Electronic girls in Morocco… a game or a sex trap?

“E-girl”, or electronic girls, is a new phenomenon on the “Tik Tok” platform that dominates Morocco, since this youth movement started in the United States of America, and from there to several countries of the world, in which a generation of teenagers wear bold clothes, and dye their hair in exciting colors like red or blue, and advocate hypothetical values ​​inspired by Japanese porn “anime” characters.

Japanese “anime”

The electronic girl is a girl who belongs to a global generation who has chosen an exciting way of dressing, as she puts eyeliner in her eyes that symbolizes the classic virtual ego and has colorful hair, exploiting her beauty for money through her nakedness to sell photos on social media platforms. She mixes her clothes between “hip-hop” and “Japanese anime”, and publishes videos on the “Tik Tok” platform, and the ages of electronic girls are between 14 and 17 years old.

The e-girl plays the character “Higao”, a famous character in Japanese pornography, and she tries to show herself as different, and most of the “E-girl” dances carry specific sexual undertones to make her a sexual object. making a large number of male fans who aspire to buy her photos and talk to her privately.

In Morocco, a number of girls publish videos in which they wear electronic girl clothes, and some of them dance in a sexually provocative way, and most teenage girls write comments that they want to wear these clothes, but their families do not allow them to do so.

“I got stronger”

Shaimaa (15 years old) has chosen to be an electronic girl, and says about the challenges she faces while going out into the streets in these clothes, “There are those who insult and mock me, and there are also those who harass me. , but some people consider the way I dress beautiful.”

Tik Tok is seen in Morocco as a way of dancing and entertainment, and Shaimaa’s family believes that the way their daughter dresses is a passing youth fad that will change her after she grows up.

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Shaimaa studies at a secondary school in Casablanca. “I don’t find any problems in the school where I study. The principal is very understanding of the way I dress, and so is my family,” she says.

Maybe she doesn’t realize that this type of clothes is inspired by a Japanese pornographic character, and she says: “This way of dressing gave me a strong personality, I felt myself, I became stronger, I watched videos of I browsed foreign celebrities and I liked the way they dressed, so I decided to adopt their culture and become (E-girl).” .

In addition to placing a set of necklaces on her neck, Shaima puts a cross for decoration, noting that she has not changed her religion, but only imitates foreign celebrities.

Why is Shaima publishing such videos? “The goal is to get a lot of fans, and to have fun,” she explains.

sex toys

Some “E-girl” girls in Morocco dance in a daring way, dress inappropriately for their age, and young men and old men write offensive sexual comments to them.

While Shaima’s family allowed their daughter to follow the “E-girl” lifestyle, Reem’s family prevented their 14-year-old daughter from appearing on social media, posting videos and wearing electronic girl clothes.

Reem says: “When I found videos of girls in Morocco adopting the life of (E-girl), I wanted to be like them too, but my mother refused and explained to me the secrets of this new culture, and that it would harm me and subject me to sexual exploitation by adults, and when I grow up I will regret it.” Because I would have gotten used to my online image as a sex toy.”

Girls post videos of themselves in poses resembling the heroines of Japanese pornography, and it is impossible to tell whether they realize the origin of their imitations, while wearing revealing clothing that increases the risk of online grooming.

Shaima and other electronic girls in Morocco are still minors, but they display their bodies in online videos that attract likes from older men, putting them at risk of sexual exploitation by criminals on social media.

Online whore

Most of the videos are filmed by electronic girls from the bedrooms, and the term “e-girl” was previously used to demean the girl, as the first definition that appeared in 2009 described the term as “any attractive woman in electronic games”.

Another definition of an e-girl in 2014 is that she is an “internet whore” who flirts with men online to get attention.

Electronic girls gained more attention in the summer of 2019 after the murder of Bianca Devins, a 17-year-old who was allegedly killed by a man she knew online. To harass, threaten and stalk in their real life.

In 2019, Google released its annual report on the most used words in search engines, and the report showed that online girls and boys were among the most popular search terms during that period.

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