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Al Marsad newspaper: “The best rooms are those that have a story to tell about their occupants,” says English interior designer David Hicks. This quote undoubtedly expresses a simple truth that raises profound aesthetic questions! In other words, does interior design show the difference and uniqueness of your home? And if so, how?

When you have finished choosing the interior design, we proceed to the next step, which is to choose the colors that should match the design you have chosen (you can see the 2022 color fashion).

2022 color fashion

For some aesthetic patterns, such as damask and Asian, historical considerations make specific colors suitable for them. As for other styles, such as contemporary or bohemian, this gives the designer or homeowner more room to get creative and experiment with unique color combinations.

Therefore, it is important for the homeowner to know and choose the interior design she desires before starting to pick and choose the color palette. In these lines, we list the most popular interior design styles to inspire you with the best colors for the walls of your home, according to “Al-Jazeera Paints” on its website.

Heritage Design: Old Renewed

Heritage design is one of the oldest and simplest patterns, and the reason for this is that this design is rooted in the culture and heritage of people. It relies heavily on decoration with old pieces and materials, and this style of design relies on inheritance, and maintains its traditionality by relying on some decorations in symmetrical and harmonious shapes, in addition to traditionally carved wood, and textiles that are traditional motifs are engraved.

my heritage

Regarding the choice of colors for traditional houses, the color group you will choose should highlight at least three colors in a clear and elegant way to give this style the modern touch you want. Colors such as brown and beige are suitable for traditional houses.

Contemporary design: simplicity and harmony

Contemporary style creates a neutral and functional space for designers, and the color palettes in this design are centered around neutral colors. For example, off-white, warm gray, light gray, with a slight overlap of black. In addition, the gradient shades of wood material, from light shades of oak, to rich shades of walnut, suit contemporary design, especially on decor, and add more depth and warmth to colors in the place.

You can also mix earth tones like pesto, sandstone or empire to bring out the more natural look of contemporary style. You can check out the Concrete Effect product, it can give you the inspiration you want. You can choose colors like brown and gray and their gradations to break the intensity of the light colors in the place, and to give a beautiful contrast and harmony to your room.

Look.. the most beautiful harmonious interior colors for your home design

concrete effect

Eclectic design: a color palette for the bold spirit

Some interior designers consider eclectic design to be the most modern and elegant version compared to bohemian design (called eclecticism for its reliance on the designer’s choice of decorative pieces and the choice of colors according to his taste). Both eclectic and bohemian designs meet at common points, namely the nature of the design, the color combinations, the coordination methods and the decor and furniture pieces, but the eclectic design elements are less hierarchical and more modern. The rooms, which follow an eclectic style in their design, rely on distinctive decorative pieces, and in most cases they are selected from and inspired by other interior design elements.

In terms of color, this design is rich and colorful, allowing you to get as creative as you want. For example, you can choose vibrant colors with a product like Nofal Charm, or go in a completely different direction with lively and cheerful designs. The most popular trend at the moment is to choose a neutral-colored wallpaper for the walls, such as Bumblebee or Brickyard, which allows you to choose and coordinate any decorative pieces or materials you desire.

Look.. the most beautiful harmonious interior colors for your home design


Industrial design: industrial yet elegant!

The origins of industrial design go back to factory designs in the last century. This design can be said to be more practical than others, due to its reliance on raw natural elements such as metals, antique wood and leather. But if you want to add aesthetic touch to the place, you can use a combination of dark colors, decorative pieces and decorations that give a different spirit and personality to this style.

Industrial design is based on simple, contemporary aesthetics and geometric shapes, as well as asymmetrical patterns in interior decor. The best colors to adopt for this style are colors with sharp connotations like camel color and rock blue. In general, this style depends on an elegant combination of colors, such as: black, gray and brown.

You can check out Rust Effect Paint for the industrial look you want for your home interior design.

Look.. the most beautiful harmonious interior colors for your home design

rust effect

Simple design: quality, not quantity

Minimalist design, like contemporary design, tops the list of the most sought-after interior designs at the moment. This design is characterized primarily by simplicity. We see simple materials, and less use of shapes and decorations. The philosophy behind this design is to focus on the quality of things and not on their abundance. For this reason, you will not see excessive use of decorations or furniture in this type of design. So, if you choose this style of design, choose pieces that are minimal and elegant at the same time.

The color palette in minimalist design tends to be mostly light shades, so we see colors like Parley, Aloe Vera and Cloud, which all fall within the minimalist color spectrum. The rule of thumb in minimalist design is to avoid being too conspicuous, the focus is on soft, muted colors, such as the one offered by the Green Matte product.

Look.. the most beautiful harmonious interior colors for your home design


The main element of this design is the use of white, so always think of white when choosing any color, such as icy white, ask yourself, is it more white than blue? Any color you choose should give you a hint of white.

You’ve probably realized by now the fine lines that separate these designs, and how they’re all alike and intertwined at the same time. With this information, you can begin to visualize the design and personality that you want your home to be unique!

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