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Saraya – Many of us suffer from a lack of sleep that can last for hours or nights! So we will learn together about things that help sleep and not overthinking, whether for adults or children, and what foods and drinks can help sleep

Things that help sleep Many people may suffer from some level of life stress, and whatever the source of this stress is, it can have an impact on sleep duration, causing other physical and psychological problems for the person who does not haven’t gotten enough sleep, so tips can help The following will help overcome this problem:

Avoid heavy or heavy meals before bed, and don’t leave yourself hungry or full and unable to breathe

Beware of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine

Avoid long naps, try not to exceed an hour, and don’t make them late, but if your work is at night, you may need it to compensate for your lack of sleep, before continuing to work again

You can take a shower or do relaxation techniques before going to bed to rest

Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep, and set yourself a specific time to sleep and wake up each day

Make your room a suitable place to sleep by keeping it cool, quiet and dark and away from electronic devices before bed

If your mind is thinking, write it down, put it off for the next day, and find ways to relieve stress by organizing time and delegating tasks to others who can do them

Give your body some activity during the day, such as playing sports or walking, but don’t make it close to your bedtime

Causes of heart palpitations during sleep. What should I do if I can’t sleep? If you do not fall asleep within 20 minutes, you can try getting out of bed and doing an activity, such as reading or doing an activity that helps you relax, and when you are tired feel, go back to bed, and this can be repeated as needed

5 reasons behind sleep paralysis and how to treat it. Things that help deep sleep? There are a few factors that can be taken into account and can help you sleep better, especially in relation to food and drink, and we will learn more about these factors as follows:

Food and drinks that help you sleep. Paying attention to healthy foods helps you sleep better, including:

Almonds are rich in important nutrients such as magnesium and melatonin, which can help you sleep

Walnut is rich in many nutrients including minerals and vitamins

Chamomile tea is one of the herbal drinks that can reduce depression and anxiety, and thanks to some elements in this tea such as antioxidants, it can help to feel drowsy and reduce the feeling of insomnia.

Eat fatty fish such as mackerel and tuna, which are beneficial and contain omega-3 and vitamin D

Dairy products

Fruits That Aid Sleep Some types of fruit can help you sleep better in general, including:

Kiwi is an important source of vitamin C, and can help you sleep due to the presence of antioxidants and serotonin

Bananas can help you sleep better because of their magnesium content, but they are not generally considered a rich source

Things that help children sleep. As for children, the following tips can help promote adequate sleep for them by:

Set specific and organized times for sleeping and waking up for the whole family, even during holidays

Define a specific routine for sleep, and it will be with the participation of the family and the child as well, so you explain to him what to do before bedtime, it can help to stick to and pay attention to the application of what he heard, and if a small child does not understand speech well, you can explain to him with pictures

Make sure you feed the child during the day, and you can give them a snack before bed, including a piece of fruit or whole grain with milk, and don’t give them fatty or large meals shortly before bed

Provide a quiet, dark and cool place for your child, and if he is afraid of the dark, dim lighting can be provided in the room, or the door can be left a little open to let in the light.

You must be aware of your child’s usual requests to escape from sleep and stay awake, such as going to the bathroom and drinking water or doing an activity, do all this before bedtime and make it a routine, even if it is time to sleep and go to sleep, he will not be allowed to get up from it

If your child wakes up, don’t argue, open up and interact with him, just take him back from his hand to bed by bed

You can put a doll next to your child, so that he feels more company and security

How to treat children’s bedtime fears. In the end, after knowing about the most important things that help sleep.. Try as much as possible not to change the routine and sleep schedules, not to gradually spoil everything, whether it is for yourself or your child, and if the problem of inability to sleep or its disorders persists, you should consult a specialist doctor

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