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areas attract Tourism in Qarmesh Germany has many adventure lovers as it is known as a winter sports resort and is famous for hosting the 1936 Winter Olympics and will also host the Alpine Ski World Cup in 2022. In this article we will learn about the best of the Tourism in Qarmesh and around.

1- Partanash George

Partnash Gorge is located 3 km southeast of the city of Qarmish. It is a fjord on the Partnash River, with a length of approximately 702 meters, and a depth of more than 80 meters.

2- Lake Eibsi

Lake Eipsi is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Germany, Garmisch, as it is characterized by its clear water and picturesque places for a family picnic, surrounded by the Zugspitze Mountains. It is also possible to practice walking in the private walking paths with a length of about 4 miles around the lake, and enjoy sailing and swimming, as well as enjoying lunch or dinner with a view of the Eibsee -lake and the surrounding mountains.

3- Richard Strauss Platz’s Villa

The Villa Richard Strauss-Platz was built in 1908 in the Art Nouveau style as a monument to the great conductor and composer Richard Strauss-Platz. The two-storey villa is very interesting, especially because of the picturesque Oriel Tower and the stone and stucco facade. Take part in the annual Richard Strauss Festival, which takes place in early June, and festival events include orchestral and chamber concerts, vocal and piano concerts as well as lectures about the city’s most famous residents.

4- Qarmesh cable car

Tourists enjoy a tour of the charming nature of the city aboard the Garmisch cable car, which opened in 1963 to take tourists to Mount Zugspitze. The most beautiful thing about the Qamish cable car is that it is possible to see about 400 mountains, plateaus and heights located in 4 countries of the Alps, where the cable car rises from the surface of the earth for a distance of up to 127 meters .

5- Lander Hof Palace

Lander Hof Palace is one of the most prominent areas of tourism in and around Qarmish, where it was built in 1867 by King Ludwik II, and it currently attracts many tourists who come to learn about the architecture of the palace and its importance. Tourists can enjoy viewing the green spaces of the park, which spans an area of ​​125 hectares, and the park includes a number of distinctive landmarks such as the Cave of Venus, Hunding Cottage and Gornmans Abbey, which is a number of cultural events in the era of King Ludwig, the most famous of which are operas and concerts.

Linderhof Castle also features a luxurious interior, beautiful ceilings with colorful frescoes, marble carvings and tapestries on the wall.

6- The Franciscan monastery of Anba Anton

Just a short distance from the city of Qarmesh, the Franciscan monastery of Anba Anton contains memorials to local men who died in the two world wars. It also includes a new parish church called St. Martin in which was built in 1733 with a unique Baroque interior design, and the old parish church of the 15th century with its Gothic frescoes.

7- Viardenfels Museum

Housed in an old house dating from the 17th century, the Viardenfels Museum displays local archaeological finds, antiquities, carnival masks and folk art as well as antique furniture. [1]

8- Neuschwanstein Castle

The most popular tourist destination in Garmisch is Neuschwanstein Castle, located on a hilltop in the Bavarian Alps, with blue towers and white limestone facades.

1- Do water sports in Qarmesh

Many water sports can be practiced in Zugspitze mountain, which is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Qarmish, and it reaches a height of 2,962 meters above sea level. This includes snowboarding, 8-hour hiking, mountain climbing and paragliding.

2- practice skiing

The Garmisch-Partenkirchen mountain offers an exceptional skiing time for all tourists, and there is a ski training center for all levels. Tourists can go climbing, hiking and mountain biking in the summer. [2]

3- Take a mountain ride from Munich Central Station to Garmisch-Partenkirchen Station.

The cost of tourism in Qarmesh varies according to the leisure activities performed by the tourist as follows: [3]

1- Ski ticket fees in the Qaremish Mountains start from 213 Saudi Riyal for adults, 168 Saudi Riyal for children.

2- The prices of cable car rides start from 89 Saudi Riyal for adults, 71 Saudi Riyal for children.

3- Prices for a mountain excursion on the train start from 161 Saudi Riyal for adults, 22 Saudi Riyal for children.

Saudis can apply for a Germany visa through this website with some documents attached, namely. Note that the visa fee for adults is 331 riyals and for children 166 riyals.

1- A valid passport.

2- Medical insurance.

3- Reservation of flight tickets and hotel reservations

4- Bank statement for 3 months.

anywhere Tourism in Qarmesh You can see 400 mountain peaks in four countries, and you can enjoy the scenery and leisure activities away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and the usual routine. Availability of areas Tourism in Qarmesh Many activities throughout the year. In the summer, tourists can walk and ride the cable car, and in the winter they can practice winter sports such as skiing.

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