UAE women win silver in teams and singles with the “Golf Car”

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In the presence and sponsorship of Mehrez Boussian, president of the Tunisian National Olympic Committee, the curtain fell on the first night of Saturday, the 21st Arab Championship for the youth under 18 and under 15, the second for the cubs under 13, the first for girls under 15, and 12 for women, whose competitions are held in a golf club. Citrus and at the Zaitoun and Al-Ghaba stadiums in Hammamet, Tunisia, and witnessed the participation of more than 90 male and female players representing 10 Arab countries.


The tournament witnessed the distribution of titles for its five categories at the team and individual level to many countries, although the boys and girls of Tunisia won most of the titles, but the girls and boys of the Emirates had a part of the titles and medals by climbing the podiums, culminating in the crowning of the UAE women’s team with silver medals at the team level by players Alia Al Emadi, Hamda Al Suwaidi and Sarah Ali, and our women’s team player, Alia Al Emadi, the second place in the individual competitions and won the silver medal. Hamid Al-Suwaidi, Abdullah Darwish and Abdullah Suleiman took the fourth place in the Arab world, and our under-18 team, consisting of players Rashid Al-Jasmi, Abdullah Al-Suwaidi and Muhammad Skaik , won the fourth place, and our player Sarah Ali won the fourth place in the singles competitions for girls under 15 years in her first participation.


The closing ceremony witnessed the wedding of Arab golf rules and ladies, together with Mahrez Boussian, President of the Tunisian National Olympic Committee, Abdelaziz El Molla, Vice President of the Arab Golf Federation, Maher Bouchmawi, President of the Tunisian Golf Federation, Hatem Qiyia and Ferihana El Bouchmawi, members of the Board of Directors of the Arab Golf Federation, Mohamed Aziz, Vice President of the Tunisian Golf Federation, and Mohamed Al-Issa, Vice President of the Tunisian Golf Federation. Secretary General of the Arab Golf Federation, Khaled Al Shamsi, Secretary General of the Emirates Golf Federation, and all the heads of the ten delegations participating in the tournament, together with parents and a large audience of fans of this sport and all the Tunisian media.

Tunisian women

The Tunisian women’s team won the gold medal in the women’s team competitions, and the UAE women’s team were runners-up, the silver medalists and the Egyptian team finished third.

In the first participation in the under-15 girls’ championship, the Tunisian team took first place, Egypt second, Saudi Arabia third, and at the individual level the Tunisian Ibtihal Hammami, the Egyptian runner-up Talia Sameh, and the Tunisian Esraa Abu Omar won the third place.

Egypt’s youth

The Egyptian team won first place in the under-18 youth category, and was awarded gold, and the Sultanate of Oman and the Tunisian team finished third.

In the u-15 junior competitions, the Tunisian team won the first place, the runners-up of the Egyptian team and the third for the UAE team.

lions of Jordan

The Jordanian team took first place in the category under 13 cubs, runner-up to the Tunisian team and third to the Egyptian team.

to thank

Mehrez Boussian, President of the Tunisian National Olympic Committee, congratulated the winners, boys and girls, and thanked the Arab Golf Federation, appreciating the efforts and earnest efforts to spread the game and its practitioners, boys and girls, at the level of the Arab National. And emanating from the Tunisian Golf University to reach this great sporting event to the highest degree of success, which has achieved the goals for which it was held, congratulations to the winners and wish the best of luck to those who are not successful was not

He conveyed the greetings of the president of the Arab Golf Federation, Yasser Al-Rumayyan, to the participants and continued his speech by expressing his happiness and his fellow members of the Executive Office on the technical level achieved by the players in the tournament was presented, which produced many talents who will represent the future of the game in our Arab country.

Maher Al-Bouchmawi, President of the Tunisian Golf Federation, expressed his happiness and his brothers in the committee for the results achieved by the tournament, which delighted us all in terms of technical and organizational level.


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