Learn more about the importance of the “remote” in the car.. its working, types and programming

What does a car remote control consist of?

The internal configuration of various remote control devices of different versions are somewhat similar in their internal design and unified operation mechanism.
Where we get acquainted with the idea of ​​the work and configuration of the remote control through these following parts:

car remote control
  • The car remote control consists of a set of control circuits inside, providing these circuits with a memory that stores and encodes commands
  • We find that these circuits mostly consist of eight basic bits that depend in their work on sending encrypted codes.
  • These codes are sent by beams and radio waves to the receiver connected to the vehicle’s systems
  • The receiver then sends these digits to the primary controllers to decipher these digits.
  • Most car remote controls consist of 256 memory, which offers several different modes.
  • Each time you press one of the remote control buttons, it will direct one of the new blades.

The importance of using a car remote control?

Types of remote control for cars
Types of car remote control

The car remote control offers many additional features and functions that are not limited to its use as an alternative to traditional keys.

It provides each of the following uses:-

  • The car remote control gives the driver another set of controls.
  • Where most of the remote control devices come to enable individuals to close and open the car doors.
  • The advanced remote systems also support some additional features such as trunk closing control.
  • The remote control systems also support the ability to close and open the exterior windshield of the vehicle.

How do remote control systems fail?

There are several sources of malfunctions that can affect the car remote control and cause it to malfunction after short periods, and we find that these include factors that make us need to replace it permanently.
Others let us replace some simple parts, which are as follows:

  • Battery damage can cause the remote control systems to fail, as this battery is similar to a traditional wristwatch battery.
  • This battery can be easily changed to restore the function of the remote control without the need to completely replace it.
  • The remote control is subject to rapid damage in the event of exposure to one of the factors of moisture and water
  • Which can penetrate the internal parts of the remote control and expose it to final damage.
  • Leave the remote control in the hands of children and play with it frequently, as this causes its delicate parts to wear out quickly.
  • One of the rare reasons why the remote control stops working is the possibility that the receiver sensor may malfunction and stop working while it is in the car.

How to program the car remote control

When you buy a new remote control and want it to accept direct command and control systems in your car
You need to follow some simple steps that do not exceed a few minutes to program the new or old remote control at the same time by following the following:

  • The first step is to insert one of the new batteries for the remote control before programming it
  • This is because reprogramming requires high power rates, and if the battery is not working, the remote can experience various problems during its programming.
  • After that, you can sit in the driver’s seat and make sure that the car’s side doors are closed.
  • Then do some simple actions which is to manage the operating switch from down to Run systems.
  • Leave the key in the ignition switch, this process is done without starting the car engine.
  • The next programming steps are to press the lock buttons inside the remote control.
  • Press the power button again and then power off.
  • These steps are repeated three times in a row
  • After that, you should make sure that you hear the sound of the doors closing, as this indicates that the car has successfully entered the programming systems.
  • To ensure the success level of your programming, press the lock button you have, which is located on the unprogrammed remote control.
  • If you have more than one type of remote control and you want to program it to work in the car
  • You can use it by pressing the lock button repeatedly and quickly while enjoying the sound of the doors until it goes into the programming of the car.
  • Test the operation of the remote control in the last step by getting out of the car.
  • Then use the remote control and make sure the car responds by opening and closing this remote control.
  • The speed factor and rapid repetition of steps are important factors in programming the remote control well.

Types of car remote control

There are many types and designs of the car remote control as these types differ according to the different versions of the car.
It also differs in terms of its general benefits and features, and these types are mentioned in the following sections:

  • Standard Car Remote Control: This type comes separately from the car key.
  • This type is characterized by its appearance in the market and its low prices compared to other types.
  • Supports many buttons that perform the task of locking and unlocking the car, opening the trunk and activating the alarm function.
  • Remote switch: It has an elegant appearance and is designed integrated with the car key.
  • The control buttons of this type are similar to the standard remote control, except that they support the hide function.
  • Fobiks remote control: It is classified under the latest advanced types of remote control.
  • This type supports the feature to control the start and stop of the motor by means of infrared rays.
  • This type provides a standard key that is secretly available for use in times of emergency.
  • The buttons are similar to the standard remote control types, as you can find the remote with a key, but it is not hidden.
  • Smart Car Remote: This remote control includes some integrated systems, giving greater control over the car.
  • With this remote control, you can unlock the car at short distances.

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