A “bag of human remains” leads police to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a British girl since 2019

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For more than 3 years, the family of the girl “Lea Croucher” in London searched for her, after she suddenly disappeared on February 15, 2019, after hours of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

3 years, during which the circumstances of the girl’s family have changed, her sister still lives in the hope of receiving a phone call from the disappeared girl, and her brother has found no solution to despair but suicide, and her parents are looking for still before Thames Valley Police recently found human remains in a house in Milton Keynes, which are searching for missing Leah Croucher, officers were called to the address on Monday and found the remains and a rucksack belonging to a 19- year-old girl belongs, according to the Daily Mail.

Police immediately launched a homicide investigation after human remains were found in their search for missing teenager Leah Croucher, who disappeared in Milton Keynes more than three and a half years ago.

Details of the opening of investigations into the crime of Lia’s disappearance

Regarding the details of the discovery of the remains, the newspaper confirmed that the officers were indeed looking for a separate four-bedroom property rented in an area of ​​the city. Specialists and forensics teams on site, and a number of items were identified, during the search we found items including a backpack and personal belongings belonging to Leah Croucher, who was reported missing on February 15, 2019, to actually ‘ to start a new search for the murder.”

“This is a complex and challenging scene in which we are at 6.30pm on Monday, and a large-scale missing persons investigation has been ongoing for the past three and a half years, with extensive searches and house-to-house enquiries,” said added the spokesperson.

Detective Chief Inspector Ian Hunter confirmed: “Following a call to police on Monday, we attended the address and identified items of concern within the property. We have now launched a homicide investigation led by our Major Crime Unit,” noting noting that “Lea’s family has been kept informed and is committed to ensuring that our investigations at the site are accurate.

Searching for Leah since 2019

The search for the girl had not been easy in previous years, detectives told the newspaper: “During our search for Leah, we tasked hundreds of officers and employees with searching for her over the past three and a half years, and 1,200 hours of CCTV and with over 4,000 door to door inquiries we offered several rewards for information leading us to Leah, no trace of her was found and no one was arrested in connection with the case at the time not.”

The last appearance of the young woman before her disappearance

According to investigations, the missing girl was last seen at a location near the city’s Furzton area after 08:15 on Friday, February 15, 2019.

Lea’s family mourns her daughter and expresses her pain

For 3 years, the family lived between hope and frustration, searching for their 19-year-old daughter, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. In February, Leah’s family issued an emotional statement on the third anniversary of her disappearance, in front of her bag and human remains were found last Monday.

“It’s unreasonable not to worry every second of every day, sleep is out of reach every night, we wake up every morning not feeling comfortable and never every time the phone rings or the door knocks, our hearts still skip a beat in our breast.” And John about the failure of her hope for her daughter’s return.

And they continued: “Every day it’s hard to tell ourselves that today will be the day we get answers, and today we discover what happened three years ago.”

The night before her disappearance, Leah left her home in Milton Keynes between 6pm and 7.15pm and told her mother, Claire Croucher, that she had seen his girlfriend, but police discovered she had never seen the friend and they did it. don’t know where she went or who she was with.

Her parents last saw her when she went to bed, which her mother Claire previously said was “the last time I said night”.

In addition to the tragedy of Leah’s disappearance, Leah’s family also suffered the tragic death of her brother Haydon, who was found hanged in November 2019 after he told his therapist that he was finding it difficult to cope with his sister’s disappearance.

Meanwhile, in July 2019, four months after her disappearance, Leah’s sister Jade Croucher issued a plea for Leah to go home, saying: “It would be nice if you texted me on her birthday. My phone is constantly on, but so far I have not received anything.

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