It coincides with the October victory celebrations, the reconstruction of South Sinai… Development and a promising future

  • Mayor of St. Catherine: Development projects are the basis for development on the land of peace
  • Governorate Investment Manager: Establishment of integrated service and infrastructure clusters
  • Head of the North and South Sinai Reconstruction Authority: Various productive projects that increase job opportunities and improve the standard of living of citizens, develop the villages of Saal and Marwa .. and hand over 40 houses to the people and equip 5 hectares to the beneficiary

With the celebration of the October anniversary every year, attention is drawn to every new and distinctive thing that contributes to this great victory, another achievement full of challenges and championships. Therefore, the development and development of cities is a national goal that the state pursue with firm steps in all parts of Egypt. South Sinai is one of the most prominent governorates that has witnessed a major development recently. This development coincides with the glorious October celebrations to witness achievements added to a long history that takes them to globalization in various fields, including construction, reconstruction, road construction, development of facilities such as water, sanitation and communication networks, and the introduction of modern hospital systems. As well as attention to schools and universities and providing cities for games, restaurants, cafes, museums and various places where citizens go for work, entertainment, study and places to exercise.

“Al-Ahram Investigations” began its field tour from the heart of Saint Catherine, which witnesses this development, which we summarize in the following lines.

Eng Nagy Ibrahim – Talaat Al-Anany Brigade

  • Development of the towns “Saal and Al-Marwa”

We started the tour from the development cluster project in the village of Wadi Seal, where Major General Talaat El-Anany, President of Saint Catherine City, said that in view of the development and stability of Sinai and according to the directions of the political leadership , the establishment of the integrated development cluster in Saal, which is supervised and financed by the Engineering Authority, has been completed. It has completed the construction of 50 houses with an area of ​​200 square meters and the allocation of 5 hectares for each beneficiary. It also dug 17 wells and established 10 shops varying in size between 4 and 6 meters, a mosque, a health unit, a youth center, a school and a government office building belonging to the Ministry of Local Development. Each beneficiary of agricultural land has irrigation hoses, and also contributed to the provision of agricultural equipment and the leveling of the land by the specialized administration in the governorate. Currently, another 50 houses are being built in the new assembly and plots of land are being prepared for cultivation, with reservations starting as soon as they are announced.

Hussein Muhammad Ali, head of the Saal village, explained that the area of ​​the houses in the new development is 200 square meters, divided into 120 meters for buildings and 80 meters for the garden, with super luxury finishing, consisting of 4 bedrooms and the houses are equipped to build a second floor according to the beneficiary’s desire, with reference to the construction of the mosque. On an area of ​​100 square meters, a school serving the primary and preparatory stages and accommodating 500 students, the health unit building on two floors, the first for clinics and the second housing doctors and nursing, and the club includes a five-a-side playground, two games halls and two changing rooms.

One of the beneficiaries signs a contract to take possession of his house

Engineer Nagy Ibrahim, head of the North and South Sinai Reconstruction Authority, explains the role of the Central Agency for Reconstruction in Sinai, which has started a fruitful development activity for the reconstruction of Sinai since 2014 with almost 61 projects so far , including, but not limited to, development meetings in partnership with the Army Engineering Authority.2 127 houses, 1180 houses have already been completed in the first phase and preparations are underway to hand over 940 houses to the detainees in the second phase, in addition to ten other development projects to be completed in North Sinai, emphasizing that all these gatherings include facilities and services such as “schools, mosques, health units and shops”, as well as the utility network of water, sewage and electricity.

He points to the role of the agency in the “Greatest Transfiguration” project, which includes 14 development projects, which will put Sinai on the map of the world’s leading countries, as well as the implementation of a package of projects that will contribute to more reconstruction and development and provide jobs in the land of peace, such as the two fish farming projects. And agricultural greenhouses, pointing out that the fish farming project in South Sinai started a year ago with the establishment of 16 dams, in addition to making use of irrigation basins to produce tilapia fish, in addition to a project to cultivate 1200 hectares, divided into 700 hectares in South Sinai to establish 16 model farms for fruits, citrus and palms, and 500 farms North Sinai Governor.

Ali Emara, Director of Investments in South Sinai Governor, indicates the completion of the establishment of integrated development clusters with services, infrastructure and verticality, including in the “Saal” community in St. Catherine, 4 in Ras Sedr, one in “Al- Hamma”, and two others in “Asla and Areeq”, which all houses Wells, agricultural land, schools, mosques, health units, youth centers, shops, a government office and an apartment building for include workers.

