Causes of children’s nightmares and what should I do if my children keep seeing them

Causes of children’s nightmares Many, such as nightmares are considered disturbing for children, and it is normal for children to have nightmares and disturbing dreams because of real things they are actually afraid of, such as insects, angry animals, imaginary things like monsters, or even traumatic events that they experienced, and there is a stage of sleep called eye movement. It happens quickly that nightmares come to the child, so children need to feel reassured by their parents, and this negatively affects their psychological state, and dreams are a healthy phenomenon because they are symbolic expressions of desires and motives that accumulate in the unconscious in children or involuntary impressions and emotions that occur During sleep he is influenced and reflected by the painful or pleasant events that happened during awakening.

Causes of children’s nightmares

There are many different causes of children’s nightmares, and they are as follows:

  • Psychological stress within the family: As when there is constant turmoil in the home, problems between spouses, financial crises or other stress, the chances of the child having nightmares increase.
  • Watch violent movies: It also includes cartoon films whose content directly affects the child, especially if he watches them at night or before sleeping.
  • Childhood Anxiety Disorders: At some stages, the child’s sense of anxiety increases about everything that surrounds him, such as his failure or his failure to perform in school, and from his overthinking about these matters, that anxiety is transformed into disturbing nightmares.
  • Sibling Jealousy: If the child feels jealous of his brother and that he is different from him, then his self-confidence is shaken and his psyche is greatly affected, leading to a greater possibility of seeing disturbing dreams.
  • Constant intimidation: Many parents deal with their children in a way of intimidation, threats and constant pressure, which inevitably reflects on their psychological state, and always makes them feel afraid.
  • Separation anxiety: There is a common phenomenon that the child goes through and as one of the Causes of children’s nightmares This is when he gets a little away from his mother, with whom he always stayed, and it increases in the periods of his beginning to sleep in a separate room.
  • Child who is harmed: When a child is hurt or harassed by one of his schoolmates, he is afraid to face the people around him.

4 year old’s nightmares

4-year-olds see these nightmares, which is the age when their normal fears develop, their imagination develops and their ability to describe bad dreams they’ve had, and a child can listen to a frightening and frightening story or a movie watching the TV show that triggered his fears before going to bed Or feeling stressed and anxious during the day.

There are a few things that make a 4-year-old child feel nervous, and they are among the Causes of children’s nightmares Such as sleeping in a big bed, training to use the bathroom and going to kindergarten, and the parents’ excessive preoccupation with work, and these feelings appear in the form of nightmares.

How to treat children’s nightmares

  • Stick the child on his back and hug him after watching disturbing dreams.
  • The parents make it clear to the child that there are no gnomes in the bed or anywhere else, with the need to pay attention to them hiding in one of his toys, his favorite toy or one of the stuffed fur toys, and make sure the light is turned on at night and tell the parents that they are next to him.
  • If the child talks about those nightmares the next day, he should be asked to draw a picture of what happened to him in the dream, to get rid of those scenes in his head.
  • Apply a moisturizing cream to the child’s face and skin, and tell him that this cream is called a happy dreams cream, to reduce his anxiety.
  • Fill a bottle with water and vanilla, and spray it in the air, to get rid of the fantasy that the child sees in his sleep once and for all.
  • It is necessary to visit a doctor if the case worsens and his fear becomes satisfactory and always throughout the day.
  • Participate with the child in making a dream catcher and hang it on the back of the bed, so that he realizes that he will get rid of those nightmares and bad dreams.
Causes of children's nightmares

Causes of children’s nightmares

ways to reduce Nightmares of two year olds

There are several methods you can take to reduce Causes of children’s nightmares At the age of two they are as follows:

  • Make sure the child gets enough sleep, as children who have nightmares in their sleep need much more sleep than they usually get.
  • Maintain a bedtime routine and try to make it a fun time to watch, hear a song or read a story.
  • Do not allow the child to watch scary TV shows or movies 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime.
  • The mother talks to her child about the nightmare during the day, while trying to deduce the reasons for her child’s fears, especially if the content of the nightmare is repeated or if it is related to a problem related to school or friends or the loss of someone.
  • To make the child feel safe by talking to him calmly and cuddling him, and staying with him for a short time after the nightmare.
  • To show the mother an understanding of the fear her child feels, while reminding him that everyone dreams, and often their dreams are disturbing, frightening and can also be real.
  • The mother encourages her child to sleep in his bed, avoiding her excessive attention and pampering.
  • The mother stays away from keeping bright lights on in her child’s bedroom, while making sure to provide night lighting if she feels comfortable.
  • The mother left the bedroom door open, to show her child that the house was safe and that she was near it.

What are the signs of nightmares in children?

there is Causes of children’s nightmares And signs that need to be taken care of and taken into account, and you can identify them by the following signs:

  • Nightmares usually occur in a child during REM sleep.
  • The child wakes up suddenly in the middle of the night.
  • The child’s ability to describe the details of the nightmare he saw during his sleep.

What should I do if my children keep having nightmares?

You can do the following if your children have constant nightmares to eliminate Causes of children’s nightmares

  • Dim the bedside light if your children are afraid of the dark.
  • Give them a blanket or a soft toy so you can sleep with them.
  • Don’t spoil them too much, because even though your children are afraid of nightmares and have trouble sleeping, make sure you don’t surrender them and don’t let them sleep with you, but stay in their room for a while and cuddle them until they fall asleep.
  • If they call during the night, answer their calls immediately.
  • Help your children overcome their fears by asking them to write down their fears on a piece of paper and then shred it and throw it in the trash.
  • Help them build confidence by playing them in the day, and include activities that can help them increase their confidence, asking them to tell the story of their fears, discussing them with them and giving them the telling reality and appreciating and rewarding them when they achieve something.

Share with us your experiences with the causes of children’s nightmares and leave us a comment below, to inquire more about the causes of children’s nightmares.

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