“Le Grand Jardin”… a private residence on the “Island of Legends”

The idea of ​​traveling to the south of France and seeing the blue water on the coast of the “Cote d’Azur” is enough to excite feelings and send out a dose of adrenaline to this wonderful Mediterranean part of France, a refuge, to explore. for the rich, a marina for giant yachts and an oasis of French food with an Italian flavor, learn more about the French Riviera.

But what many do not know is that 10 minutes by boat from Kan there is another world whose history does not look like what you see in “La Croisette” and the Riviera, of famous people, paper, fashion and luxury hotels . 4 islands known as Iles Des Lerins, the largest of which is Saint Marguerite Island. Sainte Marguerite, and the smallest is Saint Honorat Island. These islands are not private and open to visitors to enjoy the beauty of their nature and under the lush pine trees that smell and merge with the smell of the sea.

One of the villas in “Le Grand Jardin”

Behind a high wall, a white iron door on one side of the sea, and another door hidden among the greenery on the other side of the island of Saint-Marguerite, dating from the thirteenth century, lies a large garden called Le Grand Jardin with 12 friendly rooms (villas). , fully booked with a team that meets all guests’ requests from food cooked to order to a large swimming pool and a health center equipped with the latest equipment And service 24 hours a day.

The old castle converted into a room for housing in «Le Grand Jardin»

Saint Magritte Island was owned by King Louis XIV, and according to the famous legend, it is said that the man with the iron mask was the king’s twin brother, and he captured him in a castle that still exists on the island, and his identity was not revealed even after his death, and it is also said This mysterious man was buried in graves that still exist, and an iron sword was placed at his grave.

One of the things that will attract you the most in “Le Grand Jardin” is a building in the shape of a very old castle, with legends telling that Napoleon used it to launch cannons on enemy boats to the sea .Reception, the visitor can convert it to anything he prefers (private club or others).

In the gardens of this safe and private haven, Napoleon grazed his horses, in short, in Le Grand Jardin, breathing history and enjoying a unique geography.

In this place you feel important from the moment you arrive at Nice airport, where a driver is waiting for you to welcome you and give you a quick glimpse of the journey that ends in Cannes port, and there the boat of ” Le Grand Jardin” is waiting, and after 10 minutes you will arrive at St. Marguerite Island to find crowded Unusual, and this is because the island is open to everyone who comes to spend the day, walk and eat outdoors, in the manner of «pick -nik».

A pool that uses environmentally friendly materials

From there another car is waiting to take you to the property which is only about 7 minutes away, and at the entrance is the full staff who will be at your service all day, remember that the whole place is for one group is reserved, offering a great deal of complete privacy.

The decor is very modern, but it is not complicated, and the most important thing is the feeling of security, you don’t have to put the lock on the door after leaving your room, and the workers deal with guests in a very special way , they are present at all times, but at the same time you see them only when you need it, and that which gives a lot of privacy.

You choose the time when you want to have breakfast, you wake up to a sea of ​​delicacies at a large table by the pool, the private chef comes to greet you and ask if you want anything else, he also asks what you prefer for lunch and dinner, and takes you if you want to His own herb garden, from which he extracts all the herbs he uses in his dishes.

What is remarkable about this place is that the historical vocabulary of the gardens has been preserved, even the herbs and types of trees. A few months ago, the parks are expected to become more beautiful in the coming months.

One of the stories we heard from Pamela was that the island was named after Margaret, who in the fifth century ran a group of nuns, and she is the sister of Honora who lived on the island across from Saint Margaret, and he could not see. her, because the island prevented women from visiting, so Honora promised Margaret that he would come to see her once a year, precisely when the almond trees bloomed, so Margaret pleaded with God and asked him to plant the trees every month let blossom to see her brother, and this miracle made Honora renounce life and change his arrogant way.

Today, the monastery on the island of Saint Honora (the monks still live there) is the largest in the West. It can be visited.

During your stay in “Le Grand Jardin” you will feel extraordinary comfort, and one of the most beautiful things you can do is a yoga session by a professional trainer who works there, and then walk for about two hours on the island, and it is also possible to visit the nearby island of Saint Honora, which visitors visit to see The monastery and purchase food products brought by the monks, they also go to a French restaurant that serves local dishes such as fish , called «La Tonel».

On the island of Saint Margaret, where “Le Grand Jardin” is located, you will find the Maritime Museum, and La Guerite restaurant, which attracts the most important world celebrities, and David Beckham and his wife Victoria and singer Alton John have recently been seen. , and this restaurant is open in the air, and customers come there. By yacht, it serves Greek cuisine prepared by chef Yannis Kioroglu.

It is worth noting that “Le Grand Jardin” is affiliated with the “Ultima” group, which operates luxury and luxury hotels in Europe.

Indian businessman Viaj Mallya, owner of the “Formula 1” team in India, bought the historic property to turn it into an oasis for very special stays, highlighting the issue of environmental conservation through a tree to plant for each night the customer spends. , in addition to adopting other methods, and using environmentally friendly products throughout the project.

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