Riyadh Newspaper | “Live Golf” turns the Kingdom into a global destination

13 international players and $25 million in prizes in the big tournament

“Live Golf” turns the Kingdom into a global destination

The Saudi Public Investment Fund accepted the establishment of the Leaf Golf Company.

“Saudi Arabia will turn the world of golf upside down.” This is how many European and American newspapers and channels have commented on the establishment of the new “LIV GOLF” company, according to reports that confirm that golf will experience great competition and increased distribution, in light of the increasing Saudi interest in the game.

Today, and before the activities of this major tournament begin between October 14 and 16 in Jeddah, with the best golf stars in the world, “including 13 players who hold the titles of major championships”, with financial prizes of $25 million. can find someone asking about the big sports project it was made and adopted by the saudi public investment fund, represented by the foundation of the “liv golf” company, which became the talk of the golf world because of the high marketing and technical value of it. and its attraction of the best stars of the game in the world.

And from the reality of the sport of golf, it is known about the game of different major trends. On the one hand, it is considered a comfortable place to calm the nerves away from the noise, and there are also those who find it a continuous beautiful life.. And among these ingredients, golf tourism has one of the most tourist resources became. Sports Income.. There are more than 38,000 golf courses available worldwide. Not to mention the growing economic boom, the golf tourism market will grow by 41.04 billion US dollars, according to a report by Technavio, a leading global research and technology consultancy, which confirms that golf at a rate progress. interest and increased focus on golf infrastructure around the world.

We point out that during recent years this industry has experienced a great development to increase the GDP growth rate of countries such as England, Germany, Spain and Italy, which increased between 6 to 10% between the years 2013-2018. not just an income generating sport but a source of opportunity. For travel services, hotels, restaurants, cars and aviation, and we can imagine that there are around 60 million golfers around the world.. France – for example – has high investments in golf. It is enough to refer to about 265 typical courses just on the Mediterranean coast, according to average rates. Annual profits exceed five billion dollars. In America, which is the largest country in the world for golf, there are 17,000 golf courses, 40 million people practice the sport, and golf and related businesses represent about six percent of the gross domestic product, which is more than the income of the film industry or mining, according to American Economic Readings.

In the golf competition, countries are trying to establish their presence as ideal golf destinations, but many investors now agree that the Kingdom is on the right track to be the destination with the most impact on the future of the game, especially because it has all things considered as investment, conscious management and culture. The rich, generous and welcoming landscapes that provide the perfect setting for new golf courses are the ease of transporting their championship to the golf capitals of the world.

This major sports project comes within the framework of the Kingdom becoming an investment destination with the support of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Golf tourism is the best option in the kingdom, which includes the most beautiful and best leisure spots represented by the beaches of the Red Sea, not to mention those established in major cities, and the establishment of a large and effective company will make investment in the wildlife tourism and economically profitable.

Now “LIV GOLF” is one of the important projects to enable the diversified economy, in line with Vision 2030, and as instructed by his godfather, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to increase the role of the sons and daughters of this activate country to lead development, and this is what we find in all the existing investment companies, which among specialized Saudi leaders, and in golf, they chose from know that its dimensions and subtleties; To be the top management of all golf projects for His Excellency, the governor of the Public Investment Fund, Yasser Al-Rumayyan, and his assistant, the former Saudi golf champion, Majed Al-Surour.

In the big “LIV GOLF” tournament… the Saudis did not start it through his previous stations in London, Portland, Boston, New York, Bangkok, Chicago and now in Jeddah… until after they had a strong ground for golf has established itself among Saudis through the establishment of international and local championships and the opening of training centers for both genders over the past seven years, Therefore, the future has been an important focus, and what would make a bright tomorrow, not for a period linked not to one decade, but to continuous generations that will reap the benefits of this stage.

The most important thing to say is that awareness of this sport in the Kingdom is growing rapidly and the future of investment and tourism in golf looks bright and more profitable, especially as it is estimated that the supply and demand of golf worldwide is increasing at a steady rate. of 12% annually. It has seen an increase in golf resorts and related jobs, and the Kingdom is witnessing a major construction renaissance of its golf courses, and it is enough that this tournament, which world stars are chasing, will be a beacon for a bright future. for this Saudi sport.

The Saudi investment fund has adopted the localization of golf. In the photo, Yasser Al-Rumayyan and Majed Al-Sorour

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