Coincidence, retirement and global leadership.. An Egyptian woman tells Al-Hurra her journey with wrestling

The Egyptian wrestler, Samar Hamza, topped the world rankings in the weight of 76 kilograms, in an unprecedented precedent for wrestling in Egypt.

Hamza became the first Egyptian player to win medals in the world championships for Roman wrestling, before her efforts were recently crowned by topping the world rankings.

In recent decades, Egypt has achieved great results in the sport of Roman wrestling at the men’s level, but the sport, which is one of the most violent sports, does not appeal to women and girls in Egypt until the results of Samar Hamza appear in the world championships and achieve remarkable figures that an Egyptian player has never achieved.

Egyptian champion Samar Hamza said in an interview with Al-Hurra website: “During the past year, positive results have been achieved since the 2021 World Championship, in which she won a bronze medal, and Egypt has no medals in the world championships for men and women more than 10 years before, and at the beginning of the season. Currently, my results in major tournaments that give positive rating points have finally given me the top position with the total championship points during the season.”

Egyptian wrestler Samar Hamza achieved historic achievements

World Championship Silver

Last September, Samar Hamza won the silver medal at the World Championships held in Serbia, setting a new record and a medal that Egypt had not achieved before in the history of the world championships, and she was also the owner of the greatest achievement that preceded. the silver medal by achieving bronze in the 2021 World Championships.

Subtract and then explode the results

In 2021, Samar Hamza announced her retirement and stopped training in wrestling, but she withdrew the decision three weeks before the world championship after consulting her coach, with whom she has been closely related since he discovered her more than ten years ago.

Hamza says: “I didn’t achieve my dream of winning an Olympic medal in Tokyo and before that I went through a journey of suffering due to Covid-19 and the lockdown and isolation that has taken over the world. I didn’t have a positive result and was hoping to get an Olympic medal, so I decided to stop wrestling.”

And she added: “Before the 2021 World Championships, my coach spoke to me and asked me to come back, and he told me about the need to prove my ability to play this difficult sport, and to achieve a achieved what counts for me My name is in the history of Egyptian and world wrestling.

Samar Hamza with her trainer

Samar Hamza with her trainer

exercises with men

Samar Hamza trains with the men’s players, and believes that it “gives her more strength and speed and raises her level so that she can keep up with the senior players at the highest levels, in addition to her presence in a semi-permanent camp to maintain her level and the required fitness figures so that she can compete for championships.”

Wrestling began as a popular sport in Egypt in 1904, when players practiced it in the national circus, according to the official website of the Egyptian Wrestling Federation.

During that period it was called the sport of “cock wrestling” until 1911, and strong circus performers announced challenges to those who saw themselves able to keep up with them to hold matches that always ended with circus performers winning because of their professionalism to play this way.

With the development of sports institutions and the establishment of the Egyptian Olympic Committee in 1910, Egyptian wrestling began to participate in international tournaments from 1920 until now.

The Egyptian Samar Hamza is at the top of the world ranking and weighs 76 kg

The Egyptian Samar Hamza is at the top of the world ranking and weighs 76 kg

A coincidence caused the birth of a heroine

Samar Hamza used to practice karate before wrestling but she watched the Olympics so she liked the game of wrestling and thought of practicing it so she went to one of the small clubs near her home in Alexandria went to see the wrestlers.

Hamza says: “I decided to take part in the training there, and when the coach saw me, he took some measurements for me and decided to train with the big wrestlers. It was in 2013, and then I was 17 years old, which was too old to start wrestling, but I decided to compete vigorously and train well to make up for it until I could He won medals in the last two world championships and reached the world rankings. “

Olympic medal dream

Hamza says: “From now on I am working towards realizing my old dream of achieving an Olympic medal, a dream whose failure in the last Olympics was one of the main reasons for announcing my retirement, and I have a long way to go in the new season by maintaining my level in the major tournaments that contribute to my ranking in the international classification To maintain my lead in the world ranking, and then the next world championships in September, which the qualifications for the Olympic Games will determine.”

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