Designer Nariman Al-Zarouni: The mural in the decor appeals to the recipient with its composition

It was a room in the house assigned by the father of “Nari”, the child who lit up the house with vitality and a love of curiosity, sneaking in to look at the fingers of her calligrapher father while drawing the philosophical dimension. of Arabic calligraphy, with engineering that reflects the beauty of her father’s soul, who has always adored his voice, and he calls her “Fire”. And when I asked him what is this magic, Father, how do you make it? He said to her: I write it with my eyes, then I use my hands. Emirati interior designer, Nariman Al Zarooni, told us her path in the decor profession, which started by looking into her father’s eyes while drawing on paper, until she opened her company, Narihomes.

Designed by Nariman Al Zarooni

After her father’s phrase, “Nari” continued, sitting in a corner, with her drawing tools, to find herself unconscious. She continues to paint the old buildings in Dubai with her towers that tell a distinctive Islamic architectural style. Nariman continues: “I tended to draw mosques that are rich in their architecture, and I paint in them. Squares of blue mosaics, and I leave a place for Koranic inscriptions at the entrance of the mosque, and when I made a number of mosques drawn from my imagination, I took them to my father to write the Qur’anic letters for me. Khairy, what do you think?”

equestrian stories

After graduating from the College of Fine Arts, Nariman began her artistic career by drawing the exteriors of buildings and mosques in Abu Dhabi, until she was selected to participate in the coordination of the “Poet of the Million”- theater, the project that earned her the title. from “Ambassador of Decoration”. The world of design and decoration, through which I wanted to prove my ability in the arena of Nabati poetry, as a designer. The messages that poets sing.

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The designer and the music

Nariman entered the art of murals, which ancient man made as a way to embody lines and shapes that he thought would offer him protection. She continues and says: “In our present, this art has the activity of a people, culture and civilization. An issue.. Murals in the world of decoration are very cosmetic and attention to technical details, or they can be used to to cover a defect, if the client changes his mind and no longer wants the initial design, and I usually write it with my brush.. The mural appeals to the recipient with colors, lines and composition, just as he The musician of the audience with the melody.”

I say to every Emirati woman: Lift up your head because your name has become associated with the first places in the world

for every woman

Nariman wrote the book “Ambassador of Decoration”, in which she tells her path to success, and if she retracts what she said today, she continues honestly: “Through this book I wanted to tell my stories with work, in a way that is not without confessions… I simply wanted to paint over what I went through a time when he rejected women, as a decorator, through a message in which I say to every woman: “The opportunity does not come twice, ” at a time when the voices of inquiry rose up, saying, “Who art thou? There is nothing therefore that I would undo; For the present has proved what I have written.”

Emiratis tend towards classic designs, but Nari makes this design reality simpler and more modern in furniture, adding: “The classic design reveals the noble status of the home owner, and it is full of deep colors such as yellow, brown and black, and this is the colors that are said to express About magnanimity and strength, and this is the nature of the Emiratis… There is a dependence on symmetry and harmony, but not necessarily in everything, so I pass my fingerprints, and enter some modern angles and calm, fashionable colors, and focus on the mirrors that reflect the attractive and calm features of the people of the house.

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I am not immune to criticism

All this did not prevent the designer Nariman from appearing on Instagram with the strength of her personality, promoting herself for her creativity and respecting all comments received, and about this she says: “In the marketing strategy I start with simple first words that enter the heart and mind together, and I also emphasize how positive the expected results are. This is what comforts the client when he sees the owner himself talking about the details, but honestly I am not safe from criticism on some of my work, most of it is in the implementation of the client’s desire, and this is what the followers do not realize.

This Emirati woman stands up very boldly in the workplaces, in her factory in all stages of implementation, and she notices the refusal glances, asking her to stay in her house, or change her job, which has long been attributed to men, she continues and says: “People’s comments and the mentality of some reject the presence of women in the market Direct action .. All this does not matter to me as long as I have my national identity and respect for myself and my community and I say to everyone: I fight for my dreams.

Enter some modern angles and calm, fashionable colors, and focus on the mirrors that reflect the attractive and calm features of the people of the house

Tone has changed

Nariman designed villas in Qatar and created furniture that was manufactured and exported to Saudi Arabia, Oman and Iraq; She continues, “What I don’t forget was on my first visit to a factory specializing in wood in Austria, to cooperate with them in the supply of wood. At first sight when I met the director of the factory met, he was reluctant to cooperate, and he said that they do not export to Arab countries, but when I mentioned to him that I From the United Arab Emirates, and specifically from Dubai, the tone and actions changed, and they welcomed us and accepted cooperation.”
A strange story that Nariman experienced with a client who asked her to carry out a decoration work for a bedroom. He said: “It was agreed to implement it within a week, and after the workers arrived has, she locked them in the room, and told them: You will not leave until the work is done, and you only have 12 hours.”

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Zell am See log cabins

Zell am See log cabins

Nariman travels a lot to Europe, especially Austria and Germany, and she especially goes to the countryside, which gives her energy and a new spirit of creativity, she continues, saying: “I used to visit villages on the Mosel River in Germany. , which is surrounded by vineyards, and includes many log houses dating from the Middle Ages, some painted in bright colours. I love Bibury, in Britain’s picturesque Cotswolds, with its honey-coloured cottages. “To the log cabins of Zell am See in Austria s Ferienhof Operette is an unforgettable experience, and I am inspired by many ideas; Where the combination of the exterior simplicity of the cottage, with the luxury of the interior, amidst the calm and pure nature… This was the most beautiful vacation of my life.”

When design ruins everything

Nariman finds that women always make mistakes when designing their bedrooms, and she sabotages the design of this amazing space:

  1. Most women reduce the size of the bedroom, give space to the bathroom and pay more attention to it.
  2. They make enough room for the bed, like a family guide, ignoring the idea of ​​any sitting that allows the couple to read a magazine, or have a nice chat over a cup of coffee.
  3. They do not consider that there should be more space in the dressing room.
  4. They choose white sheets for the bed, which makes the rooms more like a hospital! They give the room a stereotype that ruins its appearance.

The designer, Nariman, concluded her speech with a phrase that she addressed to every Emirati woman on her special day, saying: “Lift your head, your name has been associated with achievements and first places in the world, and this alone is an honor for every Emirati woman.”

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