Are there agendas and scenarios for (ignoring Iraqi society)???

A question that has always bothered me and I have not found an answer to it: Are there agendas, scenarios and goals to ignore the Iraqi society by regional and international bodies and institutions?? Before going into the details of the subject, it is necessary to shed light on the concept of “ignorance” and what is the difference between “ignorance” and “ignorance” … ignorance in the terminology of the people of speech (belief in something contradictory) to what it is, which is a firm belief in what does not correspond to the truth) .. and ignorance is (a choice The individual not to receive knowledge, knowledge and culture to elevate himself and his mind not) As for “ignorance” which is the anchor of the horse, it is “imposing ignorance on individuals, which is a deliberate, dangerous and planned issue” because the individual finds himself carried away by ignorance against his will and because he is ignorant.. The concept of ignorance is called (the industry of ignorance) ) .. that the industry of ignorance or ignorance has become more sophisticated and has become a quality, companies, institutions and countries with distant political goals than we announce that the science of ignorance aims at ignorance to spread and make people prey to powerful interests that want to spread ignorance and misinformation and mix things up to achieve their distant goals and get into people’s minds is from the gate of ignorance, and it is adopted and sponsored by big companies and institutions to promote and reinforce ignorance. managed by modern and scientific means by great minds specialized in this regard, so that it is a manufactured commodity and the product of programs and research that turns into a commodity displayed and marketed in the shops of politics (rotten) . Making people prey to powerful interests that aim to deliberately spread ignorance through misleading and deceptive methods, mislead people, especially the simple ones, invert and falsify facts by publishing and promoting some topics and promoting others hide in order to create a state of confusion and confusion among the recipients who believe everything they hear and see… And after all the above Unfortunately I say: The past years have proven that the differences between the political parties, the lack to harmony and understanding, the absence of national scruples, and the chaos has made the way clear and a temple for those suspicious parties to interfere in Iraq’s affairs and its internal policies and implement their agendas and suspicious goals, through advantage to draw from those differences and chaos, and the multiplicity of sources of decisions and media chaos, which is the most dangerous. The media has become the easy window to tame the common people and they i to change a submissive generation, and one of the main reasons that led to this is the absence of censorship on programs and news and to leave the queue to the west until the “axe on the head” fell.. The process of ignoring society has succeeded to some extent in achieving its goals and outputs through paid media and social media channels, which is a double-edged sword through what they publish and broadcast from Poisons, programs and films that use electronic armies to confuse and overturn facts to control people’s minds and brains, especially young people, as well as (semi-educated people), so that we see them (like parrots) repeating everything they hear and watch through satellite channels… Those suspicious institutions in their high-tech possessions had a direct role or indirectly, in the cracking of the system of values ​​and morals by some sites that spread like wildfire in the face of the prevailing control and the backward itgang of the role of the family and role models, and the known catastrophic conditions that our beloved country has gone through, leading to a lost generation and youth with no future for goals in the light of the worsening of the drug phenomenon in a dangerous and hard way. Control it, and that’s what the enemies want… Then the spread of cafes and coffee shops (and hookahs) in a striking way, especially among teenagers, until the late hours of the night, at a time when the family follows -to his children who have fallen under (the tent of wandering and lost)… and the internet and what do you know what the internet is this strange world it is a way to transfer information, data and messages. It has an octopus because of its abuse by many who used its dark side, which stormed Homes, institutions and bedrooms are scary and dangerous, and it became like water and air that was not forsaken and misused by many cannot be.. which has negatively affected the thoughts, behavior and brains of some, and their deviation through programs and movies, and the spread of immorality. True, the proliferation of private schools, colleges and universities in a dangerous manner, whose first and last goal is to obtain funds regardless of scientific sobriety, from which thousands of students graduate annually, some of whom do not know how to make a useful sentence write and others write (thank you) instead of (thank you) and (Lotfan) Instead of (kindly ) and ( to you ) instead of ( to you ) … Then the higher degrees, masters and doctorates that became available has for those who pay a few dollars outside of Iraq to write the letter dal ( d ) before his name to Dr. To become so and so and some of them do not know (The jack is from the goat).. .. Finally, I say, the enemies have succeeded to some extent in spreading a state of terror, destabilizing stability , raising doubts, entering people into labyrinths, and leaving them in a state of confusion and loss… The big question here is when should we unsheath our swords in the face of these enemies??? And when will our conscience awaken for the sake of our beloved country which is tossed by strong waves?? The answer is left to the person concerned.
Peace be upon you and (thank you) for you, sorry, thank you…

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