A British artist covers his house with doodles, inside and out

There are so many ways to make a splash in your surroundings, but covering every inch of your home with black and white doodles is surely one of the weirdest and most unique of them all..!

• A fully painted house

Cox and his wife at the Doodles’ house – Photo from Cox’s official Instagram page

British artist Sam Cox (28) says he made a childhood dream come true by turning his home into a funky, quirky work of art and covering it with monochrome drawings that erupted and flowed freely everywhere.
“I’ve always wanted to live in a completely painted house,” Cox told washingtonpost-com. “It seems to me the most natural way to create art, and the most instinctive process when I hold a pen and start drawing.”
Cox bought the 13-room mansion in Kent, southeast England, in 2019 and, with the help of his family and friends, turned its walls into what looked like white canvas to be perfectly ready to start doodling.
Cox didn’t stop at graffiti, but went on to paint on the sheets, toilet seat, cooking utensils, lampshades, computer mouse and even the car, all scrawled – leaving no blank surface.

• The beginning.. A child draws on the walls of his house!

Sam Cox “Mr. Doodle” – Photo from Cox’s official Instagram page

About his passion for doodles, Cox says on his Instagram page when he finishes his Doodle House, “This is the Doodle House, which I dreamed of creating since I was a teenager. The land of doodles full of happy creatures that it brings me joy when I see it,” he explains, “for me that’s what I make art for, to make myself happy and hopefully to make others happy along the way.”

• Millions of views of Doodles’ home video

Video of the house and Cox signing it from Cox’s official Twitter page

A video posted by Cox on his official social media pages shows that his hand-drawn doodles have attracted millions of views worldwide.
Cox did not use computer-generated imagery or CGI. Instead, the animation consists of 1,857 photos, “hard earned between September 2020 and September 2022.”
Cox said the house is monochromatic, creating stark contrasts. His wife, Alina, better known as Mrs. Doodle, was also occasionally involved in coloring his other painting projects.
Cox said that all of his work is drawn by hand, and if he makes a mistake, he tends to abandon it. “The nature of the scribbles must be,” he added.

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• Mr. Doodles

Cox at the Doodles’ house – Photo from Cox’s official Instagram page

Cox, who calls himself Mr. Doodle,” has worked as an artist for most of his life, and some of his work has fetched exorbitant prices at auction in Asia. Not yet a household name, but well known in the art world and among fans, his doodles appear in coloring books and T-shirts.
He started painting as a child and then asked his parents if he could start painting on the furniture and walls of his bedroom, and they didn’t agree at first, but after “some convincing” they agreed.
When it comes to his doodling designs, Cox always tries not to over-plan the graphics, instead letting himself immerse himself in his ideas.
“My mind tends to wander, and I end up thinking about all kinds of things,” he tells The Post thepostza.pressreader. “I often just have a vague idea and allow myself to relax and let my hands do the work.”

• Two years of continuous work

The Doodles’ House – Photo from Cox’s official Instagram page

Mr Doodles’ project took nearly two years, partly because of Britain’s coronavirus lockdown.
He started in the bedrooms and doodles upstairs, where each room has a loose layout. Then the doodles move downstairs, showcasing exotic animals and icons and ending with a spray-painted sketch on the outside of his large house; The most important thing in Britain is that it uses weather-resistant paint. He also drew his own doodles for his Tesla, which school children enjoy waving when he drives through town.
Cox used 900 gallons (238 liters) of white paint, 401 cans of black spray paint and 286 bottles of black sketch paint and checked 2,296 pencil points to scribble, he said.

• A message of thanks and gratitude to everyone who helped him realize his dream

Sam Cox “Mr. Doodle” – Photo from Cox’s official Instagram page

Thanking his parents and many other people (via his official Instagram page), Cox said, “I’d like to thank my mom and dad because ever since they let me paint on my bedroom walls when I was a kid. I wanted in live a property. completely covered in my creations.” He has his wonderful wife, Mrs. Doodles, thank you, who helped him a lot to realize his dream project, who has always been a great inspiration to me and has been a real support to me during this project.”

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