Opening a crowd for the Beirut Open Taekwondo Championship, Lebanon won the largest number of medals on the first day | sport

Lebanon won the “lion’s share” on the first day of the fourth annual Beirut Open Taekwondo tournament, organized by the Lebanese Taekwondo Federation, under the patronage of the President of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel Aoun, and under the supervision of the International Federation, at the Nohad Nawfal Complex Stadium in Zouk Mikael.

Twenty countries will participate in the tournament: Lebanon, Turkey, Congo, Ivory Coast, Iran, India, Greece, Libya, Iraq, Lesotho, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Netherlands, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Syria and Oman.


The massive opening ceremony was held in the presence of a large audience, hosted by the Minister of Tourism in the caretaker government, Engineer Walid Nassar, representing the tournament sponsor, the President of the Olympic Committee, Pierre Galakh, lawyer Ibrahim Al-Shweiri, representing from the Minister of Youth and Sports in the caretaker government, Dr. George Kallas, and Colonel Fadi Stephan, representing the Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, Major Walid Tannuri, representing the Director General of the Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad Othman, Major Dimitri Saqr, representing the Director General of Public Security , Major General Abbas Ibrahim, Major Labib Saad, representing the Director General of Public Security, Major General Antoine Saliba, members of the Olympic Committee, ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps They are led by South Korean Ambassador to Lebanon Il Park, President of the Arab Taekwondo Federation Idris Al-Hilali and members of the Arab Federation, observer of the International Taekwondo Federation Othman Deldar, heads of delegations, heads and members of Lebanese sports federations, Taekwondo lovers, the Taekwondo family, players ‘s families, players and men from the press and media.

The beginning of the national anthem, and the speech of the media master of the ceremony, Sandrine Jabra, said: “In short, the Taekwondo Federation does not surrender to the reality we have been living in for almost three years. It is still a beehive which organizes his entire annual calendar and hosts international tournaments and competitions.Wholesale, the most recent of which are the medals he won in the Islamic Solidarity Course held recently in Turkey.
With the testimony of all, the Lebanese Taekwondo Federation is one of the successful sports federations in Lebanon, as its activities extend throughout the year and without interruption.


Then the president of the Lebanese Taekwondo Federation, dr. Habib Zarifa, spoke and said: “We love the game of Taekwondo, and we in Lebanon are suffering at all levels, but when we see how the players and players fight with honor and sacrifice, we make sure that the word surrender does not enter us dictionary does not exist. The players are the light that radiates hope and they are truly Hope for the future, and we are proud of them. I thank all the attendees, led by the Minister of Tourism, Engineer Walid Nassar, who sponsors the tournament , President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, represented.


Minister Nassar, for his part, said: “I would like to welcome the International Taekwondo Federation, its delegate, the president and members of the Arab Federation and the participating delegations. I heartily congratulate the Lebanese Taekwondo Federation for its good organization and for hosting this international championship and the Arab championship. The participation of twenty countries in the championship is nothing but the best proof that Lebanon is a country.” It is safe, stable and open to its Arab neighbors and the brotherly Arab countries, as well as the countries of the whole world, and work is underway today to stabilize it economically and politically, as it is a country entitled to is to attract international tournaments in various fields and sports, tourism, entertainment and culture sectors to restore its presence and active position in the region and the world.”

On behalf of His Excellency, the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, he announced the opening of the tournament and wished all participants glory and victory, and that Lebanon will remain as it was the land of convergence for all countries and a focal point for international activities, as it has proven to be ready and always present, despite all the difficult circumstances to host this tournament and all similar tournaments and with permanent success.

After that, Dr. Zarifa a memorial shield to Eng. Nassar handed over, to applause from the audience.

Before the start of the competitions, the South Korean battalion operating within the United Nations forces in South Lebanon gave an interesting presentation that won the admiration of the audience.

First day

Lebanon excelled (at the level of the national team and at the level of clubs) on the first day awarded to the boys and girls category (12-14 years), as the home country of the Cedars won the largest number of colored medals has. As for gold medals, the players of the Nation of Cedars won the gold medals by Edmond Hashem (Lebanon team), Andrew Nasr (Lebanon team), Michel Zenon (Combat Arena Club), Giorgio Khabbaz (Lebanon team), Patrick Aoun (Notre Dame FC), Joey Youssef (Lebanon Team) and Karl Kaadi (Lebanon Team), Ali Al-Sayed (Al-Liwa Al-Rafid Club), Angelina Skaf (Lebanon Team), Celia Matar ( Notre Dame Club), Elodie Najjar (Lebanon Team), and Estelle Al-Adas (Lebanon Team). Fahm Raoul Abou Mourad (Lebanon National Team), Ryan Hanna (Combat Arena Club), Elie Hayek (Intranic Club), Charbel Mourad (Lebanon National Team), Kevin Sawan (Mon LaSalle), Giorgio Baroud (Intranic Club), Marc Gharib (Notre Dame Club) and Talia Diab (Club). Golf), Angelina El-Murr (Intranic Club), Warzeh Wehbe (Anwar Club) and Lynn Nehme (Lebanon National) Team).

As for the Lebanese players who won bronze medals in the boys and girls category, they are Joe Chris Yacoub (Anwar Club), Ali Al-Qadri (Al-Liwa Al-Rafeed Club), Rayne Al-Rayyes (Anwar Club ), Marc El-Meir (Antarek Club), Charbel Francis (Mon LaSalle Club) and Marco Hanna (Club). Notre Dame), Kevin Rostom (Al-Burj Club, Aintoura), Obeida Hajjar (Al-Liwa Al-Rafid Club), Alex Mitilian (Combat Arena Club), Rona Al-Sukhn (Lebanon National Team), Charlene Mezher ( Anwar Club), Bissan Faraj (Lebanon National Team), Maribel Skaf (Lebanon National Team), Yasmina Abou Daher (Golf Club), Elise Mufrej (Anwar Club) and Antonia Hashem (Intranik).

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