Emirates News Agency – 20 Emirati designers catch the attention of the golden jubilee visitors of the “Watches and Jewellery” exhibition

Sharjah, 8 October / WAM / With the participation of more than 900 local and international brands from the most prominent names specialized in the world of watch and jewelery design in the golden jubilee edition of the Middle East Watch and Jewelery Exhibition currently at the Expo Center Sharjah, Emirati designers managed to attract the attention of visitors to the exhibition The “Emirates Jewellers’ Platform” provided by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the aim of attracting young Emirati supporting talents in the world of jewelery design and highlighting their art. exhibitions within this important event.

When visitors enter the main exhibition gate, they encounter a fantasy world of magic reflected in the displayed pieces that combine unique beauty and craftsmanship. To satisfy their desires with the high Emirati taste presented by 20 Emirati designers who were eager to to participate in this. initiative to highlight their craftsmanship and marketing creativity in the manufacture and formulation of jewelery and gemstones, and to showcase their latest innovative collections of gold and diamond jewelery exclusively for Zura, the 50th edition of Middle East Watches and Jewellery.

His Excellency Abdullah Sultan Al Owais, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that supporting Emirati entrepreneurs and talents is one of the main goals that the Sharjah Chamber is working towards, with reference to the Middle East Watch. and Jewelery Exhibition as an important platform to support Emirati designers by presenting the “Sagha Platform”. Emirates, across more than 8 courses, was able to form an exemplary opportunity to support Emirati designers who want to enter the world of gold and jewelry, either at the level of the Emirate of Sharjah or the country.

Al Owais pointed out that the platform has succeeded in attracting talents to the jewelery and trade design sector in the UAE to work on developing their craftsmanship and marketing skills in this field. The latest Emirati jewelry designer and many designers who have presented dazzling designs of gold and jewelry. .

He pointed out that the “Emirates Goldsmiths Platform” initiative has achieved a record of success in supporting Emirati talents in their growth path, to the extent that they are today owners of well-known brands, stressing that the Chamber looks forward to to celebrate more of these designers and offer the opportunity to unleash their creative abilities in each session. One of the cycles of this great event.

His Excellency Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO of Expo Center Sharjah, for his part emphasized that the center is eager to provide all kinds of support for Emirati entrepreneurs to become known in the world in every session of the Middle East Watch and Jewelery Show set. by creating the premier location of the Emirates Jewelers platform and enhancing the presence of its members in this global event, apart from the major manufacturers.

He believed that the platform is an annual incentive to attract more innovators in this field to enter the world of jewelry design and take advantage of the exhibition’s position and the large global participation that it annually witnessed, which is positively reflected in providing these talents with more experiences and knowledge to develop their businesses, and expresses its appreciation for the young Emirati entrepreneurs and their efforts.. Continue to innovate products and launch projects which is in line with the needs of local and global markets.

The “Emirates Goldsmiths Platform” contributes to the promotion of Emirati talents hosted by the Sharjah Chamber for this great event and is keen to follow up the progress in their commercial journeys. My specialist is far from this field, as I work as a doctor, but my love and passion for beauty and drawing prompted me to discover this talent, as well as many government initiatives that support Emirati talents, the most important of which is the Emirates Goldsmiths- platform is, which formed the biggest incentive to this talent in me and start my own project.

Designer Zahira Ahmed Al Marar said: “She is participating in the exhibition for the second time and expresses her pride to participate in this platform with a group of Emirati talents working in one spirit to promote the UAE in such a ‘ to represent a global event, emphasizing that the Sharjah Chamber was the first and biggest supporter for it to be today. A major participant in this event and displaying her designs to the whole world, pointing out that most of her designs inspired by history and the events around us.”

For her part, Sheikha Al Serkal confirmed her eagerness to participate in the activities of the Middle East Watch and Jewelery Exhibition as an important platform to highlight her talent, which is admired by visitors to the exhibition every year, and emphasized that her designs were very popular, and her various gold displays won the admiration of visitors and exhibitors who participated in the event.

Azza Al Jarwan praised the support of the Sharjah Chamber by adopting young Emirati talents in the world of jewelery design and highlighting their art exhibitions within the most important event on the map of exhibitions specialized in jewelery and the most prominent at the level of the UAE and the region as a real opportunity to benefit from the expertise and meet the leading international designers participating in the exhibition.

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Ahmed Al-Boutli/ Batoul Kashwani

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