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Visitors to GITEX 2022 saw two “robots” with human-like features, in which they invested a lot of money and time, until they came out with the image that the visitors saw.

The robot “Amika”, which is the most advanced humanoid robot, can be used to develop and display the best experiences of machine learning interactions, which is the interface from which the digital world faces the real world.

He talks to visitors to the exhibition and explains to them how he works just like any real person, but he is currently at the beginning of development and research so that he can walk among people in the future.

At a place near the robot “Amika”, the “Etisalat van E en” group displayed a robot that looks like engineers and construction workers, and talked to visitors about safety and prevention methods when they are in dangerous places and excavations, and they directed with tips that help them get out of crises.

Epson will also display at GITEX Global 2022 a golf simulator with optical display technology and projectors that enable interaction with patients in the health sector, contributing to the provision of faster and higher quality patient care.

The company offered a three-dimensional light show on a luxury dress, a projection of light on walls and tables, and Moverio smart glasses that work with augmented reality technology for remote assistance, workflow guidance and training.

“Movio” smart glasses compatible with the safety helmet enable field personnel to communicate remotely with technical experts, enabling them to obtain information and advice visually and verbally using direct two-way communication to troubleshoot complex technical issues loose, assist with repair and maintenance operations, to provide support and training process on sites.

The company displayed the EB-PU2220B, which is among the smallest laser projectors in the world, with very high brightness accuracy and exceptional quality, as well as a group of printers that reduce energy consumption by up to 83%.

For his part, Ibrahim Imam, co-founder and CEO of PlanRadar Group, in statements to Al Khaleej newspaper on the sidelines of GITEX Global 2022, said that modern technologies have provided many inventions and innovations for the construction sector centered on artificial intelligence, which lies in the discovery of activities and hazardous operations to monitor productivity levels and make construction sites safer, more efficient and more productive.

Imam gave examples of this with “generative design” technology as one of the strongest capabilities of artificial intelligence in its ability to explore the different forms of any building model to find the best option, and it is a very useful technology for designers , such as Bou. Information modeling technology allows them to see three-dimensional models for each phase of the building Project phases, during construction to efficiently plan, design, build and manage buildings and infrastructure.

AI uses this feature to explore thousands of small and large changes to a design to make it safer and more stable, or more cost- and time-efficient. While exploring all these possibilities would take months when done by humans, an AI engineering program can do it in a matter of hours.

He added that artificial intelligence provides techniques for project management and planning, as research shows that artificial intelligence prediction algorithms have proven very accurate in estimating project cost overruns. .

Imam said: “Artificial intelligence offers great efficiency in analyzing data and uses it to achieve potential predictions for future events, assess damage or issue reports for different types of buildings over time, in addition to providing information from the Internet of Things sensors, and this system can predict the time in which they will be eroded.” Specify surfaces, floors, fixtures or materials and direct maintenance teams to the relevant area to ensure the highest standards of security and safety are achieved.

Robots, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things can change the way we work, making project completion more efficient while reducing construction costs by up to 20%.

Imam pointed out. He pointed out that AI construction robots represent great potential to save time and reduce risks, and construction companies can use bulldozers and excavators assigned specific tasks to work alone, saving large amounts of money and helping to complete faster.

Imam indicated that self-driving vehicles, self-driving equipment and drones give construction companies and professionals a new perspective on projects and their level of progress.

The drones are programmed and trained to “understand” what you see from a site-wide perspective.

The information collected from the drones helps AI systems improve future construction projects by providing accurate data on project progress from a ground-level perspective.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, the Tomorrow Foundation announced the launch, with its first appearance, of “Room”, a technology solution for 3D and live communication, inviting the world to look at the future of the Internet under the name “The Internet of Life.”

This technological launch, concurrent with the Dubai Metaverse strategy, supports the innovations of the augmented reality internet for the benefit of many sectors such as health, tourism and retail, as well as remote work and legal work. At the beginning of 2022, the Tomorrow Foundation worked with the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE to launch the first virtual center for traders in the world, based on Metaverse technology in the digital space.

Room is a live 3D video conferencing technology, available to everyone from the Tomorrow Foundation TMRW Foundation and part of The Internet of Life, based on metaverse technology, available to real people who want to meet, collaborate, create or just talk. The communication platform breaks with the typical design of video conferencing and puts participants in virtual rooms of all sizes to meet, learn, work and showcase what they have in a way that mimics real life. Room uses end-to-end encryption, artificial intelligence and exclusive RealityOS technology to transform the remote meeting experience.

“Robot Dog” is the most prominent “Airbus” solution with critical missions

Airbus’ Secure Land Communications is participating in the 42nd edition of GITEX Global to showcase its latest advanced digital technologies for mission-critical communications and collaboration. The unique “Tactilon Agent” collaboration platform is at the top of Airbus’ solutions at the exhibition, enabling first responders to receive information, messages, photos, videos and audio and share them instantly and securely with all stakeholders, in addition to the “push to talk” feature used in mission-critical communications. .

Users of this platform can also collaborate within one application despite using different communication devices. Airbus also highlights its complementary technical solutions for the “Tactilon Agent”, which includes Tactilon Agnet Aviation, TACteam, Canine Robot and AMA XpertEye electronic platform.

The Taktim mobile application helps users to easily determine their geographical location, in addition to providing detailed and quick status reports with the feature of operational planning and the possibility of direct coordination once operations have started.

The app also has the ability to be used with smartphones, tablets and computers, and it stays running even in the event of loss of coverage and network outage.

The robot dog, which is integrated with the Common Objects and Airbus Agnet platforms, is one of the highlights of Airbus solutions at the show. It is an intelligent, mobile robot equipped with a range of high-resolution thermal, spectral and CBRN sensors and cameras to assist armed forces with routine inspection tasks and secure data collection and transmission.

Finally, Airbus is showing the Ama XpertEye electronic platform, which allows the operator to make or connect an emergency call, integrated with the XpertEye smart glasses.

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