wage exceeding 4,330 Bahraini dinars. It is worth noting that the salaries of public sectors are 7% higher than those of private sectors.

Factors affecting salary determination in Bahrain

As we know, the salary varies from one job to another depending on the job specialization. The salary of an engineer is different from the salary of a sales person. However, there are several other factors that directly affect the determination of salaries in Bahrain, the most important of which are:

  • Degree of educational qualification: where the salary rises with the degree of educational attainment, for example, the salary of a person with a master’s degree increases by 29% than the holder of a university degree.
  • Gender: Men are paid 10% more than women with similar job qualifications.
  • Career Foot: Employees in Bahrain receive a periodic salary increase every 29 months, estimated at 4%.

Adequate salaries for living in Bahrain through work

Generally, the average salary of an expatriate in Bahrain is estimated at 1480 BHD. The average salaries for expats by job are as follows:

  • Accounting jobs: between 850 to 2,200 BD.
  • Doctor: varies between 1350 and 5000 dinars, depending on the specialty and number of years of experience.
  • Lawyer: 2870 Bahraini dinars on average.
  • Engineer: Between 1260 to 1840 dinars, depending on the specialization and the number of years of experience, note that architecture is the highest paid.
  • The average salary of a pharmacist is 1990 Bahraini dinars
  • Sales representative 1010 dinars
  • Laboratory Technician 1180 BD
  • Translator: 1310 BD
  • The teacher: It varies according to the age group, and it usually varies between 990 and 1210 Bahraini dinars. The average salary of a kindergarten teacher in Bahrain is 590 dinars.
  • Nursing: 1130 BD
  • Receptionist: 760 BD
  • Graphic designer: 920 dinars
  • The same goes for chefs, who charge around 920 Bahraini dinars.
  • On the other hand, the following jobs are among the lowest paid jobs in Bahrain:
    • A waiter with a salary of 500 dinars.
    • Mechanic: 570 BD
    • As for the cashier and customer service representative in the call centers, they charge about BHD 580.

Average salaries for doctors in Bahrain

In fact, the salaries of doctors in Bahrain vary between 1350 and 4800 Bahraini dinars, depending on the specialty and the number of years of experience, and note that Bahraini doctors earn a slightly higher salary than expatriates. The average salaries of doctors in Bahrain for the most famous specialties are as follows:

  • Anesthetist: One of the highest salaries, reaching 5,000 dinars.
  • Urologist: 4800 BD.
  • The clinical psychologist is also one of the highest paid doctors in Bahrain, with a salary of 4,550 dinars.
  • Radiologist: 4500 BD
  • General Practitioner: 3200 BD
  • Pediatricians: 3100 dinars
  • GP: 2800 BD
  • Psychiatrist: 3900 dinars
  • Ophthalmologist: 2900 BD
  • Nutritionist: 2600 dinars
  • Hematologist and oncologist: 3700 BD
  • Dentist 3450 BD

Average salary of engineers in Bahrain

In general, the salaries of engineers are one of the suitable salaries to live in Bahrain, as it usually varies between 1260 and 1840 Bahraini dinars, and the salary varies according to the specialization as follows:

  • Civil engineer: 1390 Bahraini dinars.
  • Mechanical Engineer: 1490 Bahraini dinars.
  • Electrical Engineer: 1410 BD.
  • Programmer: 1420 dinars
  • As for the architect and aeronautical engineer, they are the highest paid, with a salary of BD 1840 and BD 1940 respectively.

How to determine the right salary to live in Bahrain

In fact, people’s needs and the amounts they spend vary according to their lifestyles. However, the factors that influence the determination of the appropriate salary to live in Bahrain are:

  • Housing costs: The prices of apartments in Bahrain vary depending on the size of the house and the area in which it is located. The amount needed to rent a small one-bedroom apartment is estimated at 350 Bahraini dinars inside the city and 240 dinars outside . As for the large three-bedroom houses, it varies between 470 and 600 BD.
  • Food and beverage costs: Food and beverage costs vary between 40 and 60 BD per person per month.
  • Transportation: It depends on the mode of transportation chosen. In the case of owning a car, one must think about the cost of gasoline, which is equivalent to about 0.2 Bahraini dinars per liter. If you use public transport, you can buy monthly tickets for 14 dinars.
  • School fees: equivalent to approximately BD2215 per child per year.
  • Cost of accommodation: In reality, expats in Bahrain spend a percentage of their salary on accommodation, as foreigners are charged a 10% rent tax, knowing that expats cannot buy real estate in Bahrain.
  • In addition to the cost of communication, electricity, water, gas and entertainment.

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