Ahmed Ibrahim of Beheira, and one of the beneficiaries of the Saal community, says that this project was presented in 2019 and was a house of 200 meters and 5 hectares for cultivation. And 8 thousand for activities and services, and perhaps what spurred me to progress in this new development cluster is that after obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce, I worked in the pizza industry to spend on my family, but this industry generates not much anymore, so I had this interesting experience in Sa’al, where security permits will be For those who work on the agricultural land, I will start to grow wheat and corn, since their cycle is faster to get the capital to to spend on the rest of the land and I will settle with my family and enroll my children in Saal schools.

As for Hani Ibrahim, he says: I left my job as a diving instructor in the city of Dahab after tourism was affected by the outbreak of Corona in the world. I applied with a cough for the development assembly project and the house and agriculture got land, and received the irrigation tools and I will start farming with strategic commodities such as wheat and olive trees, and after the production of the first harvest, I will settle with my family in the village of Saal, where all services are available .

Taha Al-Saadani from Menoufia and owner of House No. 4 hectares of olive trees and an acre of vegetables.

  • development projects

As for the development of the city of St. Catherine (the site of the greatest transformation in the land of peace), points out Major General Talaat Al-Anani, president of St. Catherine, noting that this comes against the background of the directives of the President of the Republic to instruct the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities to prepare the development plan for the city, specifically the urgent projects for its implementation by the relevant authorities and the removal of any obstacles that hinder this project, especially that development on the ground of peace has a special nature, that place with unique landmarks and a tourist destination for thousands of people who come from all over the world, mainly aimed at its religious landmarks that were unique to it from anywhere else, and the implementation of the plan coincides. along with it. The investment in the city, which according to the mayor of the city started to implement the city’s electrical connection with the transformer station of Nuweibastad to ensure the operation and lighting of the municipalities of towns and valleys. Al-Daba’ iya, Abu Sila, Al-Isba’iya, Al-Rasis and Al-Nabi Saleh next to the village of Al-Tarfa, supported by the replacement and strengthening of the aerial networks.”

Given the geographical nature of South Sinai and the approaching winter season, the governor has begun to prepare by paving works and strengthening the required protection work against torrential rain, as well as providing excavators and modern transport vehicles equipped with the latest technology to assist with excavations in the city and its villages, which are used when the city is exposed to torrential rain.

  • integrated system

Regarding the nature of Saint Catherine, which always needs to update its landmarks, tourist attractions, valleys and infrastructure to raise the standard of living of its inhabitants and provide it with the latest modern technologies without compromising its nature, explains Major General Talaat that through continuous communication and contact with citizens and identifying their problems through field trips in Bedouin communities in Saint Catherine And the affiliated towns, we get to know their problems and find appropriate solutions to them, some of which require the effectiveness of educational facilities in the city are increased at all levels of primary, preparatory and secondary, whether public education or Azhar especially for Bedouin communities, including social facilities in the city such as nurseries, women’s and children’s clubs, productive families, development associations and building support Institutional for all charities in the city .

Regarding the development of the health system, which is preparing to activate the comprehensive health insurance system, hospitals have been developed and the details of services provided to citizens, including receiving medical convoys, informing tribal elders and citizens of their dates and locations .

  • Youth is the core of the future

Since the youth are the core of the future and the state gives them special attention, the city of Saint Catherine has played a decisive role in consolidating their role, as Major General Talaat explains, and indeed a package of developments has been taken to support them and encourage them to create and innovate and offer them job opportunities, in addition to increasing the efficiency of the youth center and the development of its stadiums (ball The foot, the quintet), with the artificial grass, the construction of a hall equipped to practice athletics and others, and the participation of young people in the characteristic initiatives in the city, such as the (Tekieh Misr) initiative in the city of Saint Catherine, which aims at a decent provide life for citizens and help in the social dimension by distributing goats to citizens in a solidarity and dignity project In coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Social Solidarity ity, and participating in the cultivation of greenhouses distributed to citizens in the city.

  • The city’s cultural heritage

It was clear during the tour that the common denominator in all projects is to preserve the unique character of St. Catherine City and take into account the environmental impact of all the projects to be implemented in the city and preserve its architectural character, in coordination with the Agency for Environmental Affairs to complete the waste management system through garbage collection and disposal. On ‘ a safe and orderly way in order to preserve the purity and cleanliness of the environment in the city, and one of the leading activities is to support projects to revive. the cultural heritage, which was confirmed by Salima Al-Jabali, the owner of the Bedouin heritage project “Sina’s Art”, noting that the state supports all environmental craft projects with the cultural heritage of the Bedouin in the city. Which led to the establishment of many pioneering projects such as handicrafts run by a Bedouin girl, and the city contributes to the representation of the governor in all exhibitions inside and outside the governorate, with examples of the pioneering projects carried out by the city has been adopted, especially in the field of cultural heritage.

